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Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Aug 19, 2013 @ 1:07pm
Jun 27 @ 5:31pm

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Level Preview #3
Level Preview #2 + Release Update
Release date: Late 2014

Gheldia is a 16-bit inspired 2-D Adventure RPG. You journey as Lor to the Isle of Aria in search of a terrifying Beast Lord released during the Black Awakening. Lor is a "Slayer", a special brand of mercenary with the ability to harness monster power and use it to turn the tide of battle. You must guide Lor through the dangers of the island to unlock the Serpentine Spire where the final showdown will take place. Do you have what it takes to become a legendary Slayer?


  • Use an arsenal of weapons to battle against monsters. Each monster has a different set of resistances/weaknesses so using the most effective weapons/Artes against them is critical. You also receive bonuses when you exploit an enemy’s weakness depending on your stat configuration.

  • Fill in the Bestiary by defeating monsters. By defeating monsters of a certain type your mastery over them increases and grants new information in the Bestiary. This also allows you to extract better treasure and at a higher frequency.

  • Unlock secrets and alternate paths through levels by using a different combination of weapons. Depending on the weapons you bring into a level you can take alternate routes through the level to its normal exit. Also, there are secret exits which lead to Monster Dens filled with treasure and high quality shops where you can buy items using Monster Medals.

  • Tackle the regions of Aria in any order. You can choose which region to complete first or hop around between them clearing their levels. The World Level increases as you clear levels which increases monster strength and improves treasure quality to ensure a consistent challenge.

  • Equip Soul Shards and augment them with Fragments to increase your abilities and stats. Instead of finding new weapons and armor you embed new Shards into your equipment to increase your stats. These can then be further customized with Fragments to augment your build for your play style or current situation. You can add attack power, health regeneration, status ailments to your attacks, defense resistance, increase the amount of Beast Mastery per kill, improve treasure quality, and more.

  • Create Shards and Fragments at Arcane Forges using a variety of monster materials. The secret shops around Aria give you access to stronger crafting recipes with better stats and effects.

  • Wield Slayer Artes to heal, buff, or attack foes with deadly ailments. A Slayer Arte scroll is hidden in each level and seeking them out will grant Lor more combat abilities.

How was it made?

Gheldia uses a custom engine written in C#. The engine uses the XNA libraries for the PC and Xbox 360 builds and the PSM libraries for the PS Vita version for graphical output, input, sound, etc. We may release these tools in the future for the PC version so players can create their own levels, but it will be after the game’s initial release.

Story Overview

Gheldia takes place in the mystical world of Aldunia. Long ago, six factions formed the kingdoms of Gheldia (Humans, Gnomes, Goblins, Magnos, Harukaan, and Jennu) in order to protect the realm from the forces of Theon. They were successful in defeating him and sealing his Beast Lords deep in the bowels of Aldunia. With their commanders defeated, the remaining forces scattered and went into hiding. The people of Aldunia thought peace had finally been restored but peace never lasts for long.

30 years ago a terrifying event known as the Black Awakening caused the Beast Lords to be disturbed from their slumber and ascend to the surface. It is said that the Dark Wizards of Theon were plotting this secretly underground ever since their defeat. With the return of the Beast Lords the monsters were granted new powers and sought revenge against the kingdoms of Gheldia.

The kingdoms were quickly caught off guard and overpowered by the arcane hardened monsters. It seemed that their normal means of defense were ineffective and the land plunged into darkness. Due to the overwhelming force of the monsters the kingdoms were forced to retreat inward in order to protect their own citizens. This caused a major rift between different regions and many alliances were severed.

During the chaos a band of mercenaries calling themselves "Slayers" emerged in order to confront the new threats. These warriors have the ability to engage these new monsters by using their own powers against them. This new brotherhood shows no loyalty to any one kingdom and welcomes all within their ranks. However, some see them as merely profit seekers and have grown to distrust them.

Lor is an aspiring Slayer who is looking to make a name for himself. He braves the dangerous waters to journey to the Isle of Aria where a Beast Lord is rumored to dwell. The island houses one of the many Slayer camps and Lor heads there to begin his adventure...

About us

Hunt Game Studios is a small indie studio based out of Kirkland, WA. It was formed in July 2011 by Phillip Hunt with the focus set on creating games that combine classic and modern gameplay mechanics wrapped up in 16-bit style visuals. We grew up playing games when gameplay was king and want to craft games that capture that feeling while introducing some modern conveniences.

The main force behind game development is Phillip Hunt who handles the core game design, programming, and pixel art. He is joined by Lewis Hunt who contributes character designs and promotional artwork along with help on the testing side.

We are also joined by the award winning composers Andrew Aversa (zircon) and Michael Worth who are collaborating on the game’s original score.

A note about the audio used in the Misty Mines Level Preview – the music along with the sound effects were placeholders and were recently updated. All other videos contain original music.
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Jun 17 @ 11:52am
Linux Support?
Sep 4, 2013 @ 6:47pm
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Brent Proulx
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TokyoKitty Jul 1 @ 4:20pm 
Looking forward to the retro gaming RPG goodness. I'll be looking out for a realease.
masterswordsman_k Jun 17 @ 8:00am 
Lenson_Franklin Jun 11 @ 5:17am 
Youth! Full Power!! Jun 9 @ 8:24am 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Hunt Game Studios  [author] Jun 3 @ 9:46am 
@zadenados – We’ve had other priorities take our attention away from game development for a while but we are shooting for a release by the end of the year. Once we have a better idea we’ll let everyone know.

@materialism – The length of the game will be determined by how much you want to explore. Right now are shooting for 5 hours for a first-time play through.

@philosopherjb – We are still tweaking the weapon speed/damage/range but we want all three weapons to behave differently and have advantages in different situations. The game supports Xbox360 controllers and you can use key mappers if you don’t have one.
Thanks to everyone who voted and has supported us so far. We really appreciate it!
zadenados Jun 1 @ 10:04am 
how much longer until this is released?! cant wait to play, all the nostolgia of the retro classics, instant buy.
materialism May 28 @ 12:23am 
i've been looking for something like this for a while now, hopefully it will be lengthful. Im talking link to the past long. I don't count doing the same dungeon again but with a different exit as mentioned above apart of my selfish criteria
philosopherjb May 23 @ 5:59pm 
Nice looking game, and it looks like a lot of fun. I'll vote yes on this one. My only concern is that too slow of a weapon swing in games like this can get annoying after long periods of play. But, as long as the story is good, and the game has controller compatability, I'd buy it.
RyJin May 18 @ 5:41pm 
Looks like zelda 1, sweet. Voted
Initiative May 1 @ 5:24pm 
Why hasn't this been Greenlit yet? I am seriously down for some 16-bit RPG goodness.