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Publishing to Steam Greenlight
By Jimo
I will give you information on how to publish to Steam Greenlight. I will also go into detail about how to make edits to your submission and how to gather feedback.
This guide will give you information on how to publish to Steam Greenlight. It will also go into detail about how to make edits to your submission and how to gather feedback.

Steam Greenlight is a tool used to gauge public interest on games which may be considered for future publication on the Steam storefront. Before making a submission to Steam Greenlight it's advisable to read the official FAQ.

Submitting to Greenlight
if you have a game or software project that you'd like to release on Steam that is currently in development or completed, it can be submitted to Valve for consideration through Steam Greenlight. Submitting a project to Steam Greenlight requires a submission fee, and the success of your submission is based on community votes. Paying the submission fee does not guarantee your product will be released on Steam.

If you have a game or software concept you can publish it to Steam Greenlight to gauge public interest and to gather feedback. Users will be able to vote and comment on your concept, however the votes will not count towards the Steam Greenlight submission progress.

To submit an item visit the Steam Greenlight page and click on the Submit your Item button at the top.

Before submitting your item read the provided information on the page to make sure your submission meets and follows the set guidelines. You also need to have a non-limited Steam account to make a submission.

To submit an in-development or a completed game or software project, you'll need to pay the Steam Greenlight submission fee. This can be done by clicking Pay Now. Once the fee is paid you'll be able to make your submission from this page.

To post a concept, click Submit Concept. This is to be used to gather feedback only, and votes will not count towards having your product released on Steam. There is no fee for posting a concept.

From the submission screen you're able to enter information to describe your product. The title should be the name of your game or software, and the branding image should be something which represents it. Keep in mind that these are the first two things users will see if they come across your product on Steam Greenlight.

You're also able to provide a description for your game or software. This description should summarize your product so users know what it's about.

At the bottom of the page you can also choose from a number of categories to tag your game or software with, this will make it easier for users browsing Steam Greenlight to find your item.

Once you're done checking the applicable category boxes, read and accept the terms and conditions.

When you're done click on Save and Continue.
Editing Your Submission
Once you've saved your submission it will be Hidden from public view until you publish it. This will give you time to add more information to your submission page before it goes live.

On the right side of your submission page there is a box labelled Owner Controls. Within this section there are several links which allow you to add more content to your submission.

  • Edit Title & Description

    You can adjust the title, description and the categories by clicking this link. This page is identical to the one when you first create your submission.

  • Add/Edit Images & Videos

    You're able to add additional Images and Videos to your page by clicking this link. All media content will be displayed in a slide show in the middle of the screen. Before you can add a video you'll need to upload it to YouTube before it can be added.

  • Add/Remove Contributors

    Adding somebody as a contributor will display a link to their Steam Profile on the right side. In order for them to appear the person you invited will need to accept the contributor request. The request will be sent via email.

  • Post an Announcement

    Posted announcements will be displayed underneath the media on your page. They will also appear on the Steam Community news feed for anybody who has followed your submission.

  • Add/Edit Links

    Links you've added will be displayed in a box to the right side of the page. If you add a link to an applicable crowd funding website such as Indiegogo the progress bar will be displayed in a widget. You can see an example of this below.

    When you're done making changes click Publish at the top of page to make it public. Once it's public it will appear in search results, categories and vote queues.

    If you lose the URL to your submission you can find it again by clicking here. It can also be found on the right side of your Steam Profile underneath Greenlight Items.
Statistics and Feedback
Feedback for your Greenlight submission can be calculated in several ways. Users visiting your page can leave a comment at the bottom letting you know what they think of your submission.

Visitors can also create an individual forum topics by clicking on the Discussions tab at the top of your Greenlight Submission page. Other users can then reply to each topic to form a discussion.

In-depth visitor statistics are also available. To view these click on the tab labelled Stats at the top of your Greenlight Submission page.

From this page you'll have access to a number of different visitor statistics such as followers, votes over time and more. Below is a small sample of some of the statistics you can find under this section.

What Now?
Once you've submitted to Steam Greenlight users will then be able to vote on your submission. They are also able to follow it, which will allow them to see any announcements you post directly on their Steam Community news feed.

Valve has put together a number of resources which provide you with tips on how to market your submission. There is also a Widget tool which generates an embed code for your own website to advertise your Steam Greenlight Page.

There is also an official FAQ. and a Steam Group designated for users who have paid the submission fee. Click here for information on how to access these resources.

If your submission has been successfully greenlit you'll be contacted by Valve to discuss the release of your submission on Steam. You'll also be offered the choice of implementing Steamworks in to your title. For more information on Steamworks click here.
Closing Notes
If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me on Steam or through my website[www.Jimo.co.uk].

You can also check out all of my other Steam Guides here.

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