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Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to manage the heavy supply of ebony and surrounding resources in the vale near Riverwood. What was supposed to be a simple settlement has grown into Whiteruns best and primary source of income.

Current Features:

  • Wizard Shop
  • Assassin Shop
  • Armor and Weapons Shop
  • General Supply Shop
  • Apothecary dealer
  • Rare books, Jeweler and Dwarven Artifact dealer.
  • Player Home - Feel like a sir in your new mahogany Manor overlooking the town.
  • Dungeon with quests related to player home.
  • 7 Master Trainers (Level 100)
  • Attractive Inn
  • 30+ Unique NPCs with complex routines, armor setups, traits, skill sets, ETC
  • Ebony Mine
  • Thieves Guild and Companion quests bring you to Ebonvale
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Realistic functional town.
  • 3 Unique Companions


  • I suggest that you load the mod, save your game and reload skyrim so you don\'t encounter any anomalies.
  • In the rare case experience floating grass please refer to this link : http://www.creationkit.com/Floating_Grass_Fix
  • If you subscribed but the mod didn\'t show up in your mod list, open your skyrim launcher and wait for your mods to download from there.
  • If you experience floating land/terrain or objects of any sort then you have a conflicting mod. If you see floating land that looks like your standard land then make sure you put my mod before the conflicting mod so the ground gets scaled down properly. I will compile a list of conflicting mods at the bottom of the description so feel free to report them to me.
  • In the rare case your computer crashes as you approach town, try placing Ebonvale closer to the top of your mod list.
  • If you recieve a quest from the Companions to brawl with one of the overpowered npcs in Ebonvale. Use the console, target they npc and type /setav health 100

Known Conflicting Mods:

  • Merchant Pack 1.4 - Land appears above Ebonvale. Place this mod above Ebonvale Mod in the load order.
  • Hunting in Skyrim - Land appears above Ebonvale. Place this mod above Ebonvale Mod in the load order.
  • Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger: Land appears above Ebonvale. See above.
  • True Skyrim - Adds floating trees above Ebonvale.
  • Legend of the Eagles Nest - Working on getting this conflict resolved
  • Corners of Skyrim - Places a building in the center of town
  • Elysium Estate
  • Whiterun Mansion
  • Hunters Treehouse
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Airhawk Sep 20 @ 2:08pm 
Heya Chaps and lasses. Loving this mod already.. Just a tiny problem... I can stil see the underbrush from the old hill that used to be there.. You know. Grass and that sort of hammockering. Anyone got a solution? I added the mod BEFORE starting a new game..
byron Sep 20 @ 1:40am 
Great looking mod...but where is the key to the manor?
The Jewish Squid, Charles. Sep 7 @ 7:36pm 
10/10 mod wish it was a physical being so I could have a baby with it
El Kebab Wasabi Sep 5 @ 3:53am 
This mod is great, perfect for taking player screenshots, thanks
j_madonna Sep 1 @ 5:35pm 
I have had this mod for a while, & it is great! It is the 1st place I go to sell my loot: multiple merchants have enough money. They also have good gear worth buying. The follower available is quite powerful, but he can damage your armor. The home is beautiful. It even has a quest! But my follower will not go with me on the quest.
Halehhh Aug 28 @ 6:21pm 
This mod blew me away. It is absolutely beautiful. Every aspect of it, from the NPC's to the player home. It takes immersion to a new level. Ebonvale is my favorite town, and the player home is my favorite home. Beautiful work.
telhale Aug 24 @ 1:36am 
Hey,Maverick: Legend of Eagles Nest is no conflict.
A$APmobster22 Aug 23 @ 10:42pm 
found all of them. They are all in the inn. Now i have a beast team
A$APmobster22 Aug 23 @ 10:11pm 
Alright ill take a look. Thanks
YoYoduh Aug 23 @ 5:35pm 
you have to look on the roads leading into and out of the town they tend to wander