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Dark Storm
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 1, 2014 @ 4:56am
Sep 9, 2014 @ 3:26pm
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AI Progress and General Status of the next update
Release date: Q2 2015

# initiate program file - ne1138
----//employee welcome wagon v.7

Welcome to the Irving Dynamics advanced research facility. I am the base wide integrated surveillance and intelligence system, you may call me ISIS. You are now an important part of the most advanced, privately funded, research and development corporation in the world. After processing, you will be added to the duty roster and assigned to your section. We suggest that all new employees review the data package that you received upon arrival.

At Irving, every employee is essential to our success. We look forward to seeing you create and grow while here at Irving Dynamics.

# launch file – ne_42
----//employee handbook v.7

In Dark Storm you take control of Amber Kinsly, a security officer at the Irving Dynamics Alaskan research facility. Irving Dynamics has been the pioneer in aeronautical advancements for decades. Their newest research has made them the target of many attacks, from the outside and within. Amber is one of the many security personnel hired to combat these threats. However, when the base comes under attack by an unknown enemy, its clear that your new mission is to evade and survive.

But Amber's story is only one part of a bigger universe. Through episodic content releases, you will experience a story that takes you to the edge of a world covered in a Dark Storm.

Clever Girl– Dark Storm is a stealth action game. So use your cunning and quick wit to give you the upper hand.

Flexable Playstyles - Features a toggable 3rd Person and 1rd Person at any time you so choose, execution system and allowing you to run and gun or purely go stealth its your choice everytime.

Dynamic AI - That scale to each Individual player. There are no difficulty levels in this game.

Rich Detailed Environments - Expansive, fully explorable and diverse locations.

Episodic Content - Told through the experiences of multiple characters in the universe.

Regarding Media Inquires and about reposting our videos you can find our press
kit here

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General Biscuit Hammer Feb 28 @ 1:44pm 
Looking foward to playing this game (^ _^ )b
HiddenLynx Feb 1 @ 11:23am 
@Dark the Great, good to hear about potentially a Linux port big Metal Gear fan so loving the look of this!
Dark the Great  [author] Jan 31 @ 5:22pm 
Linux is a strech goal i just need to find the time to make sure its stable!
HiddenLynx Jan 31 @ 4:16pm 
Bring this to Linux and I'll buy it day 1?
Captain Spoofy Jan 30 @ 8:11pm 
I am really look forword to the game!
LazyKitty Jan 26 @ 7:44pm 
awesome as heck! want !
BoxcutterVillain Jan 16 @ 8:11pm 
If I buy the VR missions will I get the full game? Thanks in advance.
Dark the Great  [author] Jan 12 @ 2:47pm 
Dark Storm VR Missions now live on Desura and IndiegameStand
Sunday Jan 5 @ 4:23am 
Can't wait for a demo!!!
Sigurd Dec 28, 2014 @ 8:40am 
it looks like a mix of metal gear 1 and 2.with a sleek and sophisticated visual at a time.