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Jump Gamesettings - Unleash the Hulk in you!
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Mar 18, 2012 @ 5:09pm
Apr 20, 2012 @ 7:27am
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Allows you to change your run speed and your jump height. You can save the settings as presets so that you can instantly apply the changes. Also changes the fall rate to prevent injury from a fall. You can jump off of mountain tops and not be injured.

This mod makes changes to the 'fjumpheightmin' gamesettings and to the actor value 'speedmult'. The gamesettings 'fJumpFallHeightExponent', 'fJumpFallHeightMult', 'fJumpFallHeightMin', 'fJumpFallVelocityMin' are already adjusted to prevent injury from a fall.

SKSE is required in order to be able to change the jump height. It can be downloaded here:

After subscribing, run the normal Skyrim Launcher. Wait at the launchers menu screen until all mods have been dowloaded/updated. Close the launcher, then start your game using the SKSE Loader. When your game loads, you will find a +Run Jump Token+ at the top of your inventory apparel (armor) section. Equip it to make changes.

You can get some spectacular jumps, but you will die if you set it too high. If you have this mod enabled, you can probably go up to around 200,000 (which is up in the clouds). I died on every jump at the 300,000 setting. I suggest you try 10,000. Then you can leap across the countryside like the hulk.

Save your favorite settings in the 'presets'. There are 3 preset slots for jump height and 3 for run speed. I recommend that you save a near normal jump height and near normal speed for when you need to move about normally. Then save a set that is medium in speed and jump height. Also save one that is high for both. This way you can hotkey the token and quickly change your jump and run speed according to what you need at the moment.

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JOHNSMITH11 May 22 @ 1:26pm 
Little suggestion. You said this needs SKSE... Y don't you make a SkyUI tool that lets you alter it? That'd be a lot easier than going hunting for a token that may or may not exist in our games.
splynter  [author] May 21 @ 9:42pm 
@Michael Duggan
The thing that happens where you hang in the air for a few seconds is something that is built into the game itself. Any jump over a certain height will cause you to stand on an invisible platform for a few seconds before falling through. If your running when you jump, then you don't notice it because you just run off the edge of the invisible platform. I use it to my own advantage though. I like to jump and when I hang there, I can use that few seconds to look around. Good for scouting for trouble ahead. Also, when you're attacked, you can jump and have a few seconds to return fire from above. You can also jump and have a new vantage point to fire arrows or spells at enemies who are behind cover.
splynter  [author] May 21 @ 9:35pm 
@JOHNSMITH11 and anyone else who isn't getting the jump token:
Make sure that you have SKSE installed first. Even if you get the ring token, it won't work without SKSE since it makes use of the script extenders ability to change game settings on the fly (so to speak:) I know that it works because I still use it every day.
Try unchecking the mod in your launcher's 'Data' section. Then load up your previous save. Re-save, exit, re-check the mod, and relaunch the game loading your new save. You should get a message in the upper left side of your screen saying that it was added. If you don't get the message, try moving the mod to a later spot in the load order. I suppose there is a possibility that something is interfering with it.
JOHNSMITH11 May 21 @ 3:26pm 
I tried searching for it in the console like you instructed... and even in general for the word Token... Nothing came up, as far as my Skyrim is concerned, there is no such thing as a Run Jump Token in all of Nirn.
JoSoFine[SurfingDaKineNine] May 15 @ 8:10pm 
Hey, it's pronounced, "Jo So Fine, Nine". I just tested my jumps, started
at 2000 & I just nailed a jump for 15,000,000,000. Was up up there quite
a while. Even walked around some. My character landed it with a grunt.
the token no-showed, but I just saw where you told "goku1984kakarot"
how to use the console to get the token. I'll give it a try. I'll let you know.
Dyllbert May 13 @ 11:48am 
I have no Run Jump Token too
JOHNSMITH11 May 1 @ 3:53pm 
I have the latest version of SKSE, but I look in my inventory but no Run Jump Token... so what gives?
nannyoggins Feb 4 @ 6:26am 
I love this mod, previously I got totally cheesed off not being able to get high enough particularly as I'm an inveterate screenie snapper. Love it, favourited!
Michael Duggan Jan 30 @ 7:40am 
This works so much better than other jump mods out there. However, it looks kind of weird when I jump and don't walk/run, because then I just sort of hang out idle in mid-air until I get my butt moving.
dayne-jeffery Nov 21, 2013 @ 1:35am 
how the hell do you work this thing