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The Meteor Storm
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Aug 12, 2013 @ 4:28am
Apr 16 @ 10:29pm
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The Meteor Storm is back, now for GMod 13. Left click to designate a target to rain hell on Earth. Right click to designate a target to bring down a single meteor.

This SWEP can be found under the category "Slade Xanthas" along with the rest of my weapons.

DISCLAIMER: This is the only OFFICIAL Meteor Storm SWEP for GMod 13. If you got this from some place other than here, I am not responsible for how it works (or doesn't work). You have been warned.
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Slade I have a reqeust, I was wondering if you could make a SWEP like this one except the metor is HUGE and has large kill radius and only one comes down it would be greatly apreciated thanks.
[EMS] Pyrobot Nov 22 @ 8:28am 
Really? Nobody gives a FUCK about realism, there isn't said ANY FUCKING WHERE that Gmod is a purely realistic game, and so is this SWEP. Deal with it, you nerd.
(с⁷)Cianaatech|BDAY>5Mon Oct 29 @ 9:56pm 
Downloaded because Vanoss Uses it in his Videos:)
遺忘 Raylina 苦惱 Sep 4 @ 6:36pm 
This is endless right?
Dark VinylScratch May 11 @ 2:40am 
RP servers would love one of these if it had ammo.
Dark VinylScratch May 11 @ 2:40am 
make an ammo version!
Δ 900 Mag Apr 17 @ 7:05pm 
funny thing is, you made this BEFORE gmod updated, and there was absolutely no error spam back then. it had to be something garry did, not you
Slade Xanthas The Fluffy Fox  [author] Apr 17 @ 6:15pm 
Error spam's been fixed because I'm a chump and couldn't code worth a shit when I first made this
Δ 900 Mag Apr 17 @ 2:00pm 
now that the error spam is taken care of, i deleted my other comment.

this swep can scare the jarate out of you if someone spawns a shower near you, and i love it! >:)
Deika the Samurott Apr 16 @ 9:53am 
i remember using this in a ttt server, does this work on ttt btw