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Stop it, Slender!
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 7:48am
Apr 20 @ 4:43am
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Current workshop version: 20.04.2014
Also, read the 'Maps' section before downloading!

It's a small joke gamemode that I originally made to play with some friends, so dont take it too serious.
In short: its multiplayer version of Slender with co-op/versus.
It's not supposed to be scary, but mostly competitive.

For dedicated servers: gamemode is 'stopitslender'


*Goal - collect all 6-8 pages on a map. Pages are not shared between players, which means if player X takes page1 - player Y still needs to take page 1.

*Controls - LMB/RMB to toggle flashlight, E to take pages, mouse wheel to zoom


*Goal - stop humans from stealing all pages.

*Controls - RMB to toggle invisibility, LMB to teleport (requires at least 4 pages and you have to be visible). Big 'X' shows if you are visible or not.

Make sure you read that before spamming 'Why gm_construct aint worrrkiiiiing?!!1'

This workshop version supports few maps. Gamemode has simple Rock the vote that is locked to these maps.

//Maps for workshop version:

* slender_forest
* ttt_slender_v2[www.garrysmod.org]
* zs_clav_segments_v2
* zs_last_mansion_v3
* slender_outland_v3
* slender_janitor_fixed
* slender_infirmary
* de_school[www.garrysmod.org]
* slender_ravine


//Regarding content:

*Maps are not included.
*Credits for slenderman/pages models go to their original creators.
*Sound effects are from various Youtube walkthroughs.

//Few recommendations:

* Use nice player size limit (8-14).
* I dont recommend putting PointShop and other similar stuff in it, so it will look like a bizzare 'CUSTOM | FRIENDLY | MATURE ADMINS!' version TTT or DarkRP.
* Remember that you can mute squeaky/manly 7 year-old kids in scoreboard.

//Known issues/small bugs:

*When hosting on local server - some maps less dark than they should be.
*Sometimes flashlight will stay on a map when using spectator mode.
*Bot Slenderman is on horse steroids.

//Our site and ip of official version of Stop it, Slender:




Have fun!
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Benjamin R-HoA Sep 18 @ 7:24pm 
How can i add the slender bot so i can play with my bro on a local server cause my internets very bad and i can't play so how can i add the bot i don't want me or my bro becomeing him i want him to be a bot help pleaes
D-K Sep 14 @ 2:50pm 
how do i get Bot slenderman if let say me and +5 friends just wanna play together and have a bot slenderman chase us. So none of us will be chosen as slenderman is that possible? :)
Blitzkriegers1 Sep 10 @ 7:43am 
I subscribed, but I don't know how to get the game downloaded. Plz help me, or I will argue w/ a chair XD.
Robosaur Sep 7 @ 10:57am 
how do i get slender man textures
joegames12345 Sep 2 @ 1:09pm 
how can i make my own slender map. (with pages)
DeathUponMyWrath Sep 1 @ 4:47pm 
You should try resetting Gmod once or twice (I'd prefer twice)
If that still doesn't work, try re-subscribing Stop It Slender! , and not the maps.
The Paladin Aug 24 @ 4:02pm 
For some reason I can't look right or left ...just forward or backward, does anyone know why?
Kaolin :3 Aug 24 @ 11:06am 
UMG __
VOLTAGE-MAN Aug 24 @ 6:37am 
Hello, Slender is a midget on my server I tried to fix that by uploading the gamemode with different FTP software but he still a midget, before I couldnt even pickup pages on maps like forest mansion, thats fixed now because I uploaded everything from new. Is there a short fix for the slendermodel? thanks alot
Kyrielz Aug 20 @ 8:12pm 
question for anyone here - when I subscribed, the game is still not available in my game list :( in the past, I would subscribe to something it would just appear, am I doing something wrong?