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Werewolves of Skyrim
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Mar 14, 2012 @ 3:34am
Mar 30, 2012 @ 5:21pm
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Adds Werewolves throughout the land Skyrim. Now encounter Werewolves in all nine holds of Skyrim, although rare in most. The hold of Hjaalmarch is home to Skyrim's highest population of Werewolf.


- 12 Werewolf Savages

- 3 Werewolf Brutes

- 2 Werewolf Skinwalkers

- 1 Werewolf Beastmaster

- 2 Werewolf Vargr

- Adds 1 Legendary Werewolf No Respawn

- Werewolf Pelts and Vampire Dust included in loot

- Craftable Wolf Armor with Advanced Armor Perk

- Silver Weapons do extra damage against Werewolfs

- Werewolfs will not attack you while in Beast Form

- Werewolfs are now more balanced

Riverwood Home Mod "Firefly Flophouse"

Whiterun Home Mod "Heroes Homestead"

"Vlindrel Hall Expansion"

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ShadowHaven Apr 2 @ 6:15pm 
Having the same problem as "lakecurrent" below. I'm subscribed and it doesn't want to turn up and work in my subscriptions... is there a reason for this?
lakecurrent Apr 1 @ 11:32pm 
Even if I subscribe to this mod it is stated as not so in the Skyrim Date File list. How come?
I even tried to unsubscribe and subscribe again but the result is still the same...
athesentinal Mar 22 @ 4:40am 
Good fun this, finally a foe that is wuite dangerous at medium levels, but not super hard either. It is also fun watching them brawel with other animals. Also good in that it adds an additional danger in a dangerous wild land.

Kurt Rhinehart.
MyLifeIsRandom Feb 23 @ 12:41am 
The unfortunate downside to thid mod, which has caused me to unsubscribe, is that none of the mentioned werewolves are leveled. This makes accessing areas they appear in difficult to impossible depending on the level disparity between you and the werewolf you come across.
Alaric III Feb 9 @ 5:03am 
Yeah it sucks that this mod means you can't build some houses in Hearthfire (the one in morthal), I had this mod for ages before I installed Hearthfire, and it's sad that I can no longer us it. Please do try to fix it.
Iccotak Jan 24 @ 4:33pm 
Is this compatible with dawnguard?
BlueDevil Jan 22 @ 6:22pm 
If u can make this mod compatible with hearthfire i will subscribe...be nice to see werewolfs in wild...im not sure why i see they wont attack u in wolf form though...
GoldenEdge Jan 20 @ 11:20am 
what if u are a werewolf
Tesla Freak Jan 19 @ 11:03pm 
Was a pretty good mod otherwise. have some fun werewolf stories because of it but had to unsubscribe because of the hearthfire incompatibility.
Tesla Freak Jan 19 @ 11:01pm 
BUG REPORT: This mod will cause the Windstad Manor to be invisible when trying to build anything and the quest marker about building the house will not go away because the foundation and other components cannot be placed.