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Big Oil - How To Get The Right Engine (Step By Step).
By =[T$CElite]= Damy
Hi there guys as we saw many players don't know how to get the right engine yet, so i made this step by step guide to help you out to get the right engine and also get the achievement Dr. Fantastic.
Day 1: "List Of Different Intels."
On DAY 1 you can retrieve differents intels, but you must be fast otherwise there are gonna burn them.
This are the differetns intels:

1) Airplane Keys:
This would help you escape fast once the engine is checked and it's the right one you can escape in this airplane without waiting for the helicopter.

2) Keycard:
With this you can open one of three doors to find the server room avoiding using the drill or ECM.

3) Shutters Codes:
With this you will able to set or open all the shutters so you will be able to see if the server room are behind any shutters and in case you start an assault this will give you more cover.

4) Blueprints:
A little map of the house. In case you don't know the map will be useful.

5) Fusion Research:
I still don't know how exactly this works, but some people says that this help to figured out which gas the reactor uses.

6) Guard Intel:
This intel shows you how the Guards looks like in Day 2.

7) Scientist Intel:
This intel shows you how the Scientist looks like in Day 2.
Day 2: "Find The Correct Engine."
In this day you will have to get inside the house, find the server room where could be located behind one of three doors, override the system to open laboratory door and then you have to go downstairs to the laboratory to find the correct engine.
Below are the steps to get the right engine and also "Dr. Fantastic" achievement if you don't have it yet.

Enjoy it.
Step 1: "Type Of Gas In The Reactor."
There are 3 types of gases that you may find: Helium (Green), Deterium (Blue) and Nitrogen (Yellow). You may find out what kind of gas is needed by finding a Note inside the house. Once you know what type of gas is needed go to the blackboard which is down in the lab there you will know what color is the reactor.


1) Nitrogen:

2) Deterium:

3) Helium:
Step 2: "How Many Cables Are Connected To The Blue Tank Of Hydrogen."
As you know each reactor has a blue tank of Hydrogen connected to it, so here is the way of knowing how many wires must be connected to this tank. Inside the house you can find a second NOTE. Once you have that note you should already know what color the tank is and now how many cables are connected to the blue tank of hydrogen.


1) In this example:


2) In this example:

"2x H"

3) In this example:

"3x H"

Step 3: "Find The PSI Pressure."
The last step is to find how much PSI those the reactor meter have and this is the way to find out. In the laboratory there are several computers one of them has a PSI Number, you MUST calculate the amount of PSI you should have in the reactor meter by using the follow equation:
(X / 10) * 0.7 = BAR amount or X * 0.07 = BAR amount

PSI Number on the computer, Example, Calculation & Explanation:

The correct pressure on our engine meter (by using the example above):

Important: PSI number on the computer could be different sometimes (but always result is close to 400) also the symbols of bigger, bigger or equal, smaller and smaller or equal too. So more important thing to look is the symbol.
Escape & Alternative Escape.
After they checked if it's the right engine, you will be able to escape. They two different escapes.

Normal Escape:
You will have to wait for about 2 minutes untill the hellicopter arrives.

Alternative Escape:
If you get the Airplane Keys (mentioned on Day 1: "List Of Differents Intels"), you can escape after delivering the correct engine, using the airplane in the road.
  • 1) Find the first note and see what color the reactor is.
  • 2) Find the second note and know how many wires are connected to the blue hydrogen tank from the connected reactor.
  • 3) Calculate the amount of PSI and find this result in our reactor meter.

Important & Helpful Stuff
Sometimes some notes may not spawn or lab computers can be shutdown, but stay calm, we can still
find out which is the correct reactor and finish the mission.

These are the possible alternatives:

  • 1) If the note in step 1 appears, the note in step 2 also and computers are off, just look for the color of reactor and the number of cables connected to the blue hydrogen tank. Since there will be no two alike.

  • 2) If the note in step 1 appears, the note in step 2 does not appear, but the computers are ON, then only seek the correct color of the reactor and the amount of PSI which must have the meter in the reactor.

  • 3) If the note in step 1 doesnt appear, and Note 2 appears and computers are ON, just look at the reactors with amount of cable that note 2 shows and the amount of PSI you should have in the meter in the reactor.
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GrzegorzGear 14 hours ago 
You are not supposed to stealth day 2, fag
Kater Aug 23 @ 1:08pm 
plus you have to do calculations after you find annotations.
Kater Aug 23 @ 1:07pm 
this heist is stupidly hard and unfair. you have to keep 30 minutes looking for annotations through the house with like 90 guards around, plus they get mad when they see the door open, AND it's a pro job. worst heist ever.
Dylamb Aug 18 @ 12:22am 
I got dr fantastic with only luck :P
bybis kiausei
ComputerFace Jun 1 @ 2:55pm 
Thank you! Yes I think you can just go by the < or > symbols. Less than 400 = < Greater or equal to 400 = > and not have to do the conversion. Played twice online so far - first time someone thought it was always engine 8 (it's not) second run I narrowed it down - got one engine on the chopper and went back to double check and newbie started bagging all the engines.. :( haha
=[T$CElite]= Damy  [author] Apr 9 @ 11:00am 
@bandit - The engine changes everytime you do the heist.
[ZF] preengles Apr 9 @ 8:40am 
is it enigne 5?
joe.des(is)DrTeddy Mar 31 @ 9:43am 
It is called "Dr Fantastic" for a reason!!!
surely you gestin Feb 15 @ 8:28am 
wtf, why did overkill make this so complicated and hard to discover...