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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 1, 2013 @ 4:15am
Mar 20 @ 5:48pm

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Unhack:Destruction released
Unhack:Destruction campaign launched
Release date: First build already completed
Unhack is an action puzzle x visual novel title featuring a story about greed and self acceptance.

The 5K Worm is corrupting the digital world. Battle the virus and discover who is behind these crimes. Meet ally and enemy AI throughout this ten episode journey.

- Traverse a hazard filled maze in each episode.
- Battle enemy AI as tension heightens.
- A story that is revealed in Japanese visual novel format.

Upcoming goals (some will be done regardless of Greenlight situation):
- Improve performance (will happen just because the executable runs locally).
- Two bonus chapters.
- A hard mode that offers additional rewards.
- Voice acting.
- The original soundtrack alongside several audio dramas.
- Achievements.

All ten episodes are available online. Please consider using Chrome for the best performance:

And the game's website:

I hope to build fluff free, story focused titles. As Unhack is a short game, I would like to release it for only a few dollars. I will continue to post updates here.

Unhack's next version will feature improved artworks courtesy of Hybridmink. I will also be seeking the help of voice talents. In response, I have launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of securing funds:

Please consider contributing if you decide the project is worthwhile. Thank you m(_ _)m!
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InvertMouse  [author] 7 hours ago 
@Babiker: Thank you (^///^)! Yeah, the game is not getting greenlit (;u;)......... The game is available from the main website, though. Hopefully you could support me there. The expansion episodes, Unhack:Destruction, just came out today. Thank you (^-^)!
yazoolmalak 8 hours ago 
lol, I just discovered how to buy things from steam. I then remembered "hey, didn't that cool guy from the forums have a nice game I wanted to buy...? Oh yeah, Invertmouse's unhack!" Proceeds to visit hes account. Checks out his website. Goes to unhack. finds out its still not available... WHY STEAM WHYYYYYY
(btw, I'm Babiker from the forums ^_^)
InvertMouse  [author] Sep 7 @ 7:48pm 
Thank you kiwimango (^-^)!
kiwimango Sep 7 @ 1:47pm 
why aint this on steam yet, i need this. cmon gabe
BLC Niko Bellic Aug 27 @ 10:54am 
I wouldn't download this game. But I want to support the concept. I am going to vote yes
Fhqwhgod Aug 21 @ 4:00am 
Arrow Key-support would be very welcome for players with non-QWERT-keyboards that don't like the numpad (or that have none).
InvertMouse  [author] Aug 20 @ 10:31pm 
@Fhqwhgod: Thank you! Yes, very happy to send you a key if the game ever reaches Steam. Just remind me when that day comes =).
Fhqwhgod Aug 20 @ 9:46pm 
Good luck on Greenlight. I just boiught the game via your widget, in hope for a Steamkey once you are on here.
InvertMouse  [author] Aug 20 @ 9:29pm 
@Fhqwhgod: Forever declined (>w<)~
Fhqwhgod Aug 20 @ 9:11pm 
will there be a costume mod DLC?