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Corporations (Brave New World)
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Aug 19, 2013 @ 6:32pm
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Corporations (Brave New World)

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Adds Corporations to Civilization V, Brave New World.

This mod provides an alternate way for your civilization to amass a fortune in Gold, including:
- 8 new Buildings, 1 enhanced
- 7 new World Wonders
- 7 new Luxury Resources
- 3 new Religious Beliefs
- 3 new Ideological Tenets
- 3 enhanced Social Policies
- 2 new Technologies, 1 enhanced
- 2 new National Wonders
- 1 enhanced Leader Trait

As businesses grow, they often find it necessary to raise large amounts of operating capital in order to expand their operations beyond a certain point, or to meet operating expenses. In these cases, one option available is to form a corporation and "go public", or sell shares of the business to investors. This arrangement allows the business to expand rapidly, while spreading the risks of the expansion among many people, reducing individual risk. Corporations also have legal advantages such as the right to sue, and the limitation of liability for the corporation's debt to the amount originally invested by the owners. Corporations as legal entities have existed since ancient Rome, although the joint-stock company as it is known today didn't begin operating until sometime in the 16th century.

This mod attempts to translate the Corporations concept from CIV 4 to the world of CIV 5. Some of your old favorite Corporations return and are joined by new Corporations developed specially for this mod.

Be sure to check out the new entries in the Game Concepts section of the Civilopedia, under Gold and the Economy, to learn about the new mechanics introduced.

This mod overwrites several UI components to enhance gameplay. If these overrides conflict with one of your favorite mods, you may delete the files from the UI/InGame folder manually without causing the mod to break.

Architected and designed with a database centric view, this mod is built to enable other modders to quickly and easily incorporate Corporations game mechanics into their mods through easy to use XML tags. No Lua coding required!

Requires Brave New World.

The code for this mod can be found on GitHub:

Alternate download site:

Follow me on twitter @fourfourhero to get notifications about updates to this mod as well as others.

Special thanks:
- DJ_MD5
- Pazyryk
- framedarchitecture
- killmeplease
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Barvian motor works is not in BAYERN
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Author has not responded on comments to this mod for more than a year. I doubt you'll get the answer you seek.
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I want to make a Let's Play series using this mod when I get a more powerful PC someday. would you mind posting some links to it on your workshop page?

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This mod is bugged with the new release of The Enlightenment Era mod. Will need an update so that it moves the respective techs forward to compensate for the extra era.
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@Drewaude Sandstorm has the right idea, it would be much better.
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How does this mod portray corporations under a less free-market based ideology such as autocracy or order? I'm interested to know how that works.
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I was ahead in tech and built every corpartion and I started racking 450 gpt from corperations.

I think you should change so that for each corperation you have it makes it more expensive to build another. This would make it harder to build all the corperations.
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Great mod
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I have icons in the Tech Tree, there is an entry in Civilopedia about Corporations but I cant's build tham. What's the problem?