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Armored Daedroth - Werewolf Replacer 1.0
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Aug 7, 2013 @ 10:45am
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This is a very simple mod that lets you change your character in a Armored Daedroth (Replacement of the Werewolf transformation / this mod replaces the skyrim werewolf with a Daedroth)

Do not install this until you have changed into a werewolf at least once

Thanks to Vicn for the meshe of the Armored Daedroth in his mod Vicn Creature Resource [skyrim.nexusmods.com] ( “You can use any parts of this mod without my permission. “)

The DLC (Dawnguard,Dragonborn) are not required

(I don’t know how to make a mod for non replacer -a standalone mod- , don’t ask me about this! I think it is very hard to implement a complete new transformational system !!)

The Armored daedroth is also in my other mod: Summon Werewolf and Co - Mounts and Followers
Nexus [skyrim.nexusmods.com];Workshop
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Zarcy_1 Jun 30 @ 11:04am 
Draugr DeathLord, "how do you get to be a werewolf?" you join the companions, the "fighters guild" (origionally from the other Elderscrolls Games) and go up to the 3rd or 4th quest and you will get to join in the "circle" which consists of only werewolves, + it is the only way to get the two unique and legendary equipment pieces (1 shield and 1 2h axe), plus you get a once a day transformation for X ig hours, which go up when you feed on a corpse, and you can get the ring of hiercine which if you uncurse it, you can have 2 transformations in a 24hr period, but you can not kill the said person to kill or else you get a lame light armor chest piece. Hope helps! :D oh btw... werewolves are kind of weak so be wary when you are in a fight as a werewolf on legendary mode.
gg77  [author] Jun 14 @ 1:00pm 
How to Become a Werewolf in Skyrim

draugr deathlord Jun 14 @ 6:48am 
How do you get to be a werewolf? AND IM A LEVLE 45
gg77  [author] May 8 @ 8:51pm 
Daedroth is in my other mods: Summon Werewolf and Co - Mounts and Followers


and Dual Summon Mounts

MoistPanda May 8 @ 7:24pm 
Hey, you probably dont take requests but i really love the Daedroth and miss it since Morrowind. Could you possibly add these to the game some how. I reckon Skyrim should have more craeture, so maybe make a mod that adds all the lore friendly creatures in Mounts and Followers to the game.
i have stolen your bike May 3 @ 2:01pm 
i like it . Good mod gg77
darkarmystudios Mar 3 @ 6:46am 
I played the shit out of morrowind and I miss its creatures (except cliff racers) I would love to see actual in game spawning morrowind daedra creatures again
AkyiWolf Feb 12 @ 2:09pm 
Is it an..... armadillo????