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The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Goddess Spells
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Updated June 14, 2014 with an attempt to fix a missing Farore's Wind issue.

''She made this sacrifice, as you have likely guessed, so that the supreme power created by the old gods could one day be used.''

Three gems are scattered throughout Skyrim that hold the knowledge needed to cast powerful spells blessed by the three Golden Goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore.
Once these spells are known, two additional spells can be learned that increase the versatility of the spells.

To learn the spells, search in the Midden under the College of Winterhold for a long-forgotten Enchanting Table. Once you find a jewel, take it to this table to see the recipe required to make a tome of the requisite spell.
The video is WRONG about how to learn the spells. I'm planning to update it soon.
(see spoiler below, or the location video for information about the gem locations)

The spells are as follows:
--Din's Fire--
Similar to Fire Storm, the caster summons a conflagration that engulfs their surroundings, knocking foes back.

--Nayru's Love--
Similar to Ebonyflesh, the caster is protected from magic and physical attacks for 60 seconds, while absorbing and occasionally reflecting magical attacks.

--Farore's Wind--
A shockwave erupts from the caster, staggering foes. Time is slowed and the caster is rendered invisible, silent and ethereal for 12 seconds, allowing for escape from the fray of battle. It takes a bit of time to cast, so it's best used with a mage armor spell. Like Nayru's Love.

You may be wondering why Farore's Wind is not strictly speaking teleportation spell. The reason is that I did not want to simply copy an already existing spell with little change. I also do not have the skills to make one from scratch. I wanted a relatively simple version that was similar to Zelda's ability in Super Smash Bros., but from the point of view of the caster.
The slowing of time accomplishes that, and the initial staggering blast makes the spell much more dramatic and useful for escape. If you have enough time to cast it anyway.

Once Nayru's Love and Din's Fire are learned, you can visit the Ancient Enchanter in the Midden to combine filled Grand soul gems with ruined books to create spell tomes of two additional spells:

--Din's Fireball--
The caster launches a fireball that engulfs its surroundings in flames, staggering and knocking foes to the ground.

--Nayru's Ward--
The caster shields themselves from harm, reflecting magical attacks and reducing physical damage as long as the ward is held.

NOTE: Farore's Wind is listed as a Novice Spell by the game, despite its high Magicka requirement. If I can figure out how to fix this I will.

A video demonstrating all five spells:

A video explaining the locations of the spells as well as the crafting of Din's Fireball and Nayru's Ward:

The animations used are from Mystic Knight, a Nexus exclusive mod:

Below are detailed explanations of the locations of each jewel. In general, look for toppled and out of place soul gem holders.
Din's Ruby can be found in Silverdrift Lair, in the room past the word wall, behind a large burial urn.
Nayru's Sapphire can be found in Shroud Hearth Barrow, on a ledge in the boss room. Requires Whirlwind Sprint to reach.
Farore's Emerald can be found in a chest in a pond in Lost Valley Redoubt. It is the first pond you come across after walking up outdoor stairs. There are Forsworn tents nearby and a large cooking spit as well as hanging fish.
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Crap! I accidentally deleted a comment innocently asking about the location of Din's Fire. I'm sorry! I was deleting my inaccurate response to write this, but clicked twice! That's what I get for responding to comments when I'm tired.

Din's Fire can be found near a Boss Chest at the end of Silverdrift Lair, if that helps. The video is a little more helpful about 4 minutes in.
JKalenad  [author] Jun 13 @ 6:54pm 
I'll try my best to fix it, if it's even possible.
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Farore wind is not showing up in my spell list
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The floating comes from a different mod: