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In this puzzle, you'll have to literally create your way throughout the puzzle. Each advancement brings new problems.

I estimate the difficulty medium/hard based on that it can be really hard to see where to go next.

I know what to do, and it still takes me up to 18 minutes to complete this map. So expect to be on it for an hour and a half or more if you have not walked around in this map.

The tasks you have to do are not that hard though. Only in the later stages, it is recommended to quicksave using the F6 key, so you can reload using F7 in order to avoid unnecessary backtracking.

v1.0: Initial Release
v1.1: Added lights that I forgot
V2.0: Prevented some exploits. It didn't make the level easier, but you can get stuck that way and the level becomes not fun if doing so, and it may seem the only way.