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Koalefanta Proboscidea
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Aug 24, 2013 @ 6:05am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Koalefanta Proboscidea

More Koalefants to discover!

Made by _Q_ and Raccoon Superhero

The mod has been changed to be compatible with Reign of Giants DLC only.
A new item Moondust working as fireworks produce flashing lights, this effect can be turned off in the mod's config menu.
The mod gives you six special koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints.
Each of them are different in appearance and in personality.
Dirtpiles of Special Koalefants have green hue in the smoke however you can still find Varg by the end of the trails.

Information of the koalefants:

Feathered Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Crimson feathers and jet feathers
Loot on death: 2 meat, 3 jet feathers, 4 crimson feathers, 2 azure feathers
Health: 350
Extra: Coward, spawns birds every second day
Hunt: Spring
Trunk loot on death:Eaten raw makes the player run faster 180 seconds.
Hunger:+10 Health: +8 Sanity: -20
Spoil time: 10 days

Forest Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Crop seeds
Loot on death: 2 leafy meat, 2 fireflies, 3 forest seeds
Forest Seeds can grow into any random forest plant when planted.
Health: 550
Extra: After finding a Forest Koalefant there is a chance of a Firefly to spawn in your world. The flower will slowly attract fireflies after it has been fertilised. Can not be replanted.
Hunt: Autumn
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes nature grow over a large area.
Hunger:-33 Health: +8 Sanity: -15
Spoil time: 10 days

Rocky Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Rocks, flints, marble, nitre
Loot on death: 2 meat, 6 rocks, 3 marbles
Health: 800
Extra: Aggressive towards player, pigmen and monsters
Hunt: Summer
Trunk loot on death:Eaten raw casts a shield around you that reduces damage by 50% for 60 seconds.
Hunger:+10 Health: +8 Sanity: -33
Spoil time: 15 days

Frost Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Ice, Frost Stone
Frost Stone will burn with cold flame when placed on ground.
Loot on death: 2 meat, 2 Frost stones and 4 ice
Health: 700
Extra: Sleeps every two days. Has a cold aura while sleeping.
Hunt: Winter
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw freezes all living things over large area.
Hunger:+10 Health: +8 Sanity: -20
Spoil time: 15 days

Nightmare Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Evil flowers and Nightmare Crystals
Nightmare Crystals can be used to fuel Night Light and fertilise plants.
Loot on death: 2 monster meat, 4 nightmare crystals and 3 nightmare fuel
Health: 700
Extra: Have a sanity draining aura. Attacks player when they are insane. Nocturnal.
After finding a Nightmare Koalefant there is a chance of a Nightmare Root to spawn in a swamp area. Evil flowers are slowly grow around the root after it has been fertilised.
Hunt: New Moon
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw puts creatures to sleep over large area and starts night.
Hunger:-10 Health: +1 Sanity: -33
Spoil time: 10 days

Albino Koalefant:
Periodically drops: Moonglow Shard and Moondust
Loot on death: 1 meat, 1 monster meat, 2 moondust, 3 moonglow shards
Moonglow shards will lit a neutral flame when placed.
Moondust can be ignited into fireworks.
Health: 650
Extra: Glows in the dark. Chance of turning mushrooms into mushtrees and flower into evil flowers when night starts. Nocturnal.
Hunt: Full Moon
Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes player glow for 120 seconds
Hunger:+10 Health: +20 Sanity: +20
Spoil time: 10 days

If you encounter a bug please report it with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log) attached.
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medussa ram Apr 26 @ 9:01am 
very nice and cool mod tkz for making this :))
heldgenesis Apr 22 @ 3:44am 
Hi Dapper ^^ Does it make sense now to add the new Koelafants to DST Rog or would it be not possible yet?
I have a base together with my wife at day 437 and I want to collect every creature that doesn´t destroy walls. I need your creations, not because I try to have sex with them, but I really want them if you know what I mean? ^^
Koelafant is love, Koelafant is life.
Thanks for your work Dapper, its the best Mod for the game at the moment.
[Dapper] Raccoon  [author] Apr 19 @ 4:28pm 
I sadly don't have enough time to join whole community projects.
Israphelo Apr 19 @ 1:49pm 
you should consider working with the developers of up and away to make a cloudy cotton koalefant
Oliverosky95 Apr 3 @ 1:09pm 
i'd rather keep it for decoration, it looks so cute.
Thanks for the answer tho :p
Black Mirror  [author] Apr 3 @ 12:34pm 
You can trade it for gold.
Oliverosky95 Apr 3 @ 11:54am 
I just found a tiny albino koalefant in a tumbleweed. I'm asssuming that it is from your mod but what does it do?
Nathalia Mar 29 @ 2:06pm 
Woah! I love this! New dolls and items are so cute <3
And these death animations. They look amazingly! Very good job, this mod is so much better than before it was.
Trenderman Mar 26 @ 7:34pm 
When i say non waste items I mean items without a percentage and when i repeat koalefant names, I mean the trunks.
Trenderman Mar 26 @ 7:33pm 
You should make special Non waste items like vests or armors (rocky is a lighter marble vest, feather is a faster walking stick, Albino makes you freeze attackers, idk wood, nightmare gives night vision).