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Blood Bowl: Star Coach - Bêta

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Blood Bowl: Star Coach Getting Started Guide
By ProPositive
There's a ton of potential for Blood Bowl Star Coach to be a grade-A addictive Blood Bowl flavor all its own.

If you're looking to get your fist wet (with blood of course), let this arrogant guide be your... well... guide! It comes chock full of simple steps to get started and includes poor humor and a cameo by my Grandma!

What are you waiting for?! Let's get started so you can wrap your head around the tools Star Coach gives you to wrap your opponents into human or non-human pretzels and jam a spiked ball down their throats! Yea!
Star Coach: The Concept

Blood Bowl: Star Coach offers plenty of addictive tactical fun. With it currently in Beta, it leaves alot to be desired when helping new Coaches figure out how to have that fun. Let's get started figuring that out by starting with what Star Coach is.

As a Blood Bowl coach you'll take rinse-and-repeat pleasure in the following activities:
  • Preparing to kick the tar out of other teams coached by real folks around the world

  • Challenging those folks to a tar kicking contest

  • Watching the replay to bask in the glory of your team's tar-kicking skills or figure out how one rat ogre and a trick duck knocked them into tomorrow
How It Works
  • Star Coach is based loosely on Blood Bowl, a tactical, turn-based game of football in a fantasy world of elves, dwarves, and dark things.

  • Instead of choosing each move of each game, Star Coach challenges you to manage your players and their skills - and most importantly - how they run certain plays.

  • Once you think you've got your team in order and have some plays that you'd like to stomp your competition with, you send out challenges to other coaches. While bots are available for scrimmaging to test your plays, you'll spend most of your time smashing and getting smashed by other players' teams online.

  • The challenged coach has an alotted time to accept or reject your challenge. If they accept or the timer runs out, Star Coach simulates a game between your two teams.

  • Once it's done, you can watch a replay and redeem rewards based on your performance. The rewards include experience to level up your players, added options for your plays, and currency to purchase different players.

  • While the Beta is quite rough, there's plenty to enjoy here. You'll see alot of players that have hundreds of matches under their belt! It's addictive and challenging. So if you haven't already, give it a shot
Yea. That's right. You DO need a little help on this one. You shouldn't, but you do.



So there it is. My grandmom slapped the snot out of other coaches all the way to the top ten but she wanted to have another account so she could try a different team... and promptly forgot her original account password.

Don't be like my grandmom.
Before We Get Started
It's important to note that this Beta still has a bloody fistful of quirky bugs to work out. Here's a few things to keep in mind and the workarounds to avoid you having that crazed look on your face.

Client Freezes
  • Sometimes the client will freeze. If you're not sure it's frozen, try alt+tab. If it doesn't let you tab between windows, you're frozen. If a couple of the game screens mix together, frozen. If it's just been juked by a Skaven Gutter Runner, frozen - and♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • THE FIX:: ctrl+alt+delete > task manager > end BBSCbeta.exe

League Screen Not Updating
  • Most often after viewing a replay, the League Screen will not update.

  • THE FIX:: Clixk "X" in the upper right hand. Back at the Main Screen, click the Official League panel in the middle to go right back.

  • That's not all the bugs or what not. You'll see some funny things along the way and Cyanide encourages you to report any bugs you experience to help improve the game as it moves towards release.

    See, that wasn't so bad. You grimaced at this topic for nothing.
Recruit a Team
  • You've signed in and have a pulse? You're ready to coach a Blood Bowl team!

  • First thing you need to know, YOUR CHOICE OF RACE IS PERMANENT FOR YOUR ACCOUNT.
    • At any time, you can scrap your current team, but you'll only be able to make a new team using the race you chose in this step.
    • In the final release, it looks like you'll be able to pay real world money to have quicker access to add races to your account. When you do this, it will unlock an additional team slot so you can run multiple teams from one account.
    • While the functionality to purchase teams with the currency earned in game is there, it's not realistic to expect to unlock them that way during this Beta.
    • If you do want to try an additional race, you'll need to sign up a different email account.

  • Choose a team (Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Skaven, or Chaos)

  • Buy your 7 players - Can't go wrong here if you spend as much of your money as you can

  • Put your stamp on your team by choosing a logo and giving them a glorious, furious, or spurious name! You can choose from the available logos and either create a name using the first and last names selectors or type in your own by clicking on the name itself.

  • Now you've got a team, but trust me, they don't know their heads from a snotling in the ground ... Time to show them the difference!
The Main Screen
  • Here's the main screen with some markups to get your bearings
The Playbook
  • From the main screen, click on the Playbook on the left side of the main screen

  • On the left is your roster. Once your players level up, you'll click on their names to choose the new skill that they learned.

  • On the right you'll see your two categories of Tactics. Possession Tactics are for when your team has the ball and Defensive Tactics are for - well... when the... other team...ya know... has the ball.
Possession Tactics 101
  • Click on the Possession Tactics button and you'll see a new screen with a formation on the left and a list of tactics.

  • This screen allows you to click on an offensive tactic and click choose to make it your default tactic.

  • THE EDIT BUTTON allows you to do much more than rename the tactic or move people around. This is sometimes missed by players giving it a once-over. You don't need to go crazy with it right now, but just know that you can define orders for each player to follow according to certain conditions. If you click a play and then click edit, you can poke around some of the premade tactics and see how the players will behave.

  • For now, if you're Orcs, Chaos, Dwarves, or Skaven choose a running tactic like (I haven't seen any default run only plays but pick one with a lot of players up front)

  • If you're Humans or Wood Elves choose a passing tactic like Basic Offense or Boar's Snout (important: you must have a player with class 'Catcher' for these to work as designed)

  • Note: These are general suggestions to get you into the game and see some teeth fly. Once you dig a little more, there's a good amount of variety within each of the teams to the point where each can employ a wide variety of tactics.

  • Each player has default behaviors. All other orders that preced these are IF such and such THEN do this. These premade plays pull off some cool plays with just 5 orders. As you level up your Coaching Rank, you can have the ability to assign up to 37 orders!

    Want your players to kick that troll in the stones, run a screen, aerial-flip over a slobber-knocked orc - only to hurl the rock down field for the touchdown?! You can't do that, lol. That sounds rediculous.

    Nah you really can, but you have to take a few snotling steps first.
Defensive Tactics 101
  • See Possession Tactics 101 for more details. Both possession and defense tactics editors work the same way.
  • For now, just pick a formation that looks like the coverage you'd like to use. Do you want your team to push up and bash your opponent or hang back and watch for the pass? The default defensive plays run pretty much the way they look.
Yea... challenges. This is where you send your players off to matches against other coaches. Time to bloody the pitch!
  • From the main screen, click on the middle panel title 'Official League'

  • First things first, THE BLUE BUTTON: If you click on the blue button with your coach name in it, it will highlight you on the list to the left. This is really important.

  • Next, the list on the left shows teams that are available for you to challenge. This is based on your teams rating/rank.

  • Find a team and click on it. The right panel will now update for that team. The results tab will show you their most recent matches. The action panel will let you challenge them if they're available.

  • Click 'challenge'. You can now change your tactics for this match if you don't want to use the tactics you already chose for your standard setup. This can be useful as you face various opponents that employ vastly different tactics.

  • Once your ready, click 'challenge' again. This submits the challenge to the other player. They can choose to accept or reject your challenge. If they don't choose either option at the end of a 2 hour timer, they automatically accept and your two teams play a match.

  • Repeat the above process, but this time go to the bottom of the list and choose a player named '[BOT] Cyanide'. That's my grandmother and she loves to roflstomp noobs. Grandma - I mean - these bots are a great way to test out different tactics because the results won't affect your rating for good or bad. You will receive a win, draw, or loss and your players will receive experience for the match.
  • Once the match is resolved, click on your Blue Button again. Under the results tab you can see your score vs your opponent's.


  • The Replay will load up a visual depiction of the match so you can see what the players did. Slow it down and click back and forth between the plays. It's a bit of a mystery how many plays are in each match but they seem to range from 3 to 7. I suggest using the .50 speed for general viewing and the .25 when you're trying to figure out "What the ogrenuts that guy just did!"
  • After matches are resolved, you'll receive rewards in the form of Coins and Coaching Experience (Fans) as mentioned previously. To accept these, click the blue button on the challenge screen to go to your Team. On the Action Tab, choose 'Get rewards'

  • Player experience fills up until they hit a new level. You can then choose a new skill (drag and drop) for that player

  • Once you gain enough Coach Experience (Fans), you'll level up as a Coach and receive additional rewards.

  • Gold Crowns (Gold/Cash) Can be spent in the Bloody Market on additional players

  • Cyans Can be spent in the Bloody Market on additional players in lieu of paying Gold Crowns.

  • Tactical Slots allow you to assign more orders to your players in your Offensive and Defensive Tactics. In the example I went from 7 Tactical Slots up to 9. Now we're cooking with gas!
Leveling Up Your Players

Please pardon our appearance while we bla bla bla.
The Bloody Market
The Bloody Market is where you spend your Gold Crowns (coins) and Cyans. As you face off against other coaches, you'll earn gold and coach experience. When your Coach Level increases, you'll receive Cyans.

  • The Bloody Market screen gives four selections:

    • Races:: Purchasing additional teams also gives you an additional team slot so you could coach multiple teams at the same time.

    • Players:: You'll have 7 players at all times. Purchasing a player replaces an existing player and can be key in honing in on your killer strategy.

    • Upgrades:: Not in the Beta at this time.

    • Bank:: Not in the Beta at this time. Since Star Coach is free to play, expect the standard you-can-earn-it-the-long-way-or-speed-up-the-process-with-real-world-money approach.
State of the Coaches Union
  • This wouldn't be much of an introduction without letting you know that the current state of the game is far from perfect. To be fair, though, sometimes what seem like bugs are actually your players trying to do what you told them to. Check out that tactic and see what you can tweak to correct those stoopidz.

  • That said there are bugs and a general lack of polish and features as of right now. Also, the official forums are full of posts about Louis Vuitton outlets and such. Not sure what kind of haxors is up with that, but dig a little into this game and I think you'll be glad you did.
Tip of the Bloody Iceberg
  • There's plenty more addictive fun to be had. The default tactics make use of 5 orders to instruct your players. Up to 37 orders can be unlocked, allowing you a ton of opportunity to devise ruthless or tricksy plays!

  • Cyanide has done a fantastic job with the video game adaptation of Blood Bowl, now Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition. There's good reason to expect great things for Star Coach as it gets more attention
  • Even in the Beta, there's a wide variety of tweaking you can do to make your team perform vastly different. Also there's some exposed elements in certain areas of the Beta that indicate there's more to come.
Are You Not Entertained!
If this guide has gotten you on the pitch to swap spit with other coaches (not that way) or left you tickled, let me know. I need your feedback to know if you'd like to glean more

If there's enough interest, I can go into further detail or create more advanced tutorials. I really want to see this game succeed and realize its potential. That said, I need to gauge your interest to see if I should post anything further.

Until next time, don't let my grandma Dirty Stab you,

What's my coach name? You know who I am.
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Jugrnot Jan 26, 2014 @ 5:53pm 
Is there anything out there yet that can help explain what the different commands in the play book do so one can get his guys doing the right things or is it still a trial by fire thing? lol
ProPositive  [author] Jan 26, 2014 @ 4:50pm 
Appreciate the feedback. Glad it helped!
Jugrnot Jan 26, 2014 @ 12:17pm 
Huge BBowl fan so when my friend told me to check it out I was in without question. Jumped right in and was a little lost but your intro here has helped a lot. I'll be sure to help out where I can
Ray Jan 6, 2014 @ 12:45pm 
This convinced me to play. I was on the fence.
ProPositive  [author] Oct 14, 2013 @ 1:06pm 
Thanks for the feedback!
digwizz Oct 14, 2013 @ 7:35am 
Nice very helpful, keep up the good work :-D
[SoD]Rusa Sep 9, 2013 @ 9:17am