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Use custom images in the Painter
By Elissar
This guide will show you how to import custom images in the Painter in order to customize your car.
Software requirements
NOTE : This guide is a copy of the one I made for Canyon. Since it works for both games, I put it here also.

For this guide, you will need a image editing software such as Photoshop. I will use a free software : It has all we need and it is free !

You can get it for free here :

If you want to use an other program, please note that it must allow saving images as TGA and DDS.
Create the sticker
The easiest way to put images on your car is to use the sticker tool in the Painter. I will show you how to create a sticker.

A sticker need two files : one for the sticker and one for the icon.
Here are the steps to follow to create the sticker file :

    -Erase the background with the magic wand and del key.

    -Save your image : File->Save As->Go to Documents\ManiaPlanet\Media\Painter\Stickers\Name_of_your_sticker\ (here : Steam)
    You have to create the folders if they don't exist.
    Save your image as Sticker.tga

    -Keep the default settings and click OK.
Create the icon
NOTE : In this guide, I worked with a black image. You should avoid this as in the editor, the background color for icons is black.
Instead, change black to white. To do so, go to Adjustments->Invert Colors

The second file we need is the icon. This file must be a square DDS image of 128x128px.

    -Cut the image if necessary to get closer to a square.

    -Resize the Canvas size (Image->Canvas size). In Height and Width, copy the bigger value in the other. (Make sure "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is unchecked)

    -Resize the image (Image->Resize). Put 128 in both Height and Width

    -Save the file as in the same folder than the Sticker.tga.

    -Keep the default settings and click OK.
Test the sticker
    -Make sure you have these two files in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ManiaPlanet\Media\Painter\Stickers\STICKERNAME\

    -Lauch the game and go to the Painter.
    -Click on the spade to open the stickers list and find your icon.

NOTE : You can use the following keys to set the position of your sticker
    -z and r to rotate the sticker 90°
    -s and f to rotate the sticker
    -e and d to adjust the scale

NOTE 2 :
You can follow the same pattern to use a custom brush :
Just put the two files in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ManiaPlanet\Media\Painter\Stencils\BRUSHNAME\
The files names must be Brush.tga and
The Brush must be white only.

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Thanks, works fantasically!!!!! Making different cop cars from different departments around the world! :D need all those different badges!
karelpipin Jul 24, 2014 @ 6:29am 
thanks for this guide, will try it today. :) Looks easy, but iam amateur :)
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Thanks for the guide man :)
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cool, i make saints row cars whit this
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