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"HD Air" Color Correction (All Campaigns)
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Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:45am
Apr 15 @ 3:16pm
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New update as of 4/15/14,

With new CC files, The Passing may work now, tell me if it, or any other campaign doesn't. I do feel like a left a campaign out, I think it may have been a l4d1 map, so if there's a l4d1 campaign missing some visual spice, again, let me know.

It will conflict with any other color correction mod for any individual L4D2 campaign, like The Real Parish, The Real Dark Carnival, and CSI Miami Morning to name a few.

And in case you're wondering, there's absolutely no performance hit at all.

If you have a decent NVidia card and nvidia inspector, I highly recommend you turn on Ambient Occlusion, IMO, it takes this over the top. I believe something called Radeon Pro can achieve the same effect for AMD cards.
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Mar 22 @ 2:02pm
Working Custom Campaigns and maps
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rip this mod. Dethly got diabeetus. "passing was too bright"
Le_Logiciel Jul 24 @ 8:47pm 
It is only not working in the last chapter of "The Parish" (Bridge), please correct/update.
The Sorrow Jul 24 @ 4:13am 
Is it me or do some common infected have white hair and clothing as well, is it because of the HD?
CDS Jul 19 @ 11:50pm 
This is the first mod to make me scoff in amazement with how mind-blowingly realistic it makes the gameplay. The colors are true and fits nearly every campaign and map (other than Swamp Fever and Parish which I personally find to be a little bright), but it's still breathtaking. The mod goes extremely well with the custom skyboxes I use, and lighting effects.

THANK YOU 100 times over.
PizzaDox Jul 17 @ 9:19am 
just use sweeftx graphics mod..
People like grapes Jul 15 @ 7:44pm 
Is it just me, or did the latest update make the finale map of Swamp Fever less colorful? (I remember it being really colorful with this mod before)
Dany Jul 12 @ 2:07pm 
Hm i messed aroudn with the brightness settings. I have mine on the darkest possible 2.6 i think. The reason for it: i find vanilla l4d2 to be very very bright even in night maps. I really really enjoyed what you did with Dark carnival and No mercy. As i said in the previous post: the Passing really needs reworking also can you make Dark carnival like 5-10% less dark and hard rain 5-10% darker(its ridicululously illuminated for a night thunder storm). As for the brightness setting, it messes up shadows and makes things unrealistically bright, even when there is no source of light.The biggest problem however remains the passing which is just terrible. Anyway i really enjoy your mod cuz its great and it makes the game feel really realistic. Dark carnival is my favorite campaign yet i always disliked how greenish bright valve made it. Your color correction reallly made it stand up it just needs a bit of tweaking.
Dany Jul 12 @ 1:46pm 
Passing is indeed too bright; on the contary Dark carnival is very dark can you please udpate them?
xFallenAvenger Jul 8 @ 5:55am 
The Passing feels too bright, even hurts my eyes a bit.
Bartrick Jul 6 @ 11:30am 
What is that louis model your useing?