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Skyrim Ultra Lighting Overhaul - Interiors
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Aug 19, 2013 @ 10:24am
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This mod changes dungeons and interiors of skyrim. The lighting is now more dark and realistic. Also adds other new features.

List of features
Darkness adds the feeling in dungeons now is more fearfull and vunerable. For that the darkness makes it seem as if something can hide.
Sneak now is easier to lvl. Darkness in game allows the player to hide much better. Warning other creatures may hide tho too.
Tint and Bloom is added to make the dungeons look creeper and old. Tint is to add a strange dark tint over everything and bloom is added to make everything foggier and older looking. Fire is also brighter.
Contrast is too make depth in the shadows. Make fire to look real.
And saturation is added to make color and dungeons look better.

Plz report and bugs you have etc.
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deathslayer6667 Nov 13 @ 9:39am 
too freakin bright it some spots and too freakin dark in others! this mod sucks!
Spazmatism Oct 7 @ 2:27pm 
Light is not distributed with this mod. In one spot it will be pitch black, but around a light source there will be a fine line between pitch black and super bright.
WolF1e Oct 1 @ 5:08pm 
Torches give a huge glare when near spider webs or some wall, and night vision does'nt work. But other than that it is a nice mod
Autistic Orange Sep 23 @ 9:10am 
Makes it too damn dark, the eye room in winterhold is basically pitch black.
shadow999999 Sep 22 @ 6:50am 
this mod has alot of dirty edits, an edit that has the exact same value as the original games causing conflictions with your other mod; Ultra Skyrim Lighting Overhaul v3 so if you wunt to use the both you gonna have to use tes5edit to at least try and fix them.
Calimar Sep 13 @ 8:44pm 
I've just started to use this mod and what I've seen so far I like very much. Lighting does look much more realistic in most places and having actual darkness in the game is very nice. There are a few bugs I'd like to bring to the author's attention though. Someone mentioned pitch darkness and they are right. In some places all graphics just disappear and are replaced by black, i.e. some rooms in the Mage's Guild and in The White Phial in Windhelm. Using a candlelight spell allowed me to see, but nightvision did not. In The White Phial, darkness closed in even on the candles. A few bugs, but overall adds an enjoyable experience.
Sokkegutten Aug 16 @ 10:59am 
An Update could do! Sometimes, theres a glitch where everything turns black? Anyone else who has seen that?
Bastard Fish Aug 5 @ 1:05pm 
looks meh
nekonooni Jul 29 @ 4:30am 
very very dark. i like it.. but damn is it dark lol. i will keep my eye out for the next update that will make it better. till then i'll toggle using this one and the other light mod i have. switch between them when i have to.
assassinscraft77 Jul 24 @ 4:46pm 
loking good i'll try it