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PAYDAY 2 Beginners Mega Guide!
By [Fated] Krimzon and 2 collaborators
Hello fellow robbers and cash grabbers! My name is Krimzon and this is my beginners guide for all of you that are new to the great franchise that is PAYDAY! If you are unsure about what to do and want to learn some tips and tricks before running in and robbing banks, starting fires and cooking meth, then read here!
By now you should already know that PAYDAY is a first person shooter heisting game. PAYDAY 2 is the sequel to the 2011 game; PAYDAY: The Heist. PAYDAY 2 introduced new skill tree elements, weapon and mask crafting and much more. This guide is an in-depth guide of all the basic elements of PAYDAY 2 for all that are new to the game.
Main Menu
NOTE: The "Skill Profiler" option and grey-scaled background are due to two mods I have installed. These are not from the vanilla game. The central station for all your heists! Crime.net will show you available heists, what difficulty they are whether they are pro job or not and who wants it done! You can also filter crime.net to show available games from close to you to all around the world and buy contracts from the contract broker, play the offshore PAYDAY, see information about the characters and learn all about what mods and weapons Gage has for you if you have the Gage Courier Mod DLC Pack.

Crime.net Offline
Pretty much what it says. Crime.net Offline is the Singleplayer mode. Make sure you know what you are doing before you jump into the big heists; you only have two AI with you instead of three. Singleplayer is more difficult than multiplayer in a lot of situations.

Your house of everything that you need, this place keeps your money, weapons and masks and also aids you in practice with lockpicking doors, drilling vaults and weapon range and power. It also has a rack that shows you all your weapons and masks on display and when you are ready to leave just click [F] or whatever bound button you have for the action key on the laptop down the stairs beneath lady justice.

Skills & Perk Decks
Here you will see all five skill trees and all eight Perk Decks! The skill trees are: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost and Fugitive and the Perk Decks are: Crew Chief, Muscle, Armorer, Hitman, Rogue, Crook, Burgular, Infiltrator, Sociopath and Gambler. Here you can buy into skill trees, purchase skills and ace skills and unlock perks in the perk decks! Remember to choose wisely as you are limited in skill points. Choose what will aid you mostly when playing! Choose what fits your playing style! But if you are playing with a team, remember to also decide on what might help them too!

Here is your inventory. This will show you your weapons, masks, gadget/bags and will let you choose your character. Weapons unlock as you level up and most masks drop when completing heists. Gadgets/bags can be unlocked through skill trees and your character selection is…well what is says! This is also where you purchase your weapons and attachments. They are costly, so choose wisely.

Infamous or Infamy mode is like a prestige mode of 25 levels which allows you to reset your rank back to level 0. When doing so you will lose all your spending cash and skills so that you can spec up the Infamy tree which currenty allows you to obtain new masks (with mask effects on them), patterns, materials, colours, EXP bonuses and skill bonuses. Going Infamous costs $200,000,000 from your Offshore Account for the first five levels. The last 20 levels do not reset your spending cash or cost any offshore.

Community Highlights
Here you can see cool gameplay and other videos relating to PAYDAY 2 chosen by the developers.

Content Updates
Here you can see updates on all the latest DLC that has been released.

There are many, many different options that can be changed in PAYDAY 2 and I'll try to cover them all.

Video Options
Resolution: Here you can change the resolution of your game to match your monitor.
Fullscreen toggle: Here you can toggle whether or not PAYDAY 2 takes up your entire screen, no window.
Subtitle toggle: Here you can toggle the subtitles for Bain and other character's dialogue.
Hit confirm indicator: Here you can toggle whether or not you see a hit marker to confirm you have hit an enemy.
Objective reminder toggle: Here you can toggle whether or not the game reminds you of your current objective during heists.
Brightness slider: Here you can turn up or turn down how bright your game is.
Effect quality slider: Here you can turn up or turn down how nice the effects are in-game.

Advanced Video Options
Vsync: Here you can toggle whether or not Vsync is turned on. Vsync is a feature that will fix screen tearing (lines through the screen that will seperate certain frames) at the cost of frame rate.
Depth of field: Here you can toggle Depth of field on or off. Depth of field is an effect that blurs out your surrounding areas when aiming down your sights.
Texture quality: Here you toggle between low, medium or high texture quality. Lowest texture quality will give you more frames at the cost of the game's graphical textures running the lowest they can be. Highest will look the nicest at the cost of frame rate.
Anisotropic filtering: Here you can turn up or turn down the Anisotropic filtering. Anisotropic filtering is a feature that can enhance the quality of textures on surfaces depending on where they are viewed from in game. In short, this can make the game look much nicer and more crisp.
Animation quality: Here you can turn up or turn down the quality of animations for all different types of things in game.
Framerate limit: Here you can limit the framerate that your game can get. It goes from 30 to 135 in increments of 15.
Alienware light FX: Here you can toggle on or off Alienware light FX which can be used with LED's on Alienware Hardware.
FOV Adjustment slider: Here you can adjust your field of view in game (How much you can see around you.)
Use acceleration camera effect: Here you can toggle on or off the acceleration camera effect (basically head-bobbing when sprinting in-game.)
Streaming chunk KB: Here you can adjust the Streaming chunk KB from 32, doubling itself until 4096. Streaming chunk KB affects how fast you load your maps.

Music volume slider: Here you can adjust the volume of the music in-game.
SFX volume slider: Here you can adjust the volume of the sound effects in-game.
Voice chat volume slider: Here you can adjust the volume of other players speaking over the mic in in-game chat.
Voice Chat: Here you can toggle on or off the voice chat system.
Use push to chat: Here you can toggle whether or not you need to push a key down to use voice chat in-game.

Packet throttling: Here you can toggle on or off Packet throttling. Packet throttling is good for those who have poor connections and want to reduce network overhead. Packet throttling is off by default.
Use compression: Here you can toggle on or off Use compression. Compression costs CPU time but when enabled reduces the network traffic. The poorer the connection, the better the compression becomes. Compression is on by default.

The Gamehub for the game. It is the centre of the community and is where you can discuss anything about PAYDAY 2 with people from all over the community and the world.
Latest news: The latest news and updates from Almir and other OVERKILL developers!
The Basics/Everything you need to know
Difficulties/Risks Levels
The difficulties are: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Overkill and Death Wish. From hard and up you get little yellow skulls which are your risk levels. The higher the risk level, the more experience, but the harder the enemies! For new players, I definitely recommend normal. When you are ready, try some hard and very hard and then finally, tackle some Overkill. Death Wish is a different story as it is incredibly difficult and only recommended for players that are experienced.

Offshore Account
The Offshore account is where majority of your money goes after a heist. So far it is used for Offshore gambling, buying contracts and the first five levels of infamy.

Pre-heist plan
This is where you and your team party up and can see each other’s armour and masks. You can buy your guns and craft attachments and masks like normal. After choosing a contract (a heist) you can move onto Bain’s plan! He will tell you what to do and what you are getting yourselves into and then you can choose weapons, items, armour and then ready up!

Pre-Planning Stage
The Pre-Planning Stage is a special planning screen that was introduced in the Big Bank Heist. You are given favours and can use them to change up several different assets for the heist including your vault break-in method, escape, sniper placements and doctor bag/ammo bag placements. Pre-Planning requires either a knowledge of the heist layout if you are placing any deployables or communication between the team.

Assets are special tools you can buy to help with the heist. There are skills that can be bought to help reduce costs of assets and unlock special other assets.

This shows you and your team’s current weapons, secondary weapons, items, armor, melee weapon and detection risk before a heist.

Multi-Day Heists
A multi-day heist is a heist with multiple days. You have to go through each day completing an objective, stealing cash or other objects and then proceeding to the next day. Occasionaly, an 'escape' will happen (see: Escapes at the bottom). If a day is failed on a multi-day heist, you can always retry the day. If it is a pro job multi-day heist, you will lose the entire contract. You gain EXP from each day (most of it on the last day) and get a PAYDAY after you complete the final day.

Your health is the green circle next to your name, weapons/weapon ammo and item count. The small, thin white circle around your health is your shield. When your shield is broken by gunfire, your health will then start to take damage. Your shield will regenerate when you are not being hit.

Most heists will allow you to start with your mask off, putting you in casing mode (a mode where you can do pratically nothing except for scope out the map.) Press whatever button you have assigned G to put on your mask. [Default: G] This will make you suspicious to civilians/guards and pretty much everyone. Blue question marks will appear above people’s heads when they suspect activity happening around them. A red exclamation mark will mean that they have been alerted and you will need to get them down before they call the cops. You can kill them if you wish; this won’t break the stealth if you get everybody else down, but it will cost you money. So don’t kill civilians unless you can afford it!

This is a pretty simple thing. The smaller weapons you have and less armor you are carrying will make your concealability low. This will make people less suspicious.

Assault waves
Assault waves will happen a little bit after the police have been alerted (can be delayed by tying up hostages.) Assault waves will then take breaks every few minutes and start up again. This is where the police officers will stop at nothing to put you in custody. There will be lots of cops. So bunker down behind cover and fire back at them!

Pro Jobs
These jobs will be marked out in red. If you fail this job, it goes away. You lose the contract and it is terminated. This also counts for multi-day pro job heists, but don't worry, the pro job WILL show up again!

You will go into custody after being downed three times (this can be reset with a medic bag or with certain skills allow you to add a fourth down.) In custody you will respawn in about two to three minutes (on Normal and Hard) and will not respawn unless you are traded out for a tied down civilian during a break in an assault wave (on Very Hard, Overkill and Death Wish.)

Sometimes you will get an escape on multi-day heists and one day heists! An escape could happen which could involve you and your team having to carry bags across highways and through car parks to a safe van.
Doctor Bag/Medic Bag
The Doctor Bag is a very common deployable unlocked upon entering the Mastermind Skill Tree and can be upgraded from the usual 2 charges to four by acing the "Combat Doctor" skill, this skill also gives you an extra doctor bag. The Doctor Bag is seen as an essential part of heists and is very helpful. When used it will refill your entire health and reset your down counter back to 0 again.

Ammo Bag
The Ammo Bag is a very common deployable unlocked upon entering the Enforcer Skill Tree and can be upgraded from 1 ammo bag to 2 ammo bags upon buying the "Ammunition Specialist" skill, this skill aced gives your ammo bags 200% more ammo. Ammo Bags, unlike Doctor Bags, use percentages instead of charges for ammo. They are seen as an essential part of heists and are very helpful.

Trip Mines
Trip Mines are a deployable unlocked upon entering the Technician Skill Tree and can be very useful when upgraded. There are multiple skills found in the Technician tree that can upgrade Trip Mines and add more to your inventory. The "Shaped Charge" skill is a very useful skill that upgrades the Trip Mines into shaped charges which can be used to breach doors, safes and more.

Sentry Gun
Sentry Guns are a very helpful deployable found in the Technician tree which can be used for holding the police off when things get too hot. Sentry Guns have loads of dedicated skills which can make them more powerful. The aced "Jack Of All Trades" skill allows you to carry Trip Mines and Sentry Guns at the same time, which can be very useful. The "Sentry Combat Upgrade" skill can also be useful for upgrading the Sentry Gun and reloading it with your own ammo.

ECM Jammers
ECM Jammers are a very useful and commonly found stealth deployable unlocked upon entering the Ghost Skill Tree. They can be upgraded with multiple different skills, allowing them to block pagers, open doors and even help in combat against police officers. ECM's are very useful and incredibly helpful in stealth. They can be used to block civilians or guards calling the police and can even prolong the guards long enough so that you can finish the heist without ever going loud.

First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits are a deployable unlocked upon entering the Fugitive Skill Tree and are mildly useful. They can be a preferable substitute to doctor bags in some situations, with the pros of First Aid Kits allowing you to deploy and interact with them faster. There are skills found in the Fugitive tree that allow you to carry up to 14 First Aid Kits, though they are a one time use for any player in the game. They heal your health completely, but DO NOT reset your downs.

Body Bags
The Body Bags deployable is found in the Fugitive tree and can be useful in Stealth, though you can obtain a useful amount of body bags from the Ghost tree anyway. There are more useful deployables than the body bags, like ECM Jammers but they can be very useful in some stealthy heists.

Armour Bag
The Armour Bag is a deployable found in all Perk Decks. When equipped before a heist you will enter that heist with a two-piece suit. At any time in that heist you can use whatever you have bound to deployables to activate the armour bag and change to whatever your armour was selected as before the heist. For example, if you have the Heavy Ballistic Vest selected, you will switch from a two-piece suit to the Heavy Ballistic Vest upon using the armour bag.
Skill Trees
Skill trees
As I said, I would go into more information on the trees that you can choose from. Let me list them out for you and tell you what they do. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

The mastermind behind enemy lines. This tree is basically the SUPPORT tree for you and your teammates. It contains the medic bag and pistol-oriented skills. It also allows you to dominate guards, which can be used as hostages or converted cops that fight for you, being able stamina increase, health bonuses for team mates, civilians reviving you and special insider man assets.

The brute force of the team, it is the ASSAULT tree and it focuses heavily on strength and shotguns. It contains the ammo bag, shotgun-oriented skills, access to the OVER9000 Saw and the Improved Combne Tactical Vest. If you like shotguns and heavy armour then go with this tree.

The computer tech and wizard of the team. It has trip mines, sentry guns and many helpful drill upgrades. Trip mines can be converted into shaped charges which can be very helpful in a lot of heists (this allows you to blow open multiple things like safes and doors!) and Sentry guns can be very helpful at pushing back the cops. The Technician, combined with The Enforcer, can be a force to be reckoned with.

The stealth class. If you are ready to stealth heists and escape with the money without leaving a clue, then choose this class! It has an ECM jammer which can jam cameras, stop guards and civilians from calling the police, open doors, harm officers with feedback and delay guard pagers. The Ghost class also has upgrades related to lockpicking safes (faster than using drills), access to more body bags, faster bag interaction and speed increases!

The Fugitive Skill Tree is a skill tree released that coincides with the return of Hoxton. This tree focuses heavily on stealth and health. It comes with concealment skills, a few armour skills and the ability to Dual-Wield as a tier 6 skill. The Fugitive also unlocks the body bag deployable and the first aid kit deployable, which are two very helpful items. The Fugitive can be combined with the Ghost and Mastermind skill trees for maximum efficiency.

I’m not going to go into any extreme detail, but here are vital things you should probably know before going in all guns blazing.

Assault Rifles – For the people who like to not be limited by range and ammo and with the right mods some of these will become the powerhouse of any loadout.

Pistols – If you are a mastermind, these are for you! The mastermind has many skills that can contribute to making pistols really powerful, fast and good!

SMG’s (Sub Machine Guns) – Need more bullets and don't care how much those civis know you are there? Well these may be for you as SMG's excel at acting as good bullet sprayers and when properly upgraded can be a pretty effective stand in for assault rifles.

Shotguns – There isn't a very large selection of these but they can be very fun and powerful. They are for the people who like getting up close and personal with the cops. High damage, low range.

LMG'S (Light Machine Guns) - Heavy brute force guns with lots of ammo that pack a punch! But be warned though, you can't aim down the sights fully. A tactical laser attachment is a good investment.

Sniper Rifles - Long-ranged, very powerful bolt-action Sniper Rifles that will prove useful in heists that have far-away enemies or snipers. Some skills on the Mastermind tree benefit Snipers.

Grenade Launcher - The GL-40 and Piglet Grenade Launchers can be used for taking out or stunning groups of law enforcers and shields, but is at a heavy handicap by being a primary weapon.

Special - This category is for the more, uncommon weapons a heister would use. Found in this is the SAW used for opening doors, deposit boxes, ATMS, etc. The Minigun and the RPG (both exclusive to the OVERKILL Pack DLC). The minigun is an LMG with a very high rate of fire that can destroy most cops. It is quite viable for lower difficulties and even Overkill if you know how to use it right. The RPG is a very powerful rocket launcher secondary that has hardly any ammo. It has very high damage and can one-shot Bulldozers on any difficulty except Death Wish. None of the weapons found in the Special category can obtain ammo from pickup on the ground.
Perk Decks
Perk Decks
Perk Decks are a brand new gameplay mechanic and system added in Day 5 of the PAYDAY 2 Crimefest celebration in October, 2014. Perk Decks are a system created that replace tier bonuses and allow players to upgrade and choose from eight different decks, each with nine perks. Each of the Perk Trees share the same perk at the second, fourth, sixth and eighth perk in each tree. As of the current moment, Perk Decks are not reset when going Infamous. Perks can be unlocked by using Perk Points which are obtained through converting XP gained at the end of a heist with a ratio which changes depending on your level (more Perk Points at lower levels).

Crew Chief
The Crew Chief is similar to the Mastermind Skill Tree and includes health bonuses, stamina bonuses and armor bonuses for you and your team and a very nifty shout distance range increase among more.

The Muscle is very similar to the Enforcer Skill Tree and includes very powerful health and armour bonuses and the ability to draw fire away from your team mates as a meat shield. The Muscle Perk Deck can potentially give up to +90% health when maxed out, making it a very efficient deck in powering up one's health and armour.

The Armorer is very similar to the Technician Skill Tree and focuses on improving armour for the player. It does not have a wide variety of bonuses compared to the other decks, but can be used for any player who wishes to boost defense and armour.

The Rogue is similar to the Ghost Skill Tree and focuses on increasing dodge chance and weapon switch time. When nearly fully upgraded it can reach +30% dodge chance, which can be very helpful for any players wishing to be light on their feet, running either a two-piece suit or lightweight ballistic vest.

The Hitman Perk Deck is sort of an opposite to the armorer, trading armour for faster armour recovery. It also grants the player the ability to dual-wield specific groups of pistol weapons, though, akimbo (dual-wielding) sacrafices accuracy and stability.

The Crook Perk Deck was released alongside Hoxton's return and focues heavily on adding dodging chances for all ballistic vests. This deck is very helpful for players who like to run the lightweight ballistic vest, with the deck providing up to a +45% dodge chance. This perk can also provide faster armour recovery.

Burglar (DLC)
The Burglar Perk Deck was released alongside the new heister, Clover and cannot be unlocked unless you own the Clover Character Pack DLC. This Perk Deck is a combination deck that focues on stealth and some dodge bonuses. For stealth it allows players to increase the speed of lockpicking, bagging bodies and answering pagers. For dodge it allows you to gain a +20% additional dodge when standing or crouching, making it suitable for a heist if you are not sure whether or not it will go loud or remain in stealth.

Infiltrator (DLC)
The Infiltrator Perk Deck was released alongside the new heister, Dragan and cannot be unlocked unless you own the Dragan Character Pack DLC. This Perk Deck is a close-quaters combat and melee combat oriented deck that focuses on bonuses to damage resistance when surrounded by enemies, damage boosts to the players melee weapons and a health-restorative ability.

Sociopath (DLC)
The Sociopath Perk Deck was released alongside the new heister, Jacket and cannot be unlocked unless you own the Hotline Miami Digital Special Edition on Steam. This Perk Deck is very similar to the Infiltrator Deck, but instead focuses more on regenerating armor over increasing damage to enemies. It also features an ability (Showdown Perk) that spreads panic among your enemies by close range damage.

The Gambler Perk Deck was released alongside the new heister, Bonnie. It is all about using ammo pickups from the ground to increase ammo and health for you and your team mates.
Police Officers and Specials
The Cops (Police, Po-Po, The Fuzz, Law Enforcers or whatever you may call them) are your enemies. There are many different variations of Police to deal with.

Security Guards
Security Guards are often found in heists that are stealthable and are usually either seen in grey (employed by GenSec) or black suits. Guards patrol the area and will spot you if you are in their line of sight for too long. They can be killed or dominated in stealth to activate their pager, which then must be answered or the heist will go loud. If the heist goes loud, they will stick around for a bit and can still be killed. If the heist has a security room, usually you can kill the guard in there to deactivate the cameras.

Thugs are seen in heists such as all three Rats days and Cook Off, Big Oil day 1, Firestarter day 1, etc. They do not have pagers and are very finicky when it comes to stealth, making it very difficult to stealth heists with them in it. They are very overpowered, dealing a lot of damage to you. So make sure to be in cover if there are lots around.

Tier 1 Police officers
Tier 1 Police officers (wearing the blue shirts) are, believe it or not, a big threat. Though they are very easy to dispatch with low health, they can do immense amounts of damage if they are wielding Bronco revolvers.

FBI and Hostage Responders
These guys aren't much of a threat. The FBI in their blue coats rarely spawn on higher difficulties and are only armed with a Chimano pistol and have low health. Hostage Rescue Teams have a ballistic vests and do quite a bit of damage. They will attempt to rescue hostages so watch out for them. FBI veteran agents identified as an African American in a white shirt are the strongest, wielding Car-4's with high damage.

These guys are harmful and one of your main threats on the lower difficulties. They can range from the full black uniform to the black and green uniform.

Blue and Yellow
These two variants of SWAT are the weakest types. The blue SWAT are quite annoying, making use of flashbangs and tactical fire. Though they do dissapear later on in higher difficulties. The Yellow SWAT have much more health than the Blue, though they are not as common on higher difficulties.

Green FBI
The Green FBI are wearing green uniforms and have white helmets. They are commonly seen on higher difficulties and can employ certain tactics such as gas on Bank heists.

Heavy/Tan FBI
The most common enemies on higher difficulties, especially Overkill. They are tough and hard to kill and aiming at their chest is not an option as it is armored. AIM FOR THE HEAD!!! They are known to be very aggressive and will push forward to surround you and take you down at all costs.

Gensec Elites
These grey-camo wearing officers are only found on Death Wish. They are the elites of Gensec (and for good reason.) They are quick to surround you and can do a lot of damage if you are not prepared. They carry UMP rifles and travel in packs of several.

Snipers are universally hated among players. They do incredibly high damage (taking our your shield and taking away half-your health on high difficulties), can also easily down you in one hit and can be hard to kill without the right weapon. They are usually hiding in buildings. Mark them out with [F] and aim for them carefully!

There are more than just cops lurking out there!

Very common, they carry a giant shield that can’t be pierced unless you use a sniper rifle. Get behind them and take them out. They have two variants: SWAT shield on lower difficulties that carries a pistol and FBI Shield on higher difficulties that carries an SMG. They can very in tactics depending on difficulty, for example, they may protect Bulldozers on higher difficulties.

These guys wear blue suits and have blue/black helmets. If they get near you they will tase you which will cause you to shoot uncontrollably and empty your mag. They are low in health (though they do have more health than the average swat) and they cannot move when tasing you. They will down you with the tase if nobody helps you. They can usually be seen travelling in two's.

These guys are dangerous and stealthy, they will down you in ONE hit if they kick you! They can be found hiding under cars, behind doors, etc. They will run at you extremely fast and down you with a flying kick in one hit, however, their downs do not contribute to your total downs until custody. They have quite a bit of health, but you can kill them quickly with headshots, which will multiply the damage done. They will emit a high-pitched noise when nearby, listen out.

Found on harder difficulties most of the time, the tanks of the police, the hardest to kill…the biggest threat. They walk around in huge EOD suits and will down you in one hit if they can get a clear shot. They carry powerful shotguns (and LMGs) and have incredibly tough armour. AIM for their face! Destroy their visor and kill them.

Green-suit Bulldozer - The original bulldozer. They carry around a reinbeck shoutgun and are the weakest of the three, though they are still a threat that is not to be underestimated.

Black-suit Saigadozer - Added in the halloween update, 2013. They carry around IZHMA Shotguns which are semi-automatic, have low damage compared to the reineck and they have have some long range so get into cover! They are certinaly deadlier and more common than the Green-suit Bulldozer so be careful!

Skulldozer - The most powerful of the three, only found on the Death Wish difficulty. They carry around LMG's and have very good accuracy. They can down the entire team in seconds if not co-ordinated properly. A good tip to remember is that you can stun them (or any Bulldozer for that matter) with HE rounds, Grenades, ect. Team work is essential when one of these guys approaches you. Aim for the visor and stay in cover!
Suppressing enemies
Firing at the direction of cops will supress them, they will most likely more than half the time not fire back.

Delaying assault waves
Delaying assault waves can be done by tying up hostages. Tie up as many as you can. The mastermind has a skill on the first tier that allows you to carry 5 cable ties.

Use medic bags and ammo bags wisely
You will go into custody after your third down (your screen will become grey and dull with colour.) Use medic bags after your third or second down to save use! As for ammo bags, Police Officers will drop ammo upon being killed. Use this as a technique to collect lots of ammo in-between assault waves.

HoxHud is a community created mod and tool (fully supported by Overkill Software, the developers of PAYDAY 2) which improves the HUD of PAYDAY 2 and includes very helpful tools for gameplay like Skill Profilers, drill timers and anti-cheat software. HoxHud can be found and downloaded here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hoxhud (remember to join the group!)
Can I play any character I want with any skill tree I want?
Yes you can. You can play as any character and any skill tree you want. So for example, you can play as Dallas as a Technician or Hoxton as the Enforcer.

Intimidating Guards/Police?
This is a skill to be learnt by the Mastermind. Particually the "Dominator" skill. In PAYDAY: The Heist you could do this at any time, but not this time. You also need to ACE "Dominator" if you want to be more intimidating.

Are there any tutorials apart from the Safehouse?
No there isn't and that is why I created this guide!

Can I upgrade all skill trees?
Nope, sorry. Afraid you can't. This is where the RPG elements come into play. You have to make choices as you will only have 120 skill points by the time when you reach the final level. You must make wise decisions and choose carefully. However, you can also combine these with Perk Decks for combinations.

Lobbies? People kicking me? Why?
There have been countless cases of players being kicked for all different reasons. If you find this happening to you here are some tips you can use. I really recommend hosting your own game if you want to. As for options that can be set:
"Public" - Anyone can join.
"Friend's Only" - Only friends can join.
"Private" - Invite only. No one can join unless you invite them from the invite system built in Steam.
There are also reputation level caps you can set on your own lobbies so that you can choose what level players can join.

What is the Offshore Account for?
An offshore account is where 80% of the money you obtain from completing a heist goes. It is is basically your retirement money and so far it allows you to buy any heist at any time, gamble in the Offshore Account Gambler, pay to go Infamous for the first five levels and buy the third, fourth and fifth skill profiles for multi skill builds ...In the future it will probably contribute to your safe house and maybe even a secret.

What is the PAYDAY 2 Steam group, how can I join it and why?
The PAYDAY 2 Official Steam group is a group created and monitored by the developers of PAYDAY 2. Just search for PAYDAY 2 on the Steam Community and join the group. There are many benefits to being apart of this group such as getting announcements from the developers as soon as they are posted and also recieving community masks, weapons and heists as well.
Thank you all, PAYDAY community!
I hope you guys enjoyed my beginner’s mega guide for PAYDAY 2! I know I went into a lot of detail but I am here to help all new players do the best they can! Send this guide to your friends if they ever need help or are new to the game.

Check out the PAYDAY subreddit over at http://www.reddit.com/r/paydaytheheist for an active, engaging PAYDAY community of great people!

You can also check out the PAYDAY wiki over at http://payday.wikia.com/wiki/Payday_Wiki for more information on the game.

Also, check out my Twitch.tv and Steam Group for PAYDAY 2 and other streams!
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Front Line Bait Apr 14 @ 3:54am 
>Intimidating Guards/Police?
This is a skill to be learnt by the Mastermind. Particually the "Dominator" skill. In PAYDAY: The Heist you could do this at any time, but not this time. You also need to ACE "Dominator" if you want to be more intimidating.

Acing it doesn't affect domination, just shouting for civilians.

A great tip would be that cops are significantly more likely surrender if you get them below 50% health. If you don't have a mod that shows health, the best option is to melee, shout, wait a second, and repeat. Also, they are unlikely to be dominated if they are shooting you, so hide behind something and let your armor regen, then try again.

Also, I strongly recommend pocohud over hoxhud, out of personal preference. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/pocomods
[Fated] Krimzon  [author] Apr 9 @ 10:01pm 
pyro Apr 9 @ 8:58pm 
@Quickflash123 you can join payday 2 community group by searching for it. You can search for groups by clicking your name(in steam), then groups and browse groups.
pyro Apr 9 @ 8:56pm 
One of the best Payday 2 guides I have read. Here is info about everything. Wow man, great job keep it up!
Quickflash123 Mar 24 @ 10:11am 
how do I join payday 2 community group full tutorial plz thxs
[Fated] Krimzon  [author] Mar 18 @ 10:33pm 
@Mr. Brightside

Thanks dude, I really appreciate it!
Mr. Brightside Mar 18 @ 6:36pm 
This was better than any noob guide for daypay 2 i've ever read, well done
|Fever| Doc Holiday Feb 10 @ 4:45am 
Can't say thanks enough, recently went on sale and I regret not getting into this game sooner. And yeah my only gripe is, this game isn't too friendly with noobs. Not just online players but the game itself just throws you in and says "good luck!" Thank you for the guide!
diegomarcov Jan 1 @ 5:24pm 
Thanks for this guide, as you said, I bought the game on winter sale and it's been very helpful!
[Fated] Krimzon  [author] Dec 24, 2014 @ 5:52am 
Since the Winter Steam Sale is happening I expect there might be some new players that have stumbled across this guide. If you have, then I hope I have helped you :)

I just updated the guide with more information surrounding the Perk Decks and a new section detailing the new Burglar Perk Deck.