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IrishRon's Snow Elf Playable Race ver 0.9
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Aug 21, 2013 @ 12:06pm
Aug 23, 2013 @ 6:46am
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This mod requires Dawngaurd.

This mod is still under construction
- vampirism works 23/8/2013 10:00 EDT.

There should not be incompatibilities with any mods, unless the other mod is race dependant. This mod should even work with other snow elf mods.

I could have made this playable race using vanilla Skyrim, but I didn't, because I wanted to add some armor and weapons, along with some perks. I made this mod because I could not find a good Playable Snow Elf race on Steam. I don't want to replace a race in game with the Snow Elf race because that would break lore (ok, so playing one is somewhat lore friendly, as lore suggests SOME escaped), and seeing a Snow Elf around every corner just is not believable.

First, skill additions are as follows:
+10 Archery
+ 5 Illusion, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration

Race bonus: ******* NEW *********
Auri-El's Favor - 75% Disease Resistance (for those wishing to become a vampire)
Snowborn - Fortify Magicka +50
Resist Frost - 50%
Weakness to Fire - 25%
Lesser Power - Invisibility and Muffle 10 seconds, cost 30 magicka

****** previous race bonus:
Auri-El's Favor - 100% Disease Resistance
Snowborn - Fortify Magicka +50
Resist Frost - 100%
Weakness to Fire - 75%

I tried to balance out the good with the bad, when I test vampirism, I may remove Auri-El's Favor.

New craftables!
You will be able to craft Light and Heavy Snow Elf armors using Ancient Falmer armor meshes, heavy and light shields using Auri-El's shield as a template, and weapons! Although the weapons look like standard elven, except the bow which looks like Auri-El's bow, everything is stronger, but not too strong.

The perks needed to craft the new armors and weapons are Advanced for light and Orcish for heavy, and the armor stats are just a little higher than the other armors you can craft with these perks, but not higher/better than the armors from the next perks.

The weapons you need EITHER Advanced or Orcish perks, you do not need both, however, both will work just fine. The stats are just under Glass or Ebony, but a little better than Elven. It should average out to Glass.

To craft any of the armors or weapons, you will need Ivory! What Ivory is not in the game? It is now. There are two ways to get Ivory, both require Smelting. The first uses 1 Mammoth Tusk and 1 Refined Moonstone to make 2 Ivory, the other way is 3 Horker Tusks and 1 Refined Moonstone to make 1 Ivory. I know you are wondering why there seems to be an imbalance, but Mammoth Tusks weight is 5 and value is 150, while Horker Tusks are 1 and 15, so it seems the Mammoth Tusks are of better quality, so produce more/better Ivory. Ivory is valued at 125.

This mod will also work is just want the new armors and/or weapons, but if you start over and are a Snow Elf, you can smith these items at level 1 and no smithing perks!!

NOTE - The armor and weapons may seem too strong to be able to craft at the beginning of the game, but Refined Moonstone or Moonstone Ore is not easy to get at the start anyway, unless you mine the moonstone yourself, so consider it a reward for immersion :)


As of 21 August 2013, this mod is still being TESTED, and will be updating.

If any bugs are found, report them PLEASE!

Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but if you don't like the idea of this mod, I don't care what your opinion is.

I will be testing both plain vampires and vampire lords with this mod soon (today, tomorrow, just soon).
UPDATE! 10:00 EDT 23 August 2013

1. Can contract Sanguinare Vampiris, but is difficult with 75% disease resistance. Can contract Lycanthropy of become a vampire lord. Can cure same without problems.

2. Fixed 23/08: Problem with Female Snow Elf not keeping Snow Elf skin color, but reverting back to High Elf skin color.



1. May change the initial spell list from Flames to Sparks or Frost, since Snow Elves are weak against fire, just seems wierd to see fire coming from his hands.

2. Possible Disguise spell to make the Snow Elf appear to be an Altmer. Makes sense, since the Dawnguard DLC / vanilla Skyrim uses the High Elf as a Template for the Snow Elf.

3. Dialog additions/changes to go along with being a Snow Elf.

4. Possible quest to find more Snow Elves (more like a few months away....)
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Skiing Dragon Sep 20 @ 9:56pm 
Is there a way to change hairstyle as this race? When I made a character there was only one choice of hair.
Markus Sep 14 @ 4:28am 
LegomanN64DD Aug 17 @ 4:40pm 
If you make it a Female ts eyes glitchout....help....
Zocch-I-Gaming Aug 17 @ 8:28am 
when you shoot snow elven say at a wolf and you missed, it disappears because it has same effect when you shoot a sunhallowed arrow in dawnguard.
edgren.johannes Aug 8 @ 3:18pm 
Cool, finaly I can play as the long gone snow elves, AWESOME!!!
René Marcusio Aug 8 @ 12:57am 
When I used consol command to make my character a snowelf, the only clothes I could wear were these snowelf amor and nothing else. I'm glad this mod actually allows you to play as one without worrying of what you're wearing.
Stealthy Panda Aug 5 @ 1:34am 
Does it meddle with the Skyrim Game, I mean does it mess it up so i can't open it up. This has happened before???????
Ree-Ree Aug 1 @ 10:57am 
I also have been unable to feed as a vampire snow elf unless in full vampire lord form. Through mods i can turn others into vampires and vampire lords, but thats not the same as being able to feed. I really love your mod and even if this problem doesnt break it for me i would be so much happier if i was able to feed at will in my normal form.
The Boss Jul 31 @ 11:25am 
don't lower aurials favor because those who want to become a vampire can go to redwater den because drinking from the redwater spring gives you vampirism so if they cant be bothered to get attacked by vampires for ages they just go to redwater den
ViimKaazlozStrun Jul 25 @ 1:26pm 
this is a pretty cool mod but i cant change the hair when creating a character. I even tried using console commands and it still doesnt work, but other than that its fine.