Garry's Mod
Popcorn Cart and Bag
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This is a really old model of mine that I touched up and submitted to the workshop by request. I don't plan on updating it any further.

The models have 2 different skins (red and blue), but GMod does not natively allow you to swap skins. Therefore if you want access to the blue version, you'll need something like the Easy Bodygroup tool:
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HellJumper  []  
It's a really old model of mine that someone wanted to use for Garry's Mod. So I uploaded it to the GMod workshop where you can hit "subscribe" to access the model in-game. GMod is a sandbox game for the source engine. You can just mess around with models and stuff.
What does this do how do i use it?
Its Red Pop
(Its a cursive E)
Make sure, no popcorn is burned, nor wet.
"Rad Pop" or "Red Pop"?
Thats a cool model