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Dovahare - Extra Compatibility Edition
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Aug 7, 2013 @ 2:51pm
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An alternative version of my Dovahbit of Caerbannog mod, this time compatible with most follower mods
Check the collection above for the original mod.
You can run both mods at the same time to have not one but two awesome bunnies following you! Only the one which is lower on your load order will be able to wear headgear right now, however.

Where to find her:
Dragonsreach. She runs around a lot so, if you're having trouble finding her simply wait one hour in Farengar's study and she should pop up somewhere near.

If you can't find her, try to restart your game

-Can wear hats!
-Small, doesn't get in the way
-Carries your stuff
-Will not fight but rather flee from combat
-Will not start combat, has a high stealth rating
-Can steal things for you
-Order her to harvest an ingredient and she will get 5 times as many ingredients

Perfect for stealth characters or if you find followers always get in the way but you need someone to carry stuff for you

Differences from the original Dovahbit:
-It's a talking rabbit
-Less buggy
-100% compatible with most companion mods
-It's a regular companion, not a pet

Dovahare can wear any of the following headgear if you give it to her:

Blades Helmet
Daedric Helmet
Dragonplate Helmet
Dragonscale Helmet
Dwarven Helmet
Ebony Helmet
Elven Helmet
Falmer Helmet
Hide Helmet (heavy)
Hide Helmet (light)
Imperial Helmet (light)
Imperial Officer Helmet
Iron Helmet
Orcish Helmet
Steel Helmet (light)
Steel Helmet (heavy)
Stormcloak Officer Hat
Imperial Helmet (medium)
Leather Helmet
Forsworn Helmet
Merchant Hat
Jester Hat
Chef Hat


Dovahare is Dovahbit's apprentice. She wasn't particularly excited of being transformed into a rabbit. She had been asking her master to turn her back for the first few years and eventually just kind of gave up since Dovahbit is unable to pay attention to people talking to her for more than 5 seconds straight.

She's diligent and a 'party pooper' [quot. Dovahbit] and has been with her master for a few hundreds years by now. Maybe. She kind of lost count.


Texture from HD Bunnies Rabbits with Different Shades by Chocolambot
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Walfalcon Sep 1 @ 8:37pm 
When I talk to her when she is following me, my only dialogue option is "I need you to do something." I told her to wait somewhere and now I can't get her to follow me again because that is not a dialogue option for some reason. Halp.
ZephyrLuxx Aug 28 @ 7:58am 
Such a great little utility pet. And so adorable!
Bronyboy Jul 10 @ 10:15am 
They look so cute. :D
El Kemosabe Jul 7 @ 4:14pm 
I can't find either of the rabbits in dragonsreach, are there any conflicts which I should addresss?
ev3rlastin Jul 5 @ 9:18pm 
are these rabbits set as essential?
gabeward2001 Jun 26 @ 2:04pm 
this mod or the other follower mod gliched my followers any advice on how to fix it
[U-GO][DFS] Commander Arceus May 25 @ 11:37pm 
When i first got her i took her with me to kill things and i never saw here again (she disappeared after like 1 min)
grimzanhalo May 23 @ 4:37pm 
So First off I LOVE the idea, but when I task my Dovahhare to gather ingredients she agrees and the plant looks like its been harvested but the ingredients are nowhere to be found, whats going on???
spacekittyland Mar 5 @ 6:56am 
I had her following me alongside Dovabit with no problem other than worrying about a possible overpopulation factor. Therefore I made her a (competent) steward at one of my Hearthfire houses, where the children think she "looks scary." If I lose track of her while adventuring, she goes home, although I may have to wait for a couple of days. Mickyan, thank you for such fun companions!
Jamma77 Feb 24 @ 8:29am 
Can this be used alongside dovahbit?