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Caliente's Vanilla Armor -- Bandit Pack (for CBBE Curvy)
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Mar 17, 2012 @ 7:21am
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Caliente's Vanilla Armor -- Bandit Pack (for CBBE Curvy)

A replacer for the default Skyrim female armor that reshapes the wearer's form into a more feminine figure while retaining the original design and theme of each outfit.

Contains 9 armor replacers wholly compatible with the CBBE v3 Curvy body. An alternate version is available that fits the CBBE Slim figure instead.

Requires Caliente's Body mod (CBBE) to be installed for the correct body textures to be visible.

This is an armor replacer, so all affected items will take on the new appearance -- the original look will no longer be available with this installed!

The following armor items are replaced by this mod:

In-game name ID Game file (In Skyrim/Data, also includes the _0.nif version)

Hide Armor .... 13911 /meshes/armor/hide/f/cuirasslight_1.nif
Studded Armor .... 1b3a2 /meshes/armor/hide/f/cuirassmedium_1.nif
Scaled Armor .... 1b3a3 /meshes/armor/hide/f/cuirassheavy_1.nif
Scaled Horn Armor. 1b3a4 /meshes/armor/hide/f/cuirassheavychieftain_1.nif
Fur Armor (A) .... 6f393 /meshes/armor/bandit/bodyf_1.nif
Fur Armor (B) .... 10594B /meshes/armor/bandit/body1f_1.nif
Fur Armor (C) .... 10594D /meshes/armor/bandit/body2f_1.nif
Fur Armor (D) .... 10594F /meshes/armor/bandit/body3f_1.nif
Forsworn Armor .... d8d50 /meshes/clothes/forswornarmor/forswornarmorf_1.nif

Please be aware that other mods that alter these files will override this mod if loaded later in the load order!


For unprecedented customizability, check out Caliente's Vanilla Armor Replacer and Caliente's Body Mod on Skyrim Nexus. The packages there contain BodySlide and data files to enable you to customize the body shapes to suit your preferences!
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Jeir May 29 @ 12:30pm 
Dear all: This mod is out of date. Go to Nexus for updates. Steam version will never be updated.
Satan's Fetus Legs May 26 @ 2:52pm 
Umm, for some reason when I equip fur armor my character's tits become exposed. Help?
Pedobeer May 23 @ 9:26am 
My character got kinda shadow under breast. does some1 know how to fix it?
Nerin Nightingale Apr 24 @ 2:59am 
Could you maybe make mods like this for some of the other armor types? I love how this looks and would love to continue have that appearance after I get rid of my current armor :D
Darkwing Duck Apr 19 @ 9:48am 
Captian GAY stop troling I see you everywhere. It is a game and it does not matter if its practical or not. If you want realism find mods that make your game as real as possible.
Captain Queer Apr 7 @ 7:15pm 
that is strips of cloth with a few straps. that won't protect from blades arrows or the cold. these things just aren't practical.
Benyed Apr 7 @ 5:34pm 
I'm not sure if it's this mod, but I think there's something (Or lack of something) under the skirt of some of these armours, I don't want to ruin the surprise.
LucifersRequiem Apr 6 @ 10:17am 
i think this community would love it if you did more amours this is great though i +1
VulcanTourist Mar 2 @ 5:22am 
> Can Someone Send Me a Photo?

Hire a hooker and take yer own newd photos, dude!
SethiKinsGaming Feb 19 @ 5:59am 
Can Someone Send Me a Photo?