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The Fellowship in Skyrim
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 1:27pm
Jan 23, 2014 @ 3:57pm
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The Fellowship in Skyrim


This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim.
You'll find them around a campfire on the route to High Hrothgar ( just after where you first see that frost troll).
Be sure to let the data files finish updating when starting the game for the first time after downloading and make sure that the mod is active in your load order.
I wanted to make a complete fellowship mod that really made the characters look like they should. I hope you all enjoy.

They all level with the player and are all essential.
Voices are just standard vanilla voices. Unfortunately there isn't an old man voice that works for a follower so Gandalf just has a Nord voice.

If you want them all to follow you at once then use a multi-follower mod such as:

UFO from Nexus-
AFT here on Steam-

(AFT however only lets you have up to 5 followers at once. If anyone knows of any other mod here on Steam that allows for the full 9 then please let me know).

UPDATE: Changed Legolas froma High Elf to a Wood Elf

UPDATE 02: Legolas' Boots are now standalone and will not effect other nightingale boots. Also included an extra set of armor for Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and Boromir- all found in their respective inventories.

UPDATE 03: Now included cloaks for all of the fellowship as well as improving faces and including pointy ears for the hobbits.

(The picture of Gandalf fighting the balrog was made using the 'Mines of Moria' and 'Monster Mod' mods)

I'd love to see some screenshots of your characters on adventures with the fellowship. Be sure to drop some links in the comments :)

Credits: Ear models by nouserhere from Skyrim Nexus.
Cloaks by Nikinoodles from Skyrim Nexus
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iamERROR Aug 25 @ 9:25pm this mod allows 7 followers instead of just 5
iяЯəsIstiblə.Ɓuɡ▐ Aug 5 @ 5:30am 
Are they essential/immortal and marriageable?
Mr.grobuskna vladinov Aug 3 @ 1:05am 
long poeple have to say you know where they always walk during the roads or whould i find there location.
FØØL ØF Ã 丅ØØK Jul 29 @ 2:00pm 
Can you get there backpacks??
Godfather of Illuminati Jun 22 @ 10:30pm 
had to murder them to get the backpacks
Godfather of Illuminati Jun 22 @ 10:30pm 
fly you fool
JonSnow0108 May 25 @ 7:07am 
JonSnow0108 May 25 @ 6:54am 
why won't gandalf use his staff?
i tried taking away all other weapons but he just uses his fists
zuggy2zuggys Apr 30 @ 2:04pm 
When ever i try to load with this mod it crashes
Lyra Mar 7 @ 10:10am 
is it pssible to make all of their outfits obtainable?