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Crimson Tide - Blood *NEW 2.2*
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Mar 12, 2012 @ 8:31pm
Jul 30, 2012 @ 10:38pm
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-updated scripts from changes by pauderek's "simple blood mod" with some tweaks to allow for more bloody spurts and pools with less errors!

-All new mechanic and modified scripts
-doesn't interfere with perk mod,
-new blood pooling effect after death
and sprays for mid-combat hits
-Also new textures for Dragur, Insect, and Oily machine blood
-re-done screen blood
-bleeding effects now have a chance to occur without killmoves
-new gradient type blood pools, with more depth and varying degrees of red - like real blood. Try holding a torch up next to a pool and you'll see alot of color depth.


-Weapon specific wounds for every weapon type, including variations between 1 handed, and 2 handed weapons.
-Pooling blood after particularly deep stabs and punctures, arterial leaking and spurting from finisher moves, power draw from arrows, and decapitations.
-Drippy transparent blood splatters on screen, small and un-intrusive yet pleasantly gross.
-World placed blood, darker and drier less shiny normal maps separate from the hit blood from combat.
-To get a good idea take a look at the screen shots they are all of natural occurrences of regular combat you would encounter on your travels.
-pooling blood after death, seperate textures for ground/wall combat splatter.


-Crimson Tide IS NOT compatible with Enhance Blood, so choose!
-Crimson Tide IS compatible with Bloodier Combat by Monkmidon, so for special gore features related to spells (ice shattering ect.) you can load that up too. It is recommended you load Crimson Tide AFTER bloodier combat to avoid any complications.
-Anything else should be just fine, although certain ENB or FXAA mods may change the color of the blood.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DURATION OF BLOOD***********************************************

INI tweaks to make blood stay long enough to enjoy
...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim.ini

Find [Display] and add this line
fDecalLifetime=900.0000 (or some other number, higher or lower

...\Documents\My Games\SkyrimPrefs.ini
iMaxDecalsPerFrame=500 (or some other number, higher or lower)

Some may expereince red rectangles - Best remedy as far as I'm aware:

1. delete bleedeffects.esp and or blooder combat.esp and any enhanced blood.esps

2. delete bleedeffects.bsa, and or bloodier combat.bsa, and any enhanced blood.bsa's

3. delete data/scripts/ *anything starting with "mk" * which relates to scripts for bloodier combat
delete data/scripts/blood *the WHOLE folder"

4.redownload and install Crimson TIde

5. Make SURE Crimson Tide is lowest on the list, all the way to the bottom
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leajehanno Dec 23 @ 10:05am 
this is a good mod
Magus Dec 23 @ 6:19am 
Zladimir Putin Dec 20 @ 3:52pm 
Bloody awesome.
King of Castle Grayskull Dec 14 @ 11:43pm 
Good mod, but I can't see blood pool, why?
gunfighter600 Dec 6 @ 12:42pm 
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Elmosthern Dec 3 @ 3:31pm 
when i enchance this mod.my bow whistle's really stupid sound effect
um naked dead bodies......yes...yes...yes....HOW I GET???!!!
Wingeddreams Nov 11 @ 2:18pm 
Hey, This mod isn't working. Is there any way that i can get it working?
Raziel Ryuki Nov 7 @ 10:42pm 
This mod appears to be interfering with my NPC's ambient scripts when they idle, such as drinking or eating or playing an instrument. They keep trying to pull the item out but never get around to consuming it, trying to eat and drink simultaneously, or playing a drum with a mug and I can't hear a thing. I also haven't noticed the mod performing well lately either. I may try this one again some time, but I'll have to pass for now.
'#Dennis! <3 Oct 30 @ 2:05pm 
Dont works :(