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Expeditions: Conquistador

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Expeditions: Conquistador Character Selection & Skills
By DaPowerTaylor
Expeditions Conquistador can be a bit of a daunting game when first attempted, as such in this guide i will give some information on different unit types, basics on how they play on the campaign screen and in battle, and some tips on what you should expect in your opening hour of the game.

This is an extremely fun game if you enjoy turn based strategy and i hope i can help improve the experience for everybody.
Creating a Leader, Skills
Creating a leader for your expedition is the first vital step in the game, you can name him/her however you wish but their skills are the key to success/failure.

Leader Skills are based on 6 main categories:

Tactics: The tactics skill used in battle for bring items that are useful like torches, traps, lanterns and barricades that increase the chances of your survival. Barricades provide cover and block routes, torches help in night or indoor fighting, lanterns can be thrown at enemies to set them on fire and traps to damage or slow enemies. Useful if you plan on doing lots of fighting or intimating locals to avoid fights in the first place.

Diplomacy: Probably one of the most useful skills in the game if you plan on avoiding fighting or simply maximizing your options when it comes to trading and manipulating people. Diplomacy is almost solely used on the campaign map and is THE best skill for getting the best case scenario out of the game, be it talking hostiles out of a fight you may lose or convincing new people to join you expedition. If you plan on being as peaceful as possible, this is for you.

Healing: Solely used for healing members of your expedition should the become injured through battle or events on the campaign map. Your expedition Leader counts as a trained doctor and the higher the healing skill the less medicine you will use treating wounds.

Survival: The survival skill reduces the daily consumption of rations your party will eat while camping each day, while also increasing how much food your people gain while hunting for food. Vital for your expeditions survival.

Scouting: Used for improving movement on the campaign map, meaning a greater ability to move and less time spent camping between towns, so less resources like rations are used. Also enables on occasion for extra information about enemies you are about to face so you can plan accordingly.

Leadership: Leadership pretty much has one role, increasing the morale of your group so a mutiny is less likely when morale is low. Morale can be lowered by performing acts that oppose character traits which are explained in the next section.

As the game suggests is is generally best to concentrate on 2-3 main skills in order not to spread yourself to thin, but on a first play through i would recommend diplomacy, survival and scouting as good beginner skills to ensure a solid start, but the choice is yours. As a side note your character is never available in battle, but the expeditions skills are based of his/her and as such that should not make this part of the game anything less to consider.
Followers, Roles and Uses
Now that you have a leader it is time to select your expedition members, who are selected based on role and defined with different back stories and traits.

The basic roles in the game are;

Doctors: Doctors heal up you explores when they are injured and needless to say are key members of your expedition. They are also proficient at creating new medicine out of herbs you collect while moving around the map. On the battlefield doctors are support units, designed to patch up allies and make it as difficult as possible for them to be killed, experienced doctors can even remove de-buffs and revive fall comrades.

Hunters: Hunters are the people who will feed your group by preying on wild game and gathering meat. They are also able to convert larger quantities of meat into rations through preserving which prevents meat from going off and being wasted. On the battlefield hunters are ranged experts without compare, able to snipe at enemies with bow and arquebus from long range without fear of reprisal. They are however more vulnerable to melee attacks than any other unit type.

Scholars: Scholars are the thinking men of your expedition, skilled at tinkering with raw materials and making useful objects like barricades, researching usable items like improved tools and equipment while raising the success of diplomatic incidents. on the battlefield they are solely support units, meant for disrupting enemy movement through 'sapping' or removing there action points while giving your units more.

Scout: Scouts are used on the campaign map for giving you extra movement while improving the chances of a successful scouting mission. They also act as superb patrol members and decrease the chance of people sneaking into your camp of a night to steal things, while also scouting out useful resources while making camp. On the battlefield scouts are solely melee fighters, without access to any ranged weaponry. they are however the fastest of any unit type and can move large distances, with abilities focused on avoiding attacks of opportunity and getting out of sticky situations, making them ideal for pursuing enemy ranged or support units.

Soldiers: Soldiers are your groups melee fighters, on the campaign map they are almost solely used for guarding your camp.There main purpose is on the battlefield as your front line troop, meant for slugging it out with your opponents troops. Swords and shields offer greater durability while pole-arm's give you massive damage potential. They have the potential to be the heaviest armored of your expedition and there access to ranged weaponry as-well gives the flexibility, albeit they are initially inaccurate with them.


As such with all humans your followers all differ individually, these separate personalities like racist, aggressive or peaceful affect how your members react to decisions you will make. For the most part they are self explanatory and hovering over the personality will explain more, but suffice to say cautious members like to avoid fights while greedy ones will prefer taking things over leaving them. Pick your followers based on how you would like to play the game. making decisions opposed to a followers personality too many times lowers morale and increases the chance of mutiny, which as you can imagine isn't a good thing.

As a general note i would always advise having at-least two doctors, two hunters, two scouts and one scholar in your party. Bear in mind it is possible later on to recruit new members to you expedition, but having a good spread to do all jobs is vital to success.
Embarking to a Strange New Land
After you've finished selecting your members a screen like this should appear next:

Double check you have selected the correct characters and skill levels are roughly what you want them to be before embarking! Assuming this is your first time playing you will of arrived at Hispaniola and the tutorial quests will begin, including movement, trading and fighting. It is after you leave the first town that you'r adventure truly begins.

Outside of the town there is only a finite amount of spaces you can move in one day, roads increase the distance you can travel but bear in mind greater riches and exploration opportunities lie of the beaten track. Side quests such as exploring the coastline and mountains will no doubt become available to you but for the moment i would advice sticking to the story. If you run low on supplies ensure you have enough to travel back to a known town and trade there to restock. Food is expended daily and medicine when treating wounds, stocking up well will increase the distance you can travel but cost more so weigh out the amount you think you'll need before committing. From this point on follow the quest and go exploring! eventually you will be able to make it to mexico which by then you'll have much more experience.
Hints and Tips!
With the basics covered i thought i would add some hints and tips to help smooth starting the game from scratch, this is all my own opinion of course so feel free to think i'm talking complete rubbish, although i'd hope i'm not ;)

Resource preservation on this game is absolutely essential, the more supplies you have the further you can travel and the more riches and supplies you can uncover. With the right skills and a bit of luck you can keep your fellowship traveling for long periods of time without having to restock out of necessity. As such training up your hunters to there highest levels is a good idea, as-well as your doctors. While perhaps not as essential on the battlefield they come into there own when gathering and converting resources, keeping your expedition going of the battlefield. In late game it is very possible to become almost self sufficient.

Camping is the biggest micro management section you'll have access to, and as such here is a mini guide for it. Jobs that exist while camping are:

Hunting: ALWAYS keep your hunters doing there main job unless you have an excess of meat to preserve, this is VITAL to keeping to expedition going, hungry followers are not happy ones
(TOP TIP doctors and scholars make good reserve hunters if you need to guaranty food, so don't be afraid to send them of hunting as-well if they have nothing better to be doing)

Patrolling: Vital to you camps defense, scouts are by far the best at this while soldiers come second, always maintain a patrol, it makes it less likely enemies will infiltrate you and steal items while increasing the chances you'll find something useful.

Guarding: Also vital to preventing camp security soldiers are perfect for this, although scouts can make as needed Guards.

Herbalist: When not treating the wounded this is what doctors should be doing, converting herbs into usable medicine. In later game it is possible to amass large quantities of medicine which can be used as a good trading resource if you don't want to waste valuables.

Tinkering:Scholars are expert at making objects of use and researching useful technology, this is what they should be doing most of the time.

Treating wounded: When a party member is injured a doctor will be required to treat him, using up medicine and meaning both are unable to do anything else.

Optional tasks: Sometimes optional activities will appear underneath the contextual tab, and a follower can be assigned to do it, most often in an attempt to acquire extra resources. Useful if you have people wandering round the camp with nothing useful to do.


To begin with combat is a big risk, as your people are untrained and relatively unequipped, so here is a few pointers on how to win your first few fights.

In general your Conquistadors are better equipped and armored than native opponents, use this to your advantage, Soldiers with equipment fitted to Armour slots and a sword and shield can outlast a native warrior with only his sword trading blows one on one.

Don't be afraid to gang up on your enemies two to one or more if the opportunity arises, you deal way more damage and who said you had to fight fair?

Flanking enemies gives you opportunities to deal extra damage and hem them in, the scout in particular is excellent at this.

Ranged combat is a good way of dealing damage to enemies before they close, giving you foot troops the advantage by softening up opponents. If possible your scouts should be actively hunting enemy ranged units to deny this advantage.

Do not be afraid to retreat if it means your unit has a better chance of surviving the next turn, tactical move is ideal for small precision movements in a tight note of enemies.

ALWAYS take a doctor with you on mission if possible, they keep your troops alive longer meaning less spent on patching up people in the camp.

Fight dirty if you have to, a high tactics skill combined with net traps, barricades and throwing oil lanterns can turn a hopeless fight into one where you role over your opponent. Always fight on your terms, taking as least damage as you can while aiming to do as much as possible.

Hope this quick guide helps, have fun exploring the wilds y'all!
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