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Phantom Free Horse - Shadowmere upgrade
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Jul 21, 2013 @ 12:45pm
Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:59am
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Phantom is a major upgrade to Shadowmere. Phantom is free and can be found at Katla's Stables right where the carriage drops you off in solitude. Just ride him and he is yours. No need to pay. Once you ride him, he stays with you loyally. No wandering horse nonsense. He has extremely high stamina and health. He will fight enemies for you and NOT get killed. He will stay with you for the duration. He can ride from one end of skyrim to the other in record time because he's fast and won't slow. No more worrying about wasting 1000 septims on a horse that will be dead in a short amount of time. He's also smart enough to move away to safety when needed.

This horse is nothing short of amazing. If you want him, just go to the stables and take him for free. He's the best horse in all of Skyrim and specially made for the dragonborn who needs a powerful horse for all the trouble dragonborn manages to find. And you don't have to do the Dark Brotherhood to get him!

UPDATE as of 8/17/13: This is the final update to this file and it will stay as it is hereafter unless there is some bug found.

I have added several more horse for those of you whom manage to lose yours. Remember rule # 1 don't get on another horse while you currently have one or you WILL lose the horse you have and if you have a horse that you feel is awesome and want to keep... well, don't get on another horse. But if you do manage to make this grievous error, I have provided you with more horses to choose from.

Phantom is still at Katla's farm just outside solitude where the carriage drops you off. Phantom is exactly the same as he was - aggressive and will fight like crazy for you or against you should you attack him or should he perceive you as a threat.

Seabiscuit who is outside of Riften at the stables - unaggressive and cautious by nature. All the same stats as phantoms with only that AI change. He may help you. May not. But he will likely not attack you as he is unaggressive and cautious. All horses that are not phantom will be just like this.

Secretariat - Inside the gate of Riverwood next to Sven's house (I think it's sven's house). Replica of Seabiscuit in stats and AI (unaggressive and cautious).

Frostmere - In Riverwood between Riverwood Trader and the Inn. Replica of Seabiscuit in stats and AI (unaggressive and cautious).

Best plan is to grab one of the riverwood horses first as they are quickest to take and if in your game Riverwood gets hit by a lot of dragons, grabbing one of these first is best as they may run from their location and you'll have to search the town for them after a dragon hits. I placed them here because of all the towns and holds, this location was not bogged down with so many Civil war markers that it made it a nightmare to place them.
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Muto2 Nov 10 @ 8:00am 
i lost my shadowmere i hope this mod will fix it
wall socket Sep 19 @ 12:15pm 
Love these mounts
Cherry_Crunch Jul 29 @ 11:20am 
I only use this mod because I lost shadowmere and missed him so :( yeah
Catacaramel Jun 23 @ 12:19pm 
Sheesh that horse is soooo fast. XD I got on and I'm like: Argh! Slow down a little there! XD Great horse for long travels (I do that a lot :) ) but I think that maybe you could make your own design for the horse possibly or edit it a little?
starlitegirl  [author] May 5 @ 9:50am 
Well, in that case, if it's simply because you are carrying too much, when it happened to me I would use the console to give myself more stamina as it's really only carryweight IIRC, or I would drop things in an obvious place so I could get them later, then travel to get the horse and then go back to the spot after selling enough to travel easily or even just use the instant merchant mod. I recommend that mod to a lot of people. I think it's here on steam. You put on a ring and someone appears (she looks like a gypsy) and will buy your stuff on the spot. She will also store it and has a lot of key items like potions and arrows and such that are very useful to have. Best mod around really. With that mod, I almost never go back to the stores anymore unless I need more specific stuff than she has. Instant Merchant mod. Yep, one of my must have mods.
Freelyx May 4 @ 4:22pm 
Yeah I found that out, my problem is when I come out of an adventure zone loaded (overloaded) with loot, I can't always remember where I parked the Phantom ;P It's really cool that even over weight, once you get back on the horse you can fast travel. I would just like to be able to call Phantom back to me when I need him. But I understand.
starlitegirl  [author] Mar 26 @ 3:52pm 
No. Sorry. I don't think there is a way to do this. But once you have the horse, if you quick travel it should show up with you.
Freelyx Mar 23 @ 9:59pm 
Is there a way to call the horse?
starlitegirl  [author] Mar 8 @ 2:25pm 
Anytime! I think it's so worth it to learn how to mod because now you can do so many things. you can mod mods to your liking. You can make your own ideal follower (I have two that I adore - Unstoppable mage and dual weilding redguard). It's just so much more fun when you can make little changes so that things suit you. And really, I would love to see everyone able to take this mod and know how to adjust it so it suits them perfectly. Then all are satisfied with it and all I did was make the base. But you then are in charge of it after that so it suits YOUR needs. That I think it perfect for everyone if they want to give the CK a shot! I'm glad I encouraged you. Now you have the power to adjust more mods to suit you or make your own.
bigwhitehound Mar 2 @ 1:36pm 
Got the CK, the YouTube Tutorials really helped. Thanks for the encouragement.