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Duke Nukem Super Pack
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Jul 16, 2013 @ 2:49am
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Want Duke in Serious Sam? The sound clips just not cutting it for you? Well here for your playing pleasure is Duke Nukem in Serious Sam 3 with all the bells and whistles. This collaborative effort from the community will (hopefully) give you the game for Duke that you've all wanted for so long. This pack is now finished at this point.

>> Included <<
Duke Nukem model for Single player and Multiplayer (Pan)
Duke Nukem "Nuke Gloves" (Batandy)
Duke's Signature Golden Deagle (Viper45)
Serious Nukem: Atomic Edition Sound Overhaul Mod (Sedinus)

So you're probably thinking to yourself; "What does it change, a few sounds and a gun or two?" Well... yes. But it does so much more! From the efforts of users like Batandy, Viper45 and Sedinus we've gotten a great overhaul right here to try out. The background music for the Serious Sam 3 levels have been changed to Duke Nukem's background tunes. Gun sound effects as well as foot steps have been changed around to Dukes as well. Sams voice? All Duke. Sedinus has left no stone unturned in his effort to change the games audio! Vipers gun mod for this collab changes that boring grey Desert Eagle into the one we all know from the Nukem franchise. Brown gloves not doing it for you? How about some black Nuke gloves thanks to Batandy. If this appeals to you then I suggest you pick up the mod right now! Oh and you get to see Duke Nukem in cut scenes and stuff, if you like looking at his sexy mug, credit to Pan for that addition.

Also check out:
The Gun pack and Dukeinator enemy pack and player models available on the workshop!

- Classic Outfit skin changed so Sam no longer appears.
- Changed Duke Nukems melee attack voice to something less annoying.
- Duke Standalone multiplayer model actually works now.
- Singleplayer Duke now uses Sedinus's player sound schemes.

- Duke character sound files volume has been increased.
- Arm placement adjusted to better fit all weapons motions and cut scene motions.
- Added a sound effect to Dukes kick on enemy Sirians.
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Van Steel 21 hours ago 
Epic!!! A must have for every Duke fan!
Gagreel -TCG- Jul 7 @ 7:38am 
When Duke Nukem fans are not happy with their game series, they simply must invade others, like this one!
Cole Jul 3 @ 5:10am 
Blow it out your ass... !
Derped_Crusader Jun 16 @ 9:29am 
*How Duke Nukem Forever should have been*
Harry May 29 @ 8:26am 
The mod sadly doesn't work for me in the Singleplayer. :(
I turned all my workshop things off and only activated this one.
But still I get that he is not able to load level.
Chong Pang  [author] Mar 9 @ 3:15am 
Press H. :)
Sacrifice Mar 8 @ 7:13pm 
I have a question how do u go third person im kinda new at this game?
барт Feb 22 @ 4:56am 
збс мод
Vengeful Eagle Feb 15 @ 10:22pm 
Duke64 Feb 8 @ 11:48am 
very nice