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Ruins Clutter Improved
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Apr 21, 2012 @ 6:03am
Jul 9 @ 12:59pm
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Ruins Clutter Improved is a retexturing project, which covers some of the ugliest objects in the dungeons of Skyrim. It improves the visual experience of catacombs and ruins by adding more detail to common clutter like pots, sconces, candles, doors and many other stuff.

The resolution of some textures has been reduced to fit to the Steam restrictions.

Version History:

1.0 - Initial release:

- Reworked the texture and normal map of the ruins puzzlepillar (now HD 2048x2048)
- Corrected some UV errors and changed the mesh, so that both ruinspuzzlepillar01.nif (animated and non-animated) have the same model


- Improved the normal map of the puzzlepillar even further, the carving on the upper part has more depth now
- Added new HD textures (1024x1024) to the ruinspots
- Edited the UV of the ruinspot05.nif to reduce an ugly seam


- Reduced noise in the normal map and improved textures of the ruinspots
- Slightly improved puzzlepillar texture
- Added new HD texture (2048x2048) to the ruins puzzledoor


- Added new HD texture (2048x2048) to the dragonstatue and dragonstatue metal
- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the dragonclaws


- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the ruins ceilinglamp, sconcebase, sconcewall and ruins floorlamp
- Retextured the following objects: oiltrap, pressureplate and nordiclever
- Fixed bad UV error on six candle meshes (see screenshot)


- Added new HD texture (2048x2048) to the ruins largedoor
- Retextured the following objects: canopic jar, soulgem holder, ruins tools, ruinsconce
- Improved the imperial wallsconce texture, this will affect many objects in nordic and imperial ruins
- Tweaked the puzzlepillar texture to fit more to the original style (see comparison screenshot)
- Slightly changed the sconcebase texture


- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the nordic iron pottery
- Retextured the cave lamp
- Improved the ruins puzzle door texture to fit more to the original style
- Improved ruinspot02 and ruinspot03 texture (reduced seam, fixed lighting) and made it a bit dirtier
- Tweaked lighting of puzzle pillar and ruins tools texture
- Slightly improved silver pottery texture


- Reworked almost all candle meshes: fixed many UV errors, added new HD texture (1024x1024) and attached a 3D wick
- Added new HD texture to the random pouch and improved its mesh
- Added 3D chains to the imperial chandelier
- Slightly adjusted the imperialwallsconce texture
- Minor fixes for the ruins pots


- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the dwemer barrel and pottery
- Added new texture to dwarvenoil and dwemer bloodextractor
- Added new HD texture (2048x2048) to statue of ysgramor
- Added new texture to common flagon
- Added 3D chains to horn candle chandelier
- Fixed 3D chains of the imperial chandelier, since some were invisible ingame
- Fixed UV error on top of dwemer lever

1.9 (includes update 1.8.1 )

- Reworked the Statue of Ysgramor texture
- Improved texture of the Clavicus Vile Shrine
- Fixed CTD that was caused by the imperial chandelier 3D chains (thx for the hint Snotgurg)
- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the ruins chest
- Added 3D nails to ruins large and small chest mesh
- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the following shrines: akatosh, arkay, dibella, stendarr, zenithar
- Added new HD texture (1024x1024) to the shrinebase and improved its mesh
- Several fixes and improvements for the candles


- Reworked almost all textures to give them more detail and less blurriness
- Improved texture compression
- Added new texture to the ruins chair, ruins table, ruins spidersac and ruins urn
- Added new texture to the dust pile
- Improved the meshes of the ruins shelf and sarcophagus


- Further improved the following textures: cavelamp, dragonstatue01, katariahclutter, ruinscanopicjar, ruinschest, ruinsconce, ruinsconcewall, ruinsfloorlamp, julianos (shrinebase)
- The nordic ruins objects should look much more worn and dusty now


- Reworked the textures of the dwemer pottery and barrels
- Updated the pouch mesh on all carriages
- Slightly adjusted the nordic puzzle door texture
- The Katariah clutter looks less rusty now


- Added new HD textures (2048x2048) to the nordic ruins doors, gates and levers
- Reworked the candle textures and restored the original vertex colors of their meshes
- Updated the candle meshes of the enchanting workbenches
- Reworked the dragon claw textures


- Reworked all textures, adjusted colors and improved normal maps
- Some textures have been removed from the package, since they didn't fit to the quality of the new textures anymore. Maybe they will return in future updates.


- Adjusted the brightness of various textures to make them correspond better with the originals
- Reworked minor parts of some textures to improve their overall quality (e.g. ruins chair, ruins table, ruins doors, ruins chest)
- Several normal maps had an inverted green channel, that should be fixed now


- Added new textures to spider eggs (2048x2048) and ruins linen (1024x1024)
- Reworked several textures, like the ruins pots, gate lever and puzzle pillar (see new screenshots)
- Improved UV mapping of the spider eggs and ruinsconce meshes
- Removed some items from the mod like the ruins chest and cave lamp to restore compatibility with SMIM


- Reworked several textures and normal maps
- Improved the UV mapping of several ruins door frames
- Removed the imperial chandeliers and candelabras to restore compatibility with SMIM


- Reworked the textures of dragon claws, ruinsconce, oil and ground traps
- Added subliminal ground traps as optional download
- Reworked the dragonclaw meshes and fixed several UV errors

Link to Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=14227
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[Unknown User] Dec 3 @ 1:10am 
This almost looks like what the SMIM packs are trying to so, good job!
JoeyHeinz Jul 21 @ 8:37am 
76* sorry
JoeyHeinz Jul 21 @ 8:37am 
Great job touching up. I wish the capacity wasn't at 77 megabites tho...
Raen Jun 7 @ 10:10am 
Good work! Thx!
Timesplitter Jun 5 @ 11:29pm 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106745968 and don't forget to rate it.
seanpiercy42 Jun 5 @ 1:02am 
You don't know how great this mod is until you play without it. That said, this is such a great mod and essential to players that are on a lower end PC. If you're a casual gamer that doesn't spend several hundred on your video card or several thousand on a gaming laptop, mods like this are priceless.

I noticed a comment that said "doesn't the HD pack fix this" and one easy way to check is to play without it enabled. Personally I found the official HD pack to give me a big performance hit (with little noticable improvement in quality). This mod gives you the opposite.

Now, if you want truely amazing/realistic textures for Skyrim (and have a high end PC), google this: "Skyrim 2K Textures". Prob. the best texture pack around! I had an ATI HD6770 a while back and was still getting some lag with them. Definitly back up your textures folder if you're going to try them so you can easily restore if it's too big of performance hit.
//SQUIDDLES Jun 2 @ 7:10pm 
this is so good, well done!
MrWillss May 26 @ 8:18pm 
Even though I cant play this on Ultra 1080p I can still feel the High Quality.
hyperparageom May 26 @ 7:36pm 
Thanks for raising the immersion factor! Thanks for adding another level of detail to Tamriel's canvas. Keep after it!
garner.whitted May 13 @ 6:48pm 
its little things like these that make my life worth leaving for the gaming Realm