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More Dragons!
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Mar 15, 2012 @ 10:26pm
Aug 4, 2012 @ 5:02am
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More Dragons / Más dragones / Mehr Drachen / Больше Драконов

This mod increases the number of random encounters involving dragons. Not by a huge amount that would ruin the balance of the game, but by enough that you will get to enjoy the excitement of a dragon fight on a slightly more regular basis. So if you like the dragon fights just hit the "Subscribe" button at the top!

Also, one benefit of the simplicity of this mod is that it is incredibly unlikely to conflict with any other mod, so you can happily use mods such as "Deadly Dragons" or "Diversified Dragons" alongside this one. It also means that this is a tiny mod, at around 270 bytes steam just doesn't show it having any size. This mod does NOT change anything about the dragons, just reduces the time between random encounters.

If you like this mod please hit the thumbs up (or even favourite) button! It only takes one click and means the world to me!
The only known bug, one which caused a reduction in the number of Dragons seen for a few people, has been FIXED last update. Until anyone reports any problems this mod is now considered bug free.

Official Discussion Page:
Other Versions:
Due to demand I have released two other versions giving even more dragons than this mod! Only have ONE of these enabled at a time! Check them out here:

Even More Dragons (Makes you encounter dragons about twice as often as this mod): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=84034543

Most Dragons (Makes you encounter dragons far far far more often than this mod): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=84039828

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MUST READ<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
In normal Skyrim AND this mod to start randomly encountering dragons you MUST complete the main storyline quest DRAGON RISING. Also if you have reached the quest A BLADE IN THE DARK you MUST complete that one as random dragons are DISABLED during this quest. This is BETHESDA'S choice NOT mine! (To play it safe once you reach THE HORN OF JURGEN WINDCALLER finish up to the end of DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY to ensure the random dragon block is lifted)

Thanks to:
Five_Not_Alive - Your bugtesting/help was invaluable!
Misak-b3 - Thanks for pointing out the obvious and saving me hours of answering questions!
Andrewjamestaylor - For nagging me/suggesting that I release two more "radical" versions!
breakinglindemann - For correcting my terrible Russian translations!

Current version: 1.06
(Did you know: This is exactly the 5000th Skyrim Mod!)
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Gaoguibarnez Aug 16 @ 5:26am 
Is it okay to merge this mod with the Bashed Patch created by Wrye Bash?

Great mod!
Kick the Baby! Aug 4 @ 9:47pm 
Da fuck, Gigan
[NK] Gigan3001 Aug 2 @ 10:12pm 
Two Alduins appeared in Helgen. I never made it to the keep ;_;
Hawk of Light® Aug 1 @ 6:53am 
is it odd that i had to fight two dragons when you first fight one outside of white run? XD
ANONYMOUS Jul 31 @ 8:48am 
''Too many dragons mod'' is what it should be called
Ray Jay Jul 27 @ 9:20pm 
Gonna try it out~! :D
Never thought i'd find myself saying "THERE ISN"T ENOUGH DRAGONS AROUND!!" xD
Come at me dragons!~
Kirito Jul 23 @ 8:30am 
"i found a glitch where two dragons would spawn at a time instead of one," thats true. i found that glitch with out having this mod
Papa Smurf Jul 14 @ 9:13am 
i found a glitch where two dragons would spawn at a time instead of one
reverendsholiday Jul 13 @ 10:17am 
Totally cool! I love dragon loot, eggs, heart scales,etc. :)
JacksonWest Jun 29 @ 12:31pm