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[SP/MP]Dynamic Universal War System
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Scenario Map: Altis
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Aug 6, 2013 @ 12:15pm
Jan 10, 2014 @ 12:11pm
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[SP/MP]Dynamic Universal War System

The DUWS proceduraly generates a mini campaign, with all the enemy zones to capture being randomly generated. Or you can also choose to manually place your HQ and the enemy, and easily make your own unique campaign. The key here is to have maximum replayability, where the player can setup his own campaign or let the DUWS create everything randomly for him. You can play with the DUWS on any island you want, you just have to rename the .pbo file.

You can play the DUWS on any island you want, all you have to do is to rename the mission file, more info below.

*Play the way you want:
-Play as a lone wolf or as a SF team, using support assets and gadgets and perform side missions
-Control your personnal squad of troopers and fight against the OPFOR
-Control several squads, vehicles and supports and try to retake the island from the enemy
-...or a mix of all of them
*Persistent player stats througout the campaigns/missions, allowing the player to play a multi island driven campaign
*Unlock abilities throughout the campaigns as you gain experience (persistent)
*Pretty much every location is randomly generated on the map, from the HQ to the enemy zones and side mission locations.
*Random side missions, with names randomly generated
*Play the DUWS on any island you want to.
*VAS by Tonic (Armory)
*Several support options to unlock (UAV, Arty, Personnal FLIR, VAS, ...)
*You can define the HQ and/or the enemy zones, or just the HQ and let the DUWS generate the zones automatically. You can also let the DUWS create everything by itself. Basicly you decide the level of randomization there is.
*WARCOM(War Commander) system. BLUFOR forces will try to capture the island, war escalates as the campaign progress.
*Dynamic weather. At the start of the campaign, you may choose the type of weather (mediterranean, temperate, tropical, arid...). The weather will then be randomly generated according to these parameters.
*Full support of the High Command module

More info on:

1)get the .pbo from the first page of the topic (see link above)
2)put the .pbo in the 'missions' folder of arma3
3)rename the .pbo
example: SP_DUWS05b.stratis.pbo >> to SP_DUWS05b.chernarus.pbo
other examples: SP_DUWS05b.zargabad.pbo - SP_DUWS05b.takistan.pbo

Also, use the 'dev' .pbo, since High Command is now included in the normal version of ArmA3.

This mission can be played in coop. Regarding the nature of the DUWS, it must be run on a listen server. Does not work on a dedicated server. I suggest adding a password to your game, so only friends can join and no random guy will be able to trash your game.

If you have any question, make sure you read the ingame manual beforehand. You can access it in the map menu, on the tab DUWS manual.
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Bilbo Fraggins 12 hours ago 
Report: Left Ctrl + Space should bring up high command but doesn't seem to work. Anybody experiencing a similar issue?
Church Jul 23 @ 6:36pm 
How do I get to the custom map version?
grattanjoyce Jul 22 @ 11:23pm 
What MODS can be used on this without fail?
Juicy.Bread Jul 22 @ 12:57pm 
The problem I have could possibly pertain to compatibility with all other mods I am subscribed to. Basically, when I first start up a LAN server with my friends, the mods (whatever they may be) function fine. (They also have the same mods downloaded)

However, if I save and exit and come back another time, none of the mods seem to function whether it be Units in the CUP pack, ARES mod for Zeus, or the Personal arsenal mod. None of them function whatsoever.
Hyperion Jul 21 @ 1:14pm 
Zodiac, try opening that map in the editor and saving / exporting a mission for it, and see how the name is written in that mission file's name, then just copy it over to DUWS. If it's not working, either because of the space or the point in 3.66, check if it's not the map's naming failure for other missions aswell, instead of only DUWS
Zodiac Jul 21 @ 12:37pm 
Can someone help me with this problem? -> I have successfully exported this mission to many maps, BUT. I cannot play duws on any map which has two parted name, for example "Isla Duala 3.66". What name should i enter for it to work with duws, thanks :)
Hyperion Jul 18 @ 12:19pm 
I don't think it's ever getting any updates...
Jash Jul 18 @ 11:33am 
Please fix the fucking Helo taxi pilot AI. Sick of flying round in circles when I'm trying to get back to base.
Mad Scientist Jul 15 @ 5:43am 
How do I use mods like CUP Weapons in scenarios like this?
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how to add to a new map with 2 words or more like alaska 2035?

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