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Fangs of the Shadow Cat
Heroes: Drow Ranger
Slots: Head
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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Jul 25, 2013 @ 3:45am
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Gifts of the Shadowcat
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A headpiece created of fangs, bone, leather and fur for the Gifts of the Shadowcat Set

When traveling by moonlight through the Nightsilver Woods, Traxex became aware of a creature tracking her movements. Like a shadow made flesh, the big cat moved from tree to tree with terrifying grace, and the ranger knew then that only one of them would live to see the next day. The drow loosed her arrow as the beast pounced from above, and the shaft took it through the heart. As the creature tumbled to earth, Traxex thought she heard a sorrowful whisper pass through the trees--or perhaps it was only the wind. Bearing the beast’s lifeless body, the ranger passed out of the Nightsilver Woods before the sunrise, and in the first light of dawn she could see warriors of the Dark Moon watching silently from the shadows of the forest.

As is the drow tradition, Traxex crafted a quiver, clothing and armor from the night-cat’s remains, and fashioned a longbow from the creature’s bone and gut. The drow ranger brings these into battle today, deadly and graceful as the beast from which they were taken.