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Chung - Shooting Guardian/Deadly Chaser
By Piers
Master the power of the Destroyer and the Silver Shooters, and become the tracker of death -- the Deadly Chaser.
This is a guide for Chung's Shooting Guardian / Deadly Chaser path. But, before we begin, let us learn the basics.

Who is Chung?

Chung is a member of the Seiker family, who are known protectors of Hamel. Trained for combat at a young age, he was widely known as Prince Seiker.

When the Senace kingdom was attacked by the demons, Chung's father devoted himself into defending it. During the battle, the demons learned that Chung's father's guardian stone was similar to the El Crystal, and started manipulating it. Chung's father, now posessed by the demons, lost control of himself and unwittingly lead the demons to attack Hamel. The young prince tried to stop his father, but he wasn't strong enough and was seriously wounded.

With the help of Elsword and his friends, Chung escaped the battlefield and was able to recover. He then decides to train with the Red Knights to become stronger and save Hamel from his own father. He swore to himself that he will not use the Seiker name, and will go by the name 'Chung' instead, until he fulfills his goal.


Chung is able to wield a cannon called the 'Destroyer', which he uses to punish enemies both near, by swinging his cannon, and far, by using his ammunition and shooting at them. Wielding this cannon also gives him the ability to go to 'heavy stance' where he blocks enemy attacks with his cannon and counter-attacks with either z or x button. He is also able to double-jump by pressing the x button after doing a dash-jump.

Chung is also able to go to 'Berserk Mode' when awakening with 3 beads. When in Berserk Mode, he gains an armor called the 'Freiturnier'. He also gains unlimited ammo, which means you can use all the ammo you want and not worry about reloading.
Chung, the Guardian
Basic Combos

First, I want to explain the legends I'll be using.
  • z - The Z button. A quick, light attack
  • x - The X button. A slow, heavy attack
  • ^ v < > - Up, down, left, and right buttons, respectively

zzzz - Basic 4-hit combo using the Destroyer. The 3rd hit activates heavy stance, and the 4th hit knocks down the enemy.
xxx - Slam the Destroyer down, reload, and use that ammo to blow up an enemy in close-range.
zzzx - Basic 3-hit combo, followed by a continuous discharge of ammo. Uses up all your ammo.
zz(vz)z - Basic 2-hit combo, then a slam to the ground (reloads 1 ammo), and an upward swing which sends enemies flying.
xxzx - Slam the Destroyer down, reload, then lunge forward, pushing your target, and finish with a discharge of ammo.
^z - Basic jump bash with the Destroyer.
^x - Swing the Destroyer around you in mid-air.
>>z - An upward swing which sends the enemies flying.
>>x - Quickly dash behind your target, and blast them with 1 ammo.
>>^zz - Do an upward swing mid-air, and smash your enemy down to the ground. If used with ammo, you will release a blast directly to the ground which will launch the enemy upwards.
>>^x - Use an ammo to propel yourself upwards.


I will be listing the skills from left to right, row by row, as they would appear on the in-game skill tree.

Row 1

Basic Physical Defense Training (Passive)
Permanently increases your physical defense.
- It's a passive. Max it. No ifs, no buts.

Brutal Swing (Special Active)
Dash forward and push the target, then brutally swing the Destroyer, blowing your target away.
*Skill Note: Push and push*
Increase damage by 20%, and pushes the enemy back instead of knocking down.
- The damage is quite weak, and just isn't recommended at all. The skill note might come in handy in PvP because of it's long invincibility frames and no knockdown, but very few people actually use it.

Reload (Active)
Swing the Destroyer upward and reload an ammo.
*Skill Note: Opportunity Chance*
Adds a 50% chance of reloading an extra ammo.
- At level 3, the skill reloads 2 ammos, which could help in managing your ammo. You can also use it as a combo extender because the upward swing causes a hitstun.

Row 2

Basic Magic Defense Training (Passive)
Permanently increases your magical defense.
- Passive. Max.

Scare Chase (Special Active)
Slam the Destroyer down to reload an ammo, and immediately use that ammo to fire a homing missile that seeks the nearest enemy. The explosion hits all enemies within the blast radius.
*Skill Note: Wide Explosion*
Increase blast radius by 50%
- Does okay damage, but not really the best skill to have since it knocks down. Only recommended to max if you're taking the skill Detonation.

Row 3

Basic Strength Training (Passive) *Prerequisite: Basic Physical Defense Training*
Permanently increase your physical attack power.
- As a Shooting Guardian / Deadly Chaser, you'll be using your Destroyer and Silver Shooters a lot, but you will still do mostly physical attacks. Max.

Lunatic Blow (Special Active)
Chung repeatedly pummels and blasts enemies with the Destroyer.
- This might be great early on, but it's easily overshadowed by other skills later on. When used in PvP, opponents cannot mana break out of it, so it's effective as a combo finisher. I recommend choosing Detonation over this (my opinion; don't kill me Dx).

Row 4

Basic Magic Training (Passive)
Permanently increases your magical attack power.
- Max.

Siege Shelling (Active)
Using this skill will make you enter Siege Mode.
Pressing z in siege mode will make Chung lunge forward and strike with the Destroyer, ending the siege mode.
Pressing x in siege mode will make Chung fire his Destroyer at any opponent within the range. Chung can fire a maximum of 7 shots (the 7th will deal double damage, but knock down the opponent).
- This skill is great. Use it in combos, or as a catcher. What's better is that this skill practically doesn't cost any mana (being in siege mode continuously drains mana, but the shots quickly recover that mana anyway), so you can basically deal great damage for free!

Row 5

Shield Accelerator (Buff)
Increases your physical and magical defense by 30% for a duration of time.
- I recommend taking this or Magic Accelerator only if you have spare SP points to spend and don't want to invest on Aiming Shot.

Detonation (Special Active) *Prerequisite: Scare Chase*
Rush forward and plunge the Destroyer into opponents, then blast them with a series of powerful cannon blasts.
*Skill Note: Finished Modifications*
Increase damage by 25% and reduce ammo consumption by 1.
- I personally love this skill. It's similar to the final part of xxzx combo, only better, stronger, and turned to a skill. Great for bossing and as a combo finisher.

Row 6

Power Accelerator (Buff)
Increase your physical attack by 20% for a certain period of time.
- Not really recommended to get since almost all of your skills will be magic-based.

Magic Accelerator (Buff)
Increase your magical attack by 20% for a certain period of time.
- This skill is great to add that extra kick in your skills and combos. Later on, however, this buff will be overshadowed by the stronger kicking Magic Adrenaline. I'd say get this only if you have spare SP.

Advanced Siege Shelling (Passive) *Prerequisite: Siege Shelling*
Increase the range and damage of Siege Shelling. Also gives a certain chance of not consuming ammo when firing in Siege Mode.
- This passive makes the already awesome Siege Shelling even more awesome. Max.

Row 7

Gigantic Impact (Special Active)
Chung jumps high into the air, then rockets forward, impacting the ground so it creates a small earthquake.
- This skill requires aiming, and, in order to deal max damage, you must hit the opponent almost directly where you land. Even the max damage isn't that good, anyway.

Aceldama (Special Active)
Chung fires several missiles on the air, then rains them down on the map.
- This skill is great for huge bosses because of their massive hitbox. On individual targets, however, this skill is just... bad... Overall, this skill is just too situational.

Row 8

Aiming Shot (Active)
Take a quick aim and fire at the nearest target in front of you.
*Skill Note: Property Bullet*
3 times more likely to activate elemental attributes
- Mediocre damage and instantly knocks down. Optional to take.
First Job Change
In order to advance into Shooting Guardian, you must first be at least level 15, and have done the Guardian quest.

1. Defeat and collect one drop from William Phoru in Suburbs of Wally's Castle.
2. Talk to Lenphad in Elder.
3. Defeat William Phoru in Suburbs of Wally's Castle in hard or higher difficulty.
4. Clear Suburbs of Wally's Castle in very hard difficulty.

Once you have finished the 4 part Guardian quest, you will be given the choice of advancing to either Fury Guardian, Shooting Guardian, or Shelling Guardian. For this guide, I will be going the Shooting Guardian path.

Shooting Guardian
1. Clear Wally's Castle on any difficulty without being hit more than 30 times
2. Speak to Luichel, the Accessory Shop owner in Elder.
3. Defeat 14 Crossbow Soldiers and 14 Little Soldiers in Wally's Castle on hard or higher difficulty.
4. Clear Wally's Castle on very hard difficulty within 15 minutes.

After you finish the quest, you are now successfully a Shooting Guardian!

As a Shooting Guardian, Chung realizes how slow and open to attacks he is with the Destroyer. As a result, he took parts of his Destroyer, lightening it, and manufactured a second weapon called the 'Silver Shooter' out of those parts.

The Silver Shooter is a gun enchanted with magic that can shoot through any target. With this, Chung is able to cover any openings when he is attacking with the Destroyer, which he is now able to swing much faster because of it's lighter weight.
Chung, the Shooting Guardian
New Combos

>>^xx - Chung propels himself upwards with his Destroyer, then shoots downwards with his Silver Shooter at a 45° angle.
xzz - Chung slams his Destroyer once, then shoots his Silver Shooters straight ahead 3 times, finishing with a mid-range blast of his Destroyer.
>>xxx - Chung dashes behind his target and blasts them with the Destroyer, then turns around, shooting them with the Silver Shooter twice, then blasts them with the Destroyer.


Row 9

Rumble Shot (Active) -LOCKED-
Fire a pulsating cannonball to the ground to continuously damage enemies.
*Skill Note: Improved Chain Reaction Shots*
The skill no longer consumes mana, but uses 2 ammos. The duration time is extended.
- Really great to use in combos. Recommended to take the skill note since Deadly Chaser can have a bit of mana managing problems.

Dual Buster (Special Active)
Quickly roll past enemies while firing two shots with the Silver Shooter.
*Skill Note: Noir Action*
Pierces up to 2 more targets and reloads one ammo
- Highly recommended to take for PvP since it basically acts as an emergency escape skill. Can also be used in combos. Optional for PvE.

Row 10

Remodel Magazine (Passive)
Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the Destroyer.
- Max it. At level 5, it gives you a total of 12 ammo, which is double your original.

Intermediate Magic Training (Passive)
Permanently increases your base magic attack power.
- More magic damage? Yes, please.

Row 11

Heavy Railgun (Special Active)
Fire a super fast cannonball that pierces through enemies in a linear fashion.
*Skill Note: Autosensing Shot*
Reduce cannonball speed by 33%, and the explosion will launch the targets upwards.
- Great against lined-up or tightly packed mobs. Recommended only for PvE, no real use in PvP aside from being a combo finisher, or just a surprise attack.

Row 12

Remodel Rifle (Passive) *Prerequisite: Remodel Magazine*
Modify your Silver Shooter and enhance its capabilities.
- At level 5, it increases your Silver Shooter range and critical damage (not critical hit rate) by 20%. Max.

Magic Adrenaline (Buff) *Prerequisite: Intermediate Magic Training*
Dramatically boost your magic attack power for 10 seconds.
- At level 5, it boosts your magic attack by a whopping 50%. Highly recommended for PvE. Best to invest points after you get other more important skills.

Headshot (Active)
Take aim and fire with the Silver Shooter once to hit up to 3 enemies.
*Skill Note: REAL Headshot*
30% chance to do double damage.
- Great skill for the damage and combo extension. Recommended for PvP.

Row 13

Tussle Technique (Passive)
Improve your overall skill in handling different weapons at the same time.
- At level 5, it reduces your knockdown rate by 20%, and increases your attack speed by 3%. Max.

Comet Crasher (Special Active) -LOCKED-
Shoot the Destroyer 45° downwards while in mid-air, bombarding the area with cannonballs.
- I LOVE this skill. It's your best skill to use on a grouped mob, or a single target. Use it with at least 6 ammo for max damage. Combine with Magic Adrenaline for a super heavy damage.

Row 14

Sharpshooter Syndrome (Special Active) -LOCKED-
Point the Silver Shooter up in the air and fire to release an aura of silver energy that encompasses a certain radius.
- Decent damage, huge AoE, and it gives you, and party members in range, an extra 20% boost in accuracy and critical hit rate. Great for PvE, but skip first for other skills.

Shooting Star (Special Active)
Use your Destroyer to launch 12 homing missiles that explode upon impact.
- The missiles each randomly choose a target in the whole room. Great damage, and awesome room sweeper. Can be used on a single target for massive damage. Recommended to max as it is a prerequisite for one of Deadly Chaser's skills -- Bullet Blitz.
Second Job Change
After you reach level 35, you can start the job advancement quest to become the swift Deadly Chaser.

Deadly Chaser
1. Talk to Adel, the Elder of the Ponggos in Altera.
2. Defeat 20 Nasod Bladers in Nasod Foundry.
3. Defeat King Nasod 12 times in Altera Core.
4. Talk to Lento in Feita.
5. Collect drops from monsters in dungeons in the Feita region.
  • 10 drops from Stone Golems
  • 10 drops from Glitter Necromancers
  • 10 drops from any Glitter soldiers

After you complete the quest, you have now successfully become the tracker of death -- the Deadly Chaser!

During his travels, Chung successfully builds a second Silver Shooter. This results in Chung being able to use his Silver Shooters more conveniently at any time with his new plethora of skills, and also being able to disable his opponents while attacking from a suitable distance.

The powerful bullets launched from the pair of Silver Shooters overwhelm their enemies and diminish their morale even before they sense Chung's presence. This new method of fighting gave Chung the image of an 'Assassin' rather than a 'Guardian'. From then on, people began to call Chung the tracker of death -- the one who can hide even his own shadow; the Deadly Chaser.
Chung, the Deadly Chaser
New Combos

x - Chung fires a single shot from his Silver Shooter instead of slamming the Destroyer down. The next combo will connect accordingly
zzxxx - Basic 2-hit combo, followed by an upward swing which sends the enemy flying, then a barrage of shots from the Silver Shooters while the target is mid-air, finishing with a missile from the Destroyer.


Row 15

Accurate Marksmanship (Passive) *Prerequisite: Tussle Technique*
Increase your overall accuracy and skill with the Silver Shooters and the Destroyer's cannonballs.
- At level 5, it gives an additional 6% in accuracy, and 5% in mp gain, the latter being extremely useful in managing your mana. Max.

Bullet Blitz (Special Active) *Prerequisite: Shooting Star*
Fire a magical bullet from your Silver Shooter that homes to the nearest target, and then ricochets to surrounding enemies.
- Very nice skill to use in both PvE and PvP. Max.

Row 16

Intense Showtime (Passive) -LOCKED-
When in Berserk Mode, skills that use mp are executed more quickly, with reduced mp cost and lowered cooldown times.
- Really nice passive, though you'll probably only see it in PvE, since gaining awakening beads in PvP, especially in 1v1, is very hard. In addition to the unlimited ammo, you can really live up the name 'Berserk Mode' and... well... go berserk. Take it now, or skip it for later. It's up to you.

Leg Shot (Active)
Shoot the enemy in the leg with a Silver Shooter, reducing their movement and jump speed.
- Good combo extender, plus an awesome debuff. PvP is where it shines where the debuff can greatly cripple the opponent's movements, making them easier to catch. In PvE, you might not notice it since you'll be killing the enemies quickly, anyway. Regardless, max this skill and learn to love it.

Row 17

Artillery Strike (Special Active)
Set the Destroyer on the ground and select an area around the map, using the cross-hair, to be bombarded with missiles.
- Best used on wide bosses or mobs, just like Aceldama. Optional to max at anytime you want.
Tips and Tricks
Here are some useful things to know to be able to play Deadly Chaser more efficiently:

  • Watch your mana - Do not overuse your Silver Shooters as they can deplete your mana quickly. Having a mana necklace might help in managing your mana.
  • Do not knockdown - This really applies to every single character and class in the game. Knocked down targets take less damage in PvE, and in PvP, they can't be hit at all.
  • Watch your ammo - Chung needs his ammos. You can avoid completely depleting your ammo by adding the zz(vz) combo or the skill Reload somewhere in your combo.

  • While standing still, Chung will automatically start reloading his ammo. However, the animation when reloading this way is quite slow, but there is a way to make it faster. While reloading, cancel the animation, by quickly tapping the direction key you are facing, halfway through the animation. This will end the animation faster, still get you the ammo, and start the next reload animation sooner.
  • All of your attacks that involve using the Silver Shooters deal a weak physical damage when used at a very close range (point-blank). The damage may not be noticeable, but it gives you some mp back which can help quite a lot.

Recommended Skill Build at level 15[brokendisc.web.fc2.com]
Recommended Skill Build at level 35[brokendisc.web.fc2.com]
Recommended Skill Build at level 60[brokendisc.web.fc2.com]
(the last 2 points you can invest on either noted Aiming Shot, or one of the Accelerators)

Well... uhh... That's all I have for now ^-^;;
If you have anything to add, or would like to correct something, please contact me here or in-game at IGN: AoiBlitz (Deadly Chaser) or ShiroiBlitz (Shelling Guardian).

Credits to Elwiki for some of the information
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