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The Wrathful Wraps
Class: Heavy
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Aug 16, 2013 @ 8:07pm
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You've got the hair. You've got the beard. You've got the crown. You know what you need now?

A toga. A toga is what you need.

The great philosophers agreed upon one statement*: 'What is a Greek without a toga?' Truly, no man can contest such wisdom. Shortly afterwards, they took a break and listened to non-mainstream music in their time-displaced ancient Greek Starbucks.

Get yourself a toga now.

(*Technically a question.)


Zeus' traditional toga, which no self-respecting Greek god would be without.

The Heavy, on the other hand, still has his old one from college, which he acquired in the process of consuming copious amount of booze and getting his PhD in Russian Literature.


I started to write an actual description of the item, but then I realized I'd slipped back into 'item pitch' mode.

It's a toga for the Heavy. That's all there is to it.

As a side note to new modelers hoping to submit workshop items, don't start with full-body ones. It took three days to get rid of the Haledamned clipping issues. Now, it barely clips (it's inevitable, as I only have access to the spine and pelvis bones of the model), has Red and Blu skins, and is fully paintable.

Hope you like it!
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