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"HD Air" Color Correction (All Campaigns)
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Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:45am
Nov 5, 2014 @ 5:01pm
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"HD Air" Color Correction (All Campaigns)

I am aware that for some reason people are experiencing varied results, unfortunately I don't have all the answers since there are more than a few things that can interfere with this mod working properly. IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH EVERYTHING BEING OVERLY BRIGHT OR DARK, try setting your in-game brightness to 2.6 (Dark), since that is what I used to make the mod. If that doesnt help, try making sure your TV or monitor is properly calibrated. Dont like any particular campaign corrections? At the bottom of the description you'll find a dowload link that contains every individual campaign color correction so you can use whichever you find appealing. If none of that helps you, I'm sorry, but there's nothing more I can do to help at this point.

Crash Course IS in there, but it is much more subtle than the others. Any change on the same level as the other campaigns would leave many areas too dark or too bright, even if the change wasn't that intense at the time.

It will conflict with any other color correction mod for any individual L4D2 campaign, like The Real Parish, The Real Dark Carnival, and CSI Miami Morning to name a few.

And in case you're wondering, there's absolutely no performance hit at all.

If you have a decent Nvidia card and nvidia inspector, I highly recommend you turn on Ambient Occlusion, IMO, it takes this over the top. Radeonpro's ambient occlusion injectors suck tbh, so don't bother on AMD cards, unless it's been fixed.

Here's a dropbox link to a zip filled with the individual campaign corrections: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqwx67n5l3frl0r/correction%20individuals.rar?dl=0
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For some reason the mod won't work on me? Seriously tho, how do i get this working?
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Quack Jul 28 @ 9:38am 
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Dark carnival should be fixed. (Very Dark)
pls ty.
i seen description already.
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