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Team Zenith - Ifrit Courier
Non Hero: Courier
Utility: Imported
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Jul 19, 2013 @ 9:13pm
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Forged in flames and spawned from the under realm, the Ifrit rises to cause destruction and leave all those who cross his path dead, their souls safe within the cursed crate upon his back. This is the life of the Ifrit. Well, excluding this one, who's primary focus seems to be delivering items from one team mate or secret shop to another. We're either looking at some jacked up priorities, or other intentions. In the meantime, enjoy it!


This is the OFFICIAL courier for Team Zenith! Requested by them to represent their team within the Dota 2 Universe.

Concept, Model, Unwrap, and Promotional images: theCommie
Base ground animation, portrait, rig, concept, and project managment: Primrose~
Mesh editing, and base run: Amtyk
Animation and Rig refinement: Jeff

In regards to the stiff looking chains, what we're hoping for is that valve takes the bones in that section and applies proper cloth physics to it, that way they drag around on the ground similar to how Lifestealer's shackles work. So if you notice those, no need to freak out!