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Civilizations of Warcraft - Overhaul Project
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 10:55pm
Aug 27, 2013 @ 5:28pm
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Civilizations of Warcraft
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This mod aims to convert Civilization 5 to thematically match with Azeroth! Requires Gods and Kings and compatible with Brave New World.

This mod removes all Civilizations from the origional game, so you MUST be using modded Civs (Warcraft or otherwise) for it to work. You can find these at the link below the screenshot.

You do NOT need to use the Religion, Citystate, or Wonders stand-alone mods (They have been removed from the collection for this reason).

Currently includes:
- New Citystates!
- New Natural Wonders!
- New Constructed Wonders!
- New Religions!
- New Resources!

Coming Soon:
- More Constructed Wonders!
- New Tech Tree!
- New Social Policies!
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Stabber OpSihg Jan 6 @ 12:42am 
I havn't played or read Warcraft but I like watching the trailers and playing this mod.

A few more flaws I've found is that the mod seems to rename "Silver" to "1", and the "Incense" rename to "Herbs" breaks a certain Religous buidling as those as the unchanged bonus for having the now non-existant resource to be useless. It also seems to overide some the small circle icon images of the Cordellia Civilization mod Here:


Hopes this helps, looking forward to seeing this overhaul when it's more thourough. :]

jim.rogersnc Jan 3 @ 5:17pm 
How do I get it to work?
Bolvart Sep 27, 2014 @ 11:47am 
Is this mod will get new stuff soon? kinda wnat to see the comming soon! Love the work btw! :D
Wang Aug 29, 2014 @ 9:30am 
Some guy copied you
Chairswing Aug 13, 2014 @ 1:15pm 
i hate to tell everyone that the modder stopped working on this some months ago, while there are some errors in the wonder descriptions and outcomes etc we should still be thankful for this ;)
Ara Thranduil Aug 10, 2014 @ 5:54pm 
I got two workers when I built Halls of Origination instead of my free granary.
Donar Jul 30, 2014 @ 1:40pm 
Please add a map of Azeroth in MoP stage with true starting locations, that would be amazing! Great work on all mods btw!! :D
ThatCompany24 Jul 30, 2014 @ 9:03am 
OK so whats with the weird icons? I was playing and then i look at my guy and he has all these weird icons like intercept and upgrade, but it still has the origional use for the button. So, am i missing a mod, or is it just the mod?
Adorm Jul 5, 2014 @ 6:11pm 
Just an addition to my last comment this may have to do with fact i just got BNW.
Adorm Jul 5, 2014 @ 6:10pm 
Hey, as of about the 2nd i updated the mod and now it's broken, can't select any leader. Just wanted to inform you on this and hopefully you fix it sometime soon, the mod was awesome and i wish i never updated it.