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Modding Guide 0.9
By Darakir
This is a little bit on how to mod the game, for faster information register on the Paradox forums (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum), then register your game here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/mygames.php
and finally you can find tons of info and write questions here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?815-EUIV-User-Mods
Mod Structure
The mod catalogue
Put the mod content in C:\Users\user.name\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod Or wherever else you have your documents folder. From the mod folder, you need to recreate the games folder structure. So if you are uploading a Crusader Kins II converted save game, you need to put it in \mod\save games\
The \mod\ folder will not be there from start, you need to create it. You'll also need to create a text file named name_of_your_mod.mod Say the name of your mod is TEST1. Then you'll put all your content in \mod\TEST1\ and under \mod\ you'll have TEST1.mod with this content:
"Loading Screen"
The tags are the tags I've entered in Steam's system. You can add others, but they will not be visible in this list:

Right now you can choose from these:

  • Alternative History
  • Balance
  • Converted From CKII
  • Events
  • Expansion
  • Fixes
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Guide
  • Historical
  • Loading Screen
  • Map
  • Military
  • Missions And Decisions
  • National Ideas
  • New Nations
  • Religion
  • Sound
  • Technologies
  • Trade
  • Translation
  • Utilities

but more might be added later. The picture will be the preview for the EUIV Workshop Front page. That part is important as that makes your mod much more appealing.
The Preview Image
The illusive preview image is seen as somewhat tricky, but is rather important imho. The mod just looks so muck more appealing with it. If you are not sure what I mean with preview image, look at the image below:
To get it right, you need two things (that I know of):

1. Have the image in .jpg format.
2. Ideally less than 1MB, but that is not a strict limit.
3. Put it in together with your mod content. Not outside where you have the .mod file.

If there is a maximum file size, I'm not aware of it, please let me know and I'll update the guide accordingly.
Uploading your Mod
Once you have your mod completed, and in the structure I mention above, start the game and check the launcher. To the left you should see your mod listed, like in this screenshot:
Make sure your mod is checked and start the game.
Then click content:
and you'll get the DLC/mod interface. Click the mod tab and you should be able to see and manage your mod:

Here you can modify the name and give it a description.
It will now upload your mod in the background. It might take a few minutes before you can see it in the Steam Workshop.

If you want to update your mod, just start the game like this with your mod selected.
Syntax Highlighting
1. Download this XML file: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=87819&d=1376421506
2. In Notepad++ click on the little lightning symbol in the top bar
3. Click in import and find the XML file
4. Click Save As... and name it something like Paradox Script
5. Open an event file
6. Click Language -> Paradox Script

Voila. Red for effects, blue for triggers and green for comments


We have a new system in EUIV. We are using the YAML ["http]file format. It will look something like this:
FILTER: "Filter"
TO_ME: "To me"
FROM_ME: "From me"
INTERESTING: "Interesting"
OTHERS: "Others"
hre_province_restored: "Territory restored to the Empire"
DECAY: "Decay"

Note the extra space at the beginning of each line except the first, which is needed since each row is a subnode to the node called “l_english”.

In order to localize a string with quotes within it, these must first be escaped, like so:
STRING_WITH_QUOTES: "This string contains \"quotes\", therefore it's awesome!"

New Formatting Standard

The localization system also has support for formatting text in the localization strings instead of the C++ code. In order to format a variable, type a '|' after the variable name in the localization text, followed by the wanted formatting rules and then end the expression with '$'.

The following formatting rules are implemented:

  • % - conversion of value to percent
  • * - conversion of value to SI units
  • = - Prepend '+' if the value is positive and '-' for negative
  • 0..9 - Number of decimals
  • W,B,G,R,b,g,Y - colors the text
  • + - Colors values green if positive, yellow if zero, red if negative
  • - - Colors values red if positive, yellow if zero, green if negative

As an example, if we want to convert a fixed point value to percent with one decimal, color it green if it is positive, we can now write it as $VAL|%2+$.
If we want to color a value yellow with 3 decimals and and add a '+' sign if the value is positive, we could write it as $VAL|=Y3$ etc.

Importing/exporting text to translate it

To export, create a shortcut of the game exe. Right click and choose properties, and enter

last in target. This will create a folder in your documents folder. For example: C:\Users\user_name\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\localisation_untranslated and in that folder you'll find three files (subject to change) named l_german_out, l_french_out and l_spanish_out.
These files can now be opened and translated. Put your translation in the language column that applies. If yours are not there, you can rename one of the others.

To import, create a folder next to the recently created and name it localization_translated. Put your files there. They must be named l_language (name of the language) in the start of the file name and import with this line:


You will then get a bunch of files in your documents folder, in a new folder named
These files need to be copied and pasted into the localization folder in the game. When you have done both export and import, the structure will look something like this:

All in all, if you are translating for example our English text to another language, you won't need to care that much about the formatting, just mimic what we wrote. If you are adding text for your mod, you may want to give the first two headlines some extra attention.
Mod/File Size
Some people have been asking what the max size for a mod is. As far as I know, that limit is so high it is practically irrelevant. What I can tell you though, is that the max file size is 50 MB. That will be more than enough for most mods, but for some, it can be a problem. There are some ways to fix this, none easy. For Crusader Kings II, a fix is coming, and hopefully this can be applied to EUIV as well at a later stage, but right now the best solution is to just keep under the file size limit.
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Churchill Feb 1 @ 11:17am 
yes same with me, when I open content I do not get the option to manage
[PURE] Gabrielen Jan 27 @ 12:42pm 
when i open the content there is no manage button i just want to upload a really nice alien-ish nation...
Riso Jan 14 @ 9:29am 
Please add that Steam Cloud has to be enabled for the game. Without Cloud the workshop functions will not work.
Darakir  [author] Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:08am 
That's because I dont' have that information. I just know about the file size limit.
Legion Nov 23, 2014 @ 10:42am 
The guide doesn't say what the max height/width should be for the preview image. I'll try to see if I can get image to be small enough in dimension but I'm uncertain about maximum, though.
warmachine 101 Nov 18, 2014 @ 12:47am 
having problems mod not appiring in mod list
reddir Nov 15, 2014 @ 10:55pm 
I made a mod and want to upload it. But when I click the "Content" button, I don't get any options to "Manage", no buttons in that column at all.

Have I done something wrong?
Lord Máliko Nov 15, 2014 @ 7:03pm 
I'm still having the problem on 1.8.1. The .MOD file just won't keep it's version line. :(
Popcorn Soda55 Nov 3, 2014 @ 11:02pm 
download the beta hotfix. it fixes this glitch
Lord Máliko Nov 1, 2014 @ 7:12pm 
I'm trying to update my mod for EUIV, but the .MOD file doesn't seem to retain the added supported_version="1.8" line. Everything else updates, just not that.