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The Fellowship in Skyrim
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 1:27pm
Jan 23, 2014 @ 3:57pm
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The Fellowship in Skyrim

06/06/2017: Check out this amazing custom voiced Gimli follower, made by Gimli son of Gloin:

This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim.
You'll find them around a campfire on the route to High Hrothgar ( just after where you first see that frost troll).
Be sure to let the data files finish updating when starting the game for the first time after downloading and make sure that the mod is active in your load order.
I wanted to make a complete fellowship mod that really made the characters look like they should. I hope you all enjoy.

They all level with the player and are all essential.
Voices are just standard vanilla voices. Unfortunately there isn't an old man voice that works for a follower so Gandalf just has a Nord voice.

If you want them all to follow you at once then use a multi-follower mod such as:

UFO from Nexus-
AFT here on Steam-

(AFT however only lets you have up to 5 followers at once. If anyone knows of any other mod here on Steam that allows for the full 9 then please let me know).

UPDATE: Changed Legolas froma High Elf to a Wood Elf

UPDATE 02: Legolas' Boots are now standalone and will not effect other nightingale boots. Also included an extra set of armor for Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and Boromir- all found in their respective inventories.

UPDATE 03: Now included cloaks for all of the fellowship as well as improving faces and including pointy ears for the hobbits.

(The picture of Gandalf fighting the balrog was made using the 'Mines of Moria' and 'Monster Mod' mods)

I'd love to see some screenshots of your characters on adventures with the fellowship. Be sure to drop some links in the comments :)

Credits: Ear models by nouserhere from Skyrim Nexus.
Cloaks by Nikinoodles from Skyrim Nexus
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✪Bredor | Aug 26 @ 1:33pm 
I don't wanna steal them from him.I want him to have his clothes on.
✪Bredor | Aug 26 @ 1:32pm 
do their items have an ID?cause I want to give myself Aragorn's clothes
FireflyKnight85 Jul 25 @ 11:13am 
So I am having a wedding with LOTR characters for the 1st time. Boromir sits down at attention. Gimli wanders around in the background, but still facing the ceremony, and Legolas walks off to the back to have a drink. Elves, meh!
FireflyKnight85 Jul 22 @ 9:49am 
"Amazing follower tweak" allows to you to add custom followers into it's AFT ranks with a command. they then level with you, and stats are customizable as well. you will then be able have them relax, summon them if bugged or stuck, and even kiss and dance for you. up to 5 followers, and combined with "convenient horses" mod they will all have matching horses/armor for horses with simultaneous mounting with the player, and can even prefer to fight mounted. [( Great for a war party of mounted elves in "Noldor content pack" armor or perhaps an assembly of human heroes from LOTR wearing custom medieval armours from steam workshop )]
Math Apr 12 @ 1:34pm 
Just for look it's good "experience". But they are really weak~everyone, so it's useless
JP Doctor  [author] Mar 25 @ 12:18pm 
Make sure that the mod is active in your data files and then check where I wrote in the description.
trveshit Mar 24 @ 7:37pm 
mdaise01 Feb 12 @ 1:47pm 
could I use this mod for the Special Edition?
RugRatRew Dec 16, 2016 @ 8:45pm 
You shold add tauriel, there are no good tauriels on the workshop
ahcis1066 Dec 4, 2016 @ 9:49pm 
It'd be REALLY cool if they all travelled together around skyrim and then made camp entroute to High Hrothgar. Kind of like imperials or stormcloaks on patrol who always end up in the same place at night.