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Breakdown for lower-level weapons and armor
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Aug 22, 2013 @ 5:49am
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Breakdown for lower-level weapons and armor

## I made this to complete my 'breakdown series' ##

Now, you can breakdown tons of non-using weapons and armor
but for some reason, there are many restrictions (for now, maybe improved later):

1. I didnt touch 'high-level' weapons/armors, such as glass, ebony(daedric), dragonbone(scale)... etc

2. you can only breakdown items whitch have vanilla recipes, including recipes from USKP

Because I have to determine the materials you can get back!

3. similar to many other breakdown mods, you should be careful with your weapons in left-hand,

but others are safe, I disabled equipped items from breakdown recipes!

4. there are some rules for breakdown, normally, you can get (n - 1)* ingots/leathers back

and, the value you waste should be less than or euqal to the value you can get back!

so, ofcourse, some special cases may break this rule, i use my own methods for that!

5. You can also breakdown jewelry, choose either silver/gold or the gems on it!

6. breakdown recipes for some leather-type armors are on tanning rack, others in smelter!

7. Like my other breakdown mods, you should have at least 1 weapon/armor in inventory to enable its recipe!

## If you have any problem, just post comments here! ##