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Useless stuff for useless gameplay (alpha)
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Aug 21, 2013 @ 7:26pm
Aug 28, 2013 @ 8:50pm
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First of all... sorry for the bad qualty models. I can't get this... render trough nifskope right... Looks pretty cool in Zbrush, but not in Skyrim. I'll figure it out.

Current Weapons:

-ClothesIron Warhammer
-Shovel Arrow
-Leg of Goat mace
-Dragonstone Shield (NEW! Added 08/29)

Planned Weapons/Armor:
-Cast Iron Pot Armor (Iron man)
-Pitchfork Staff with enchants
-Bucket Helmet
-Firewood shield (Tribute to Thorin Oakenshield)
-Torch Bolts

-Iron Dagger Bolt
-Iron Sword Arrow
(I'm tired of killing bandits and all they carry is Iron daggers or Iron Swords)

-Using minor stuff as daggers, maces or one handed swords.
->Things like Embalming tools, Torture tools, Paper sheet (It cuts like hell... ), Books, Pots, Pans, Mugs, Jugs, Torches, arrows, crossbows, bows, crates, food, cheese, forks, pitchforks, Jewery, bottles, Skulls, and whatever more I find laying idle in Skyrim.

---- Description: ----

Also Known as MacGyver's Way, this mod implements new weapons and armor. And some other minor stuff.
-You must player.additem for now, since it's on alpha testing.
-Find via console by using (help ItemName)

----At the moment...----

I'm working in a bunch of things and looking for the best workflow. I'm a 3D Artist, but never worked with games, I won't be a fast-modder because of that. But things are moving.

---- When the release comes, you'll have... -----

After smithing skill 40 you'll be able to select a perk called ''MacGyver's way''.

This perk allows you to create weapons from almost anything, and gives you a Power/Shout that opens the Crafting Skill menu. That way you'll be able to create anything anywhere, just because you learnt MacGyver's way.

And more...

I'm sure you're bored to see bandits using Steel/Iron weaponry. Well, they'll use new weapons now. But mainly clutter stuff, crates, tables, chairs... not MacGyver's stuff.

If you got questions, suggestions, etc... feel free to comment.
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Walker Jun 25 @ 9:20pm 
I saw the Clothesiron Warhammer and my first htought was the Wrinklefucker from Homestuck.
Epic_Fail_Smiley Apr 19 @ 2:35pm 
I think that you should add in the ability to throw a bow at someone, so you don't carry around bows that you don't need or don't want until you get somewhre where you can sell them or dispose of them in a town. That would make this so amazing XD
ncardin91 Mar 1 @ 2:09am 
The idea of beating bandits and pesky draugr to death with random items has crossed my mind more than once over the years of playing skyrim. Now that I've got it for PC, and you've had the stroke of creative genius to create a mod such as this... I will enjoy beating the World Eater to death with an enchanted goat's leg, or perhaps a broom. Who knows, if you manage to weaponize clutter, I may use a tankard, or even a chair.

In short, this would please Sheogorath more than a little. I'd like to think he would enjoy beating mortals to death with elder cheese and mammoth snouts.
Randarr the Barbarian Jan 22 @ 10:24pm 
I was ready to pass this mod until i read "leg of goat mace" and thought gee i'd really like to smash someone's skull with a goat's leg... I thank you sir for helping me be slightly more barbaric than normal. Could you make a human arm mace, perhaps? This I would enjoy very much :3
Heizer  [author] Jan 15 @ 6:06am 
If I am not mistaken, Black Sacrament armor or something alike. Not of my own, but it's a really cool armor.
Jakk Loud Jan 15 @ 5:10am 
wich is the armor mod of the photo ?
robloxyethan Jan 13 @ 5:42pm 
Yay Complete and uter randomness, hope that heals up soon
Heizer  [author] Jan 13 @ 2:40pm 
Soon enough I shall be back. This spare time I got since I hurted my shoulder made me think in good new stuff... Guess it's time for lore-unfriendliness
JDawg147 Jan 13 @ 1:15am 
I see you plan on adding cheese in there, I wanna give that cheese to everybody
robloxyethan Jan 11 @ 6:50pm 
Im just thinking, maybe a arrow sword and a bolt dagger