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Ysgramor's Artifacts Improved
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Aug 18, 2013 @ 8:22am
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Special thanks to Phoenix_Crow for allowing me to use resources from his mod, Dual Wield 2 Handed Weapons.
Many thanks to all those who have given a positive rating!

This mod is part of the Improved Artifacts Collection, which can be found at this link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204157051

Mod Content

• Improved stats for the battleaxe, Wuuthrad.
• Grants you the ability to wield Wuuthrad as both a one-handed or two-handed weapon, and allows you to switch between the two at will.
• Removes the tempering recipe for Wuuthrad; instead, the battleaxe is already of a Legendary tempering status, and so the tempering recipe would be unnecessary.
• Improved stats for the Shield of Ysgramor.

Improved Wuuthrad

Damage: 25 (equivalent to a standard, un-tempered Daedric Battleaxe)
Speed: 0.7 (standard Battleaxe speed)
Weight: 25 (equivalent to a Glass Battleaxe)
Enchantment: 20% more effective against High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves

Damage: 35 (equivalent to a Legendary Daedric Battleaxe)
Speed: 0.8 (equivalent to a Mace)
Weight: 21 (equivalent to a Steel Battleaxe/Daedric Mace)
Enchantment: 35% more effective against High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Falmer and Orcs; 35 points of Atmoran Fury damage (Atmoran Fury ignores Magic Resistance)

Damage: 26 (equivalent to a Legendary Daedric Mace)
Speed: 0.7 (equivalent to a Greatsword)
Weight: 21 (equivalent to Steel Battleaxe/Daedric Mace)
Enchantment: 35% more effective against High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Falmer and Orcs; 35 points of Atmoran Fury damage (Atmoran Fury ignores Magic Resistance)

When you have Wuuthrad equipped, you will have access to a Lesser Power called Wield Wuuthrad. Using this power will switch between the one-handed and two-handed versions. You can use this as often as you like to switch between the two versions whenever you like.

Improved Shield of Ysgramor

Armor Rating: 30 (slightly less than an Ebony Shield) (no tempering recipe available)
Weight: 12
Enchantment: Resist Magic 20%, Fortify Health 20 points

Armor Rating: 36 (equivalent of a Daedric Shield) (tempered with a quicksilver ingot)
Weight: 12
Enchantment: Resist 35% Mer Magic and Physical attacks, fortify speed 20% (both running and swing speed), half stamina cost of power attacks

Known Bugs

There are no known bugs associated with this mod.

Questions and Answers

How do I switch between the one-handed and two-handed versions of Wuuthrad?
See the section above entitled: How to switch between one-handed and two-handed.

I think Wuuthrad’s base damage is overpowered…can this be changed?
I have no plans to alter Wuuthrad’s base damage. Whilst the base damage is admittedly very high, it is equal to tempered weapons that already exist in the game, which in my view removes the possibility that it might be overpowered.

I can still temper Wuuthrad…why is this?
This mod removes the tempering recipe for Wuuthrad, but it is possible that other conflicting mods will re-add the tempering recipe. I recommend you ignore this; tempering Wuuthrad will make it grossly overpowered.

Why can’t I temper Wuuthrad?
I have removed the tempering recipe for Wuuthrad. Switching between the one-handed and two-handed versions of the weapon removes any tempering done. This means that you would have to re-temper Wuuthrad every time you switched between the different equipping modes. As a work-around, Wuuthrad now comes permanently pre-tempered.

I don’t like the way the one-handed version of Wuuthrad looks when equipped but unsheathed…is it possible to hide Wuuthrad when unequipped and unsheathed?
This, unfortunately, would require an expertise in mesh-making I don’t have. For those who can’t stand having the one-handed Wuuthrad being stored on the player’s belt when unsheathed, I recommend having the two-handed version equipped when unsheathed; you can then switch between the two during combat. Alternatively, there are several mods on the Nexus that equip one-handed weapons on the back. I have not tried this approach personally, but it may work for some.
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Apr 14 @ 2:20pm
This mod working with SkyRe?
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AberdeenScot Aug 17 @ 8:12pm 
I've already done the uninstall re-install but maybe the administrator option will work! Thanks for the assistance xD
Zim  [author] Aug 16 @ 4:21pm 
aberdeenscot....try opening NMM as the administrator...if not, maybe trying uninstalling and reinstalling it
AberdeenScot Aug 16 @ 3:41pm 
Okay cool! The only problem is I can't open my NMM from the desktop. I have an account and I've downloaded the latest update for NMM but everytime I try to open it up in my desktop I get the loading wheel then nothing happens after that. Any suggestions? (I know this is off topic but maybe you could help a brother out lol)
Zim  [author] Aug 16 @ 3:29am 
AberdeenScot...have a look at this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49784/?
AberdeenScot Aug 15 @ 9:06pm 
So Zim, you're very popular! Love the mods, I just wanted to pass on a request/idea: multiple weapons equip. So I love the looks of skyrim, ie sexy armors and weapons n shit. Visuals you know? IF you can (no worries if not) could you look into a mod that would allow people to carry a claymore, longsword, bow and arrows, and etc all at once? Of course it would have to be smoothly done so you can only equip one of each type of weapon. If a thing like this already exists let me know please!!! BTW this mod is gorgeous! Keep it up!
AveonWolf Aug 15 @ 7:31pm 
Can anyone help me here as I can't seem to get the wield wuuthrad power in my lesser power tab to show up and I don't know what else to do
mynds.i Aug 2 @ 7:01am 
GREAT idea. It took a while for the Dragonborn to get the hang of changing between one- and two-handed, but hey - even the Dragonborn has faults (especially before coffee mixed with that yummy Tamriel groundwater). HEY...wouldn't it be a great idea to combine all your wonderful tweaks into one mod where it's possible?! The Dragonborn doesn't like holding her (or his) breath, so I'm just gonna check out your other mods and most likely subscribe to them. TY
Zim  [author] Aug 2 @ 3:35am 
samaki1987...perhaps you can elaborate...when you say the mod isn't working, do you mean that it has no effect at all? For example, do you get the new enchantments? Do you get the Lesser Power? If it has all been downloaded properly, then you should get the Lesser Power when you equip Wuuthrad (i.e. this is the only time you should have it). If it's not appearing, try dropping the weapon and then picking it up again. Casting the Lesser Power should replace the one-handed version with the two handed one
Lex Sexington Aug 1 @ 6:57pm 
I've uninstalled all my add ons and I still can't get this mod to work. Is there a specific order you have to do ? As in, equip wuuthrad, then use the lesser power or, lesser power then equip ?
BillyBob McJenkins Jul 27 @ 1:55pm 
Thanks. It worked.