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HappyG♥yFriend Jan 12 @ 5:29pm 
However,Im not a free player and I want to get that achievement,I dont know how I'm a free player now,I report it to Steam Support,but never get the reply.

So my think is that,During the Holiday many old L4D2 player accidentally ACCEPT the free gift and Steam just replace their old L4D2 with the free L4D2.Thats why many people who cannot get the achievement.

And in my account details,I can see a new L4D2 which says purchased in last Dec for FREE.

And my Valve Complete Pack is bought in 2011 which includes L4D2.
HappyG♥yFriend Jan 12 @ 5:24pm 
Chet,many people have an achievement issue for L4D2 that many old L4D2 player cannot get the achievement "Ghosts of Chritsmas Present" after they get the 2013-Chritsmas DLC,does Valve know about it?

I bought L4D2 in Valve Complete in 2011,last Dec during the free gift holiday,I found out that I got this DLC,since then I cannot get the achievement when playing with my friend who is a free player of L4D2.

Its just like that I'm a free player too,and my friends say that 2013-Chritsmas DLC is to identify the free player.