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Team Fortress 2

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Tutankflammen's Wrath
Whoever posesses the phyroh’s treasure....Imbues their weapon with an ancient power.

Tutankflammen's Wrath
Pyro Set

- Staff of Moray - Melee Weapon
- Phyroh's Curse - Hat

Set Bonus
Melee crit kills turns enemies to gold.
Melee weapon gets Eyelander range
-25 damage penalty.
Items (2)
[OLD] Staff of Moray
New version!:

An ancient staff imbued with fiery power. Its true power is said to be granted to whoever owns the ancient Phyroh's Treasure

Whoever possesses the Phyroh's treas...
[OLD] Phyroh's Curse
New version!:

The ancient headdress once owned by the ancient Phyroh, Tutankflammen.
Whoever possesses the Phyroh's treasure... ..Imbues their weapon with an ancient power*.
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