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Forgotten Myths CCG
Jul 22, 2013 @ 4:11am
Jul 22, 2013 @ 4:35am

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Our second expansion "Order of Volaran" is released!
Forgotten Myths expansion "Nature's Fury" is released!
Over 50 New Cards!
With Nature's Fury bringing the total number of cards above 200, you can now collect brand new cards, test out new decks & strategies and expand your collection.

With this expansion, players will now be able to create, and join guilds! Form your guild, gather your friends, and start climbing the guild ranks to gain access to exclusive guild cards.
Guilds will also be able to wage wars against other guilds in future expansions, so get your guild ready for battle!

Exclusive Battlefields!
We introduce 5 new purchasable battlefields that will customize your gameplay! These battlefields will also have awesome special abilities that will be available with the upcoming expansions.

Referral System!
You can now spread the word and invite your friends to Forgotten Myths! Whenever a new player refers you, you will get the same amount of emeralds from their first in-game purchase!
Moreover, you can jumpstart your Forgotten Myths account with 2000 coins, and 5 random cards (including 1 rare card) if you refer another player!

You can check the full Update Notes from the Forgotten Myths community forums[].

Release date: Early 2013
Forgotten Myths is a free to play online collectible card game that incorporates deck building, card collection and strategic gameplay in a fantastic historical background incorporating several civilizations, myths and legends in the same storyline.

Forgotten Myths is a great online TCG that is relatively easy to learn but filled with many subtle and challenging strategies to master.
- John Fuller, TechZwn

  • Free to Play – You can acquire every card in-game by buying booster packs using earned currency, as long as you can devote more time in the game. This is the good free to play, no "energy gates" or "exclusive to buying with real world cash" cards.
  • Doma City - 3D Starting Zone- Players will be immersed in this 3D environment where they will be able to access main game features.
  • RPG Style Level and Rank Progression - You will be able to advance in levels and ranks to unlock special content and rewards, and compete in monthly leader boards.
  • Duel Mode - We're designing a hard core duel mode, where players will be able to bet cards from their collections against other players in a "winner takes all" duel.
  • Multiplayer Co-op Mode -You will fight against dreadful monsters and sinister characters in a co-op mode where you will be able to fight in groups of 2 or 4.
  • Immersing 3D Effects - Majority of the cards in Forgotten Myths have a specially designed 3D effect associated with an action or an ability; this is the true evolution of Trading Card Games to Digital.
  • Simultaneous Gameplay - Each attack turn is taken at the same time allowing for constant interaction and positioning tactics.
  • Remote Turn-Based Multiplayer – Play games with anyone in the world, from anywhere with internet access.
  • Hardcore Strategy - Most digital trading card games have oversimplified and gone all mainstream with their game mechanics. We've done the opposite and increased strategic depth by including positioning, and allowing different card types on the field.
  • Comprehensive Ever Changing Single Player Campaign - We have an in depth Single Player Campaign, that will have new maps, AIs and new quests added to it frequently.
  • Transformable Battlefield - The default 3D Battlefield can be changed by unlocking quest rewards that allows you to completely change or customize the table top battlefield.
Don't forget to visit for game guide, media, full card list and more!
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Jan 9 @ 1:08pm
What features would you like to see in Forgotten Myths?
Anchora Games
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ionutudor2012 16 hours ago 
Ain Soph Aur Apr 13 @ 1:41am 
Now this looks quite interesting.
Head Bangya!! Apr 4 @ 10:56am 
amazing card game, and it would be more amazing, if more people could play this game
thirteen.strider Mar 28 @ 8:53am 
It is okay to do it via Steam. I just want to know if there will be differences in accounts created here or is it synchronous with mobiles.
Zoktar Mar 24 @ 10:56am 
there is a small portion of p2w, hopefully that will get eliminated with more people playing.
unostop7688 Mar 16 @ 1:36pm 
I really enjoy this game. It isn't a p2w game in anyway. They just released another set of cards and the creators are online often. Tournaments and a nice long campaign to play. I'm not sure what else a tcg needs. I highly recommend this for anyone and it deserves to be on steam
Uldyssian Feb 21 @ 5:52pm 
I am always ready for a new card game on Steam :)
vince_karg Feb 20 @ 11:36am 
This is the greatest card game i ever played !!! I recommend it for every one! It's easy to learn and easy to play!!!
chikkitiger Jan 12 @ 7:50am 
I have played this for a while now and it is a great game. It is fun and addictive, easy to learn, and constantly evolving.

If you want to give it a go, feel free to use my username "Chikki" for a reference to get some starting bonuses :)
Gamera Jan 3 @ 7:54pm 
First time playing a CCG for me, and I'm loving it!
This is a great game and would recommend this, a version for desktops will be a great addition.
Thank you Anchora Games