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Koalefanta Proboscidea
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Aug 24, 2013 @ 6:05am
Nov 8, 2014 @ 4:48pm
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More Koalefants to discover!

Made by _Q_ and Raccoon Superhero

Update: 2014-10-17:
-Added Albino and Frost Koalefants
-Added special trunk items
-Dirtpiles of Special Koalefants have green hue in the smoke.

The mod gives you six special koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints.
Each of them are different in appearance and in personality.
These koalefants are stronger in health and give you less meat when killed, instead you can get other useful loot.

Information of the koalefants:

Feathered Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Crimson feathers and jet feathers
Loot on death: 4 meat, 3 jet feathers, 4 crimson feathers, 2 azure feathers
Health: 300
Extra: Coward
Hunt in base game: Antiwinter
Hunt in ROG: Spring
Trunk loot on death:Eaten raw makes the player run faster 180 seconds.
Hunger:+1 Health: +20 Sanity: -1
Spoil time: 10 days

Forest Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Flowers and fireflies
Loot on death: 4 meat, 3 fireflies, 3 green mushrooms
Health: 550
Hunt in base game: Antiwinter
Hunt in ROG: Autumn
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes nature grow over a large area.
Hunger:-20 Health: +20 Sanity: +20
Spoil time: 10 days

Rocky Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Rocks and flints
Loot on death: 4 meat, 6 rocks, 3 marbles
Health: 800
Extra: Aggressive
Hunt in base game: Winter
Hunt in ROG: Summer
Trunk loot on death:Eaten raw casts a shield around you that reduces damage by 50% for 60 seconds.
Hunger:+10 Health: +30 Sanity: -33
Spoil time: 15 days

Frost Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Ice in DLC
Loot on death: 6 meat and 4 ice in DLC
Health: 700
Extra: Has a cold aura
Hunt in base game: Winter
Hunt in ROG: Winter
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw freezes all living things over large area.
Hunger:+10 Health: +8 Sanity: -20
Spoil time: 15 days

Nightmare Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Evil flowers
Loot on death: 4 meat and 4 nightmare fuel
Health: 700
Extra: Makes you insane
Hunt in base game: New Moon
Hunt in ROG: New Moon
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw puts creatures to sleep over large area and starts night.
Hunger:-10 Health: +60 Sanity: -50
Spoil time: 10 days

Albino Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Light bulbs around every third day
Loot on death: 6 meat, 4 light bulbs
Health: 650
Extra: Glows in the dark, nocturnal
Hunt in base game: Full moon
Hunt in ROG: Full Moon
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes player glow for 120 seconds
Hunger:0 Health: +20 Sanity: +50
Spoil time: 10 days

If you encounter a bug please report it with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log) attached.
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Israphelo Jan 30 @ 5:23pm 
is there a way to tell if these special koalefants arent spawning in worlds becus of a specific mod cus i havent seen one in a long time
[Dapper] Raccoon  [author] Jan 14 @ 3:47am 
@The Stickerbrush Symphony The forest trunk does not make things grow out of nothing, it will fasten up the growing time on bushes/trees/farmplots etc.
The Stickerbrush Symphony Jan 13 @ 2:51pm 
Alright, tinkering with the mod i've found out several bugs:

1. The trunk of the forest koalefant doesn't seem to work at all, i use it on flat green areas and it doesn't grow anything. i've also tried to use it on a desert to see if it works but no luck either

2.Some of the periodical drops of the koalefants seem to be broken. To be more precise, the forest koalefant isn't droping fireflies and the albino koalefant isn't droping light bulbs

I'll provide more feedback if i find more bugs
MewmewGoRAWR Jan 12 @ 6:32pm 
;w; I've discovered that manually spawning the koalefants seems to crash the game upon trying to save...

Only spawning though. If I happen upon them in the wild from following their tracks there seems to be no problem and the game saves just fine without any issue (I know this because for a couple of days I've had a rocky koalefant and a frost koalefant in my pen, before getting the bright idea to simply spawn the others in), but whenever I spawn any, the second the game tries to autosave, (or I try to save+quit) I'm greeted with an error message...
The Stickerbrush Symphony Jan 12 @ 5:49pm 
It seems like the Albino Koalefant isn't droping light bulbs every third day. At least on my game
RatherUncreativeName Jan 11 @ 3:51pm 
With the new Hunt gamemode for DST, this seems like the perfect mod for it, especially with the trunks and their special abilities.
MewmewGoRAWR Jan 11 @ 5:39am 
;w; Is there any way to make the Rocky Koalafant non-aggressive like the others? I was planning on collecting one of each Koalafant in the pen I made back at my base but he's so angry and Abigail keeps attacking him because of it. :c

(I'd hate to have him just die because it took me so long to finally find him... ;w; )
[Dapper] Raccoon  [author] Jan 7 @ 6:44am 
Holy poop of course!
Yes, the original summer Koalefant is still in there.
elvin [swe] Jan 7 @ 6:18am 
Please add a koalefant that has a trunk have the same function as a beefalo horn but instead of taming beefalos for a while you tame all koalefants (not nightmare koalefant) for a while and make their poop holy!

great mod i love it! and is the original still there?
Nutteh Jan 6 @ 11:39am 
how creative and unique im amazed by all the work put into it. you should be getting paid for it!