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Arson and Plunder
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Jul 24, 2013 @ 8:25am
Apr 3 @ 1:01pm
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New Enemies III: Archer

Archers will play a key role in the game, as they will attack you from the distance. You may think that we have a ranged enemy yet: wizards. BUT, archers have an extra feature: they will try to run away when you get close to them, so it will be difficult to defeat them just by using Plunder's axe. Of course, you can use Arson's fireworks skills to hit them from the distance.

We think that archers will add an extra touch to those epic battles. Just imagine two archers sending you a rain of arrows (a la Red Wedding!), while a Spike soldier approaches you and you are still fighting four Elite soldiers!

Do you want all these new enemies (more to come!) and many other new gameplay on Arson & Plunder? Give us an upvote and we will do all of these things come true... including coop multiplayer!

Remember that you can get the game now[] and receive a Steam key once the game is greenlit.

New Enemies II: Elite soldier

As you all can see, this soldier is an evolution of the standard and less powerful soldier. Elite soldiers are difficult to defeat, as they have been trained to protect the castle and the Reign by all means. They are the last hope of humans to protect their castle against... you!

On the next enemy update, we will show you another brand new character that will highly influence the way you play the game, opening new strategies to your battles against those evil humans.

In the mean time... what kind of enemy would you love to see in Arson & Plunder? Let us know!

Remember that you can get the game now[] and receive a Steam key once the game is greenlit.

Release date: Ready to be unleashed
Beware, puny humans!

Remember the good ol' arcade days? Way before free-to-play, a billion dollar industry, quick-time events or DLCs were invented?

Let's dive into the golden age of gaming again with Arson and Plunder!

Arson and Plunder is a 2D arcade/beat'em up adventure based on the big genre classics of the 90's. The core gameplay has been technically modernized and is now demanding your vote!

In perfect beat'em up style you wade as a merciless orc or magic wielding elf through the blood of hordes of your enemies.

In single player mode, switch between characters who have magically been bound to each other.

The game features beautiful 2D visuals, interactive scenarios and a humorous story. Survive and free your realm from the human occupying power in five difficulty levels. While playing you can always switch between being an orc or an elf. This element makes the game especially dynamic. The controls are always intuitive and help you to carve your way through an adventure bursting with humor and action.


• Full xbox controller support (so it feels arcadish and real)
• Switch your character any time you like
• Specials skills for both characters - brute force or magic, what will it be?
• 2D comic art style
• 5 difficulty levels in over 25 missions
• Challenging boss fights

What will we add if we make it onto STEAM?

• Add achievements for all you bragging addicts
• Add local and online 2 player coop mode - Yes, that's two players on one screen included!
• Open a bottle of the finest we can find
• Think of something very special we haven't had time to come up with - take our word for it!

And in case you can't wait, or simply to be nice: You can grab the current version already at

And yes, of course all buyers will also get a STEAM key once the game is greenlit.
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summermoonmist Jul 8 @ 8:01pm 
If we purchased this as part of a groupees bundle prior to it being greenlit when will we get the steam key? Only the desura key for this game has shown up in the bundle purchase.
Creative Jul 4 @ 1:02pm 
where game?
Valmar Apr 26 @ 8:33am 
Kuon Apr 17 @ 4:14am 
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) Apr 9 @ 10:38am 
Congratulations Greenlit, Where found Keys Groupees Buyer
Nirvana Apr 6 @ 3:47am 
прикольно =)
gino costa Apr 5 @ 7:14am 
Now that it's greenlit, I want large amounts of achievements, stat tracking, and if possible, even more stages via dlc.
Thank you.
Dreamer Apr 4 @ 3:12am 
You guys did it! Finally. Never thought this day would come. I'm so glad.
Azrael Apr 3 @ 3:38pm 
Shoppa Apr 3 @ 1:59pm 
GRATZ! any idea when the release is?