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The Legend of Zelda - Skulltula
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''Folks around here tell of a fabulously rich family that once lived in one of the houses in this village... But they say that the entire family was cursed due to their greed! Who knows what might happen to those who are consumed by greed...''

More Screenshots soon!
Click for Dawnguard + Dragonborn version
Separate Dawnguard and Dragonborn versions coming soon to the workshop once it lets me!

For now, visit the Nexus version below to add support for the DLC of your choice:

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With this mod, you can encounter three new creatures fighting alongside Frostbite spiders:
Skulltulas, Big Skulltulas and Gold Skulltulas.

The Skulltulas and Big Skulltulas are high-level enemies, being 70% of the player's level. This can make them a challenge in large groups. They very rarely hold emeralds in their loot.

Gold Skulltulas typically stay in one place, but quickly run away when attacked. They're weak, though, so rarely take many strikes to kill.

Now, we're not here to screw spiders.
...Well, I guess we are, because when you kill a Gold Skulltula and loot its corpse, you get a Gold Skulltula Token, a small weightless gold skull you can trade for spoils should you gather enough.
This is the bulk of the mod: the Gold Skulltula system.

If you want to discover the complexity of this mod for yourself, stop reading now and download it!


Here's a video explaining the below information:


Northeast of Dawnstar is the Ocean Spider House, or House of Skulltula, whichever [s]game[/s] name you like better. When you discover it, a pack of Skulltulas will be either fighting or have already killed nearby horkers and (maybe) a Frost Troll. They will turn on you once you approach.

A Gold Skulltula will also be nearby, giving you one guaranteed token.
Inside the house is a dead bandit, with a bloodstained note near her. The note hints that you should go to Winterhold, so head there at your leisure.
In the corner of the house is an enchanting table with a golden skull instead of an orb.

This is what you use to exchange Gold Skulltula Tokens for spoils:

~10 tokens = 500 coins
~20 tokens = Stone of Agony, a spell tome disguised as a rock that grants you a spell that can detect both the dead and living.
~30 tokens = 2000 coins
~40 tokens = 15 scrolls of flaming familiar (Dragonborn edition gives you jumping flame spiders)
~50 tokens = Life Medal, an amulet which fortifies restoration spell usage by 33%, more than any necklace not enchanted by the player.
~60 tokens = 5000 coins
~70 tokens = Great Fairy's Tears, a potion that heals all three meters of the player and doubles their attack strength for 30 seconds.
~80 tokens = Piece of Heart, a necklace that fortifies health by 100 points.
~90 tokens = 7000 coins
~100 tokens = Bane of Arthropods sword, a strong Daedric strength Dwarven sword that will do extra damage to any insectoid enemy: Mudcrabs, Frostbite Spiders, Chauruses, Skulltulas and even Dwarven Spiders, while dealing lingering shock damage to other foes.
~110 Tokens = Bane of Arthropods spell tome, which is a burning chain bolt that does extra damage as above.

Of course, you can also exchange four Pieces of Heart for a Heart Container, which is a fancy disguised spell tome that permanently fortifies your health by 100 points. Wearing a Piece of Heart with this fortifies it further. You can only learn the Heart Container ability once, and it does not appear in your Active Effects.

The Life Medal, Pieces of Heart and Bane of Arthropods sword are all disenchantable.

Updated August 8th with reworked values for 10, 30, 60 and 90 tokens to give an incentive for those levels.
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Gunchap Red Genetics Editor Oct 19 @ 10:42am 
A LOZ reference and a minecraft reference,this is the mod for me.
Grand Master Moogle Jul 30 @ 4:01pm 
I'm Tempted to add this to the forty thousand (an EXTREMELY gross exaggeration) mods i have loaded except... spiders...
JKalenad  [author] Jul 6 @ 4:35pm 
I have done so already, for my main project, Relics of Hyrule. While I could make a standalone Darknut mod, properly integrating them into Skyrim would be very difficult, and I have barely any time to dedicate to Relics of Hyrule, let alone a brand new mod.
[TGE] Xact Jul 6 @ 7:50am 
make a darknut.
kmaster Jun 9 @ 12:09pm 
Then that changes things.
JKalenad  [author] Jun 6 @ 11:57am 
On the bright side, Gold Skulltulas are essentially infnite in this mod.
kmaster Jun 6 @ 11:50am 
I can't find all of the gold ones in Ocarina or Majora's Mask so I don't think that I will find alot of them in Skyrim.
JKalenad  [author] Mar 28 @ 3:06pm 
I didn't forget them. Those are separate mods, and Link never got a shield through a Skulltula sequence. This is just one of about 30 Zelda mods I've made.
I have made an Ocarina of Time Mirror Shield, as well as other items, so I encourage you to check out Relics of Hyrule:
or My Zelda mod Collection, which is linked at the very top of this mod page.
The Doge Father Mar 28 @ 2:02pm 
Dear Santa,

You forgot to add meshes/reworks of all the nifty shields link gets in all the amazing adventures of the Zelda Franchise Legacy.

PS: A Skultulla shield would be just.....amazing. As well as the reflection shield from Ocarina. Just saying.

JKalenad  [author] Feb 5 @ 8:54am 
I'm glad to hear that! er...read that.
I think that means a made a really good Zelda mod if it enhances Skyrim in such a way.