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Civilizations of Warcraft - Overhaul Project
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 10:55pm
Aug 27, 2013 @ 5:28pm
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Civilizations of Warcraft
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This mod aims to convert Civilization 5 to thematically match with Azeroth! Requires Gods and Kings and compatible with Brave New World.

This mod removes all Civilizations from the origional game, so you MUST be using modded Civs (Warcraft or otherwise) for it to work. You can find these at the link below the screenshot.

You do NOT need to use the Religion, Citystate, or Wonders stand-alone mods (They have been removed from the collection for this reason).

Currently includes:
- New Citystates!
- New Natural Wonders!
- New Constructed Wonders!
- New Religions!
- New Resources!

Coming Soon:
- More Constructed Wonders!
- New Tech Tree!
- New Social Policies!
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Salith Rathol Apr 5 @ 2:21pm 
thomas, bro it's under the description REQUIRES GODS AND KINGS, come on man.
thomas.martin2419 Apr 4 @ 4:44pm 
Does this need G&K because you say it's compatible with BNW
Fyrsten Mar 7 @ 5:05am 
Something is wrong with this mod, i just subscribed today, both the overhaul pack and all the faction packs, whenever i try to start a game, it still shows the standard factions, i see no changes to the game at all, and yes i have them all turned on, no other mods are on, and i'm playing BnW
Speculator Mar 6 @ 5:43pm 
do these mods work with the "era's" mods? (the ones that keep you locked in medieval times, classical times, etc.)
Bi$harp Feb 25 @ 3:07pm 
Some of these religions are one and the same.
Special Grodd #ohmygrodd Feb 16 @ 6:11am 
lets do this
Cloraphoba Feb 13 @ 8:10pm 
When will you get new tech tree and social polices?
Bruce Lee Feb 9 @ 1:17am 
Was wondering if era limitation would ever be considered to be added as an option, after the medieval era all the custom units become useless, could this be a possible fix?
Cuftbert Feb 7 @ 1:42pm 
nonfunc, unsub
helstyr Jan 9 @ 4:50pm 
Hi, thx for this mod! :)
But I got two problems:
- Citystates! don't work, they have the normal names.
- Constructed Wonders. Don't work either.. they don't give me the free monuments/granary/...

And some leaders like the Bloodelves/Tauren don't have any Leader-Icons. :/

Would it be possible, to include the Soundtrack of World of Warcraft? ;)

Keep up the good work!