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Wetworker V2[OLD]
Class: Spy
Item Slot: Misc
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Jul 15, 2013 @ 1:00pm
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New Version:

"You catch yourself surveying the battlefield again. If it wasn't enough that those buffoons from the Builder's League attack near constantly, you've also been getting frequent calls from other employers. You would think that killing high-dollar mercenaries out in the middle of god knows where would pay more, but you find yourself moonlighting occasionally. Inspector, Intelligence Officer, Spy, Private Eye, Entrepreneur... you've worn all those hats and many more. Sometimes...

Blast! They've already lost the first checkpoint to those ruffians. That's enough daydreaming for now. Best to put on your coat before you head out. After all, you learned quickly that, despite the lack of rain in the desert, it's good to wear something to protect you from the elements. Or perhaps the shrapnel, or blood, or body parts, or jars of urine...

The second checkpoint! The audacity of those men! Of all of the silos in all of the world, they decide to push a bomb into this one! You suppose it is time to get back to work."

The post mortem on this item was grisly at best. Perhaps I was just bogged down by the number of items in the set, or I just got sloppy. I learned a lot from my mistakes however, and decided to give this guy another shot. The difference in quality is somewhat staggering, having taken a different approach this time. Rather than try to emulate much of the clothing on the workshop and ingame, I went for a sleeker design, using material tricks to in order to avoid the need for volume in the cloth. The results are sharp and distinct, while not bogging down the Spy's overall shape.

I also learned that one should never promo their items on Sawmill. The lighting on that map makes everything look terrible.

Finally, I did try for a gold star on this item. Sadly, that's not possible, as this item breaks some of the constraints set by the import tool(LOD size and count, number of materials, etc).
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