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Honeystrand Meadery
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Jul 10, 2013 @ 5:14pm
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Honeystrand Meadery

Honeystrand Meadery lets players become a master brewer and successful business owner in Skyrim!

Please note: Hearthfire required.

-Dozens of new drinkable items, some with new textures
-New crafting gameplay – mixing, brewing, aging
-Simulates real-life brewing process
-Build additions and furnishings to the meadery over time
-Send shipments of your brews to cities around Skyrim and make gold!
-Market trends change over time
-Dialogue and other text changes dynamically based on player decisions
-Fully voiced NPCs
-Autostart quest when mod loads for the first time

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM THE NEXUS INTEAD OF WORKSHOP http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/38185/?tab=1&navtag=%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D38185%26preview%3D&pUp=1

As you may be aware, the CK is buggy about uploading new mod versions to the Workshop. From some of the comments, it's clear that there ARE bugs which are fixed in the Nexus version (such as every NPC getting the manager's dialogue accidentally) but are still giving Workshop users issues. I will upload my next version of the mod here as well as Nexus of course, but I still recommend using the Nexus at that time as I can't guarantee the Workshop will behave itself.

- IF the mod is installed correctly and you have no mod conflicts or funky save file, the quest autostarts the first time you run the mod. Make sure it's active in your journal so you can get quest markers to direct you to the Meadery. The Meadery is on the road southeast of Ivarstead (town in far western Riften hold, east of the Throat of the World mountain, where you start the "7000 steps")

-Journal bug: If you stlil don't get a marker and can't find where to go, it's because you have the bug where the journal at the Meadery doesn't appear. I'm working on the solution, but in the meantime, the best thing to do is just restart the mod (quit, unload, run without mod, save, run mod).

Hope this information was helpful.


Compatibility: This is primarily a crafting mod, so compatibility with other crafting mods may be an issue, but is one I did my best to minimize. I did not alter any of the vanilla game’s crafting systems, but rather added my own onto it using custom furniture and containers. As far as I can tell, none of the base food or ingredient assets (e.g. apples, firesalts) should be marked as changed (which should increase compatibility chances). I welcome feedback on the compatibility of this mod with others. Something like smithing or enchanting should not be affected at all by this mod, but of course let me know if you think there is an issue and I will try to narrow down the problem.

KNOWN ISSUE ZERO PROFITS: Sometimes alias fill failure will cause the game to give the player 0 meadery profits
during the weekly deposit, even when they should be earning gold. Current fix is to empty all brewing tanks of any items they are currently producing. This should auto-cancel any shipments, but talk to Bjarne (your manager) to make sure and cancel any shipments through him that are still indicated as going. Wait a week until the market trends re-shuffle themselves (you will get a notification when a week has passed). This should reset all aliases/variables and allow you to add items to the brewers and continue as normal.

Enjoy! -Funkonaut


v_1.1.2 (7/13/2013)
-Permanently unlocked the door that locks since apparently even the key is not working for some people. This means you will be able to access either the Main Hall or Boilery before they are "repaired" (i.e. when you've build one, but not the other), but for the time being this is preferable to people having to run outside to move between buildings.


-more water to well until I have time to make it respawn faster via script
-placed key on bar (on the right) for the door that sometimes locks in the main hall
-no longer disabling door via script


-fixed a bug where other NPCs were getting some of the manager's dialogue topics
-temporary fix to self-locking door in Main Hall by disabling door (if you have already constructed everything this fix wll not affect your current save, it has to be done from the construction stage)
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0 projected earnings.
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danielgannon65 Mar 9 @ 7:33pm 
book on table dosent do anythink when u click on it please fix this asap apart from that love this mod couldnt see myself playing without it
OwenCain Feb 16 @ 2:34pm 
Do you have to collect the earnings or are they auto collect?
piles0216 Feb 2 @ 9:16am 
Pixie Princess, I Seen Your Comment (I Always scroll down to see any resolutions to my problems with the mods) And All You Need to do is press ~ and type Help Hops or help barley or help Fresh (Just type fresh or well I Forget wich one) then look before the item and theres its item code. Then type Player.additem (Code) (Number Wanted, Required) Hope This Helps!
piles0216 Feb 2 @ 9:12am 
Well, GREAT MOD! BUT I Am Shipping Out My Drinks, Leaving them on the rack next to the Still, (I Call The Mead Makers A Still, The Things Vats, Or What Need The Worts, Musts, And Mashes) And Im Not Getting Any Income!
Please Help!
Dwarvescraft Alex Jan 29 @ 2:57pm 
This is an amazing mod but the 0 gold glitch is kinda frustrating...
rapapenfuss Nov 30, 2014 @ 9:32am 
it crashes my game when i try to load my game
okferrell Nov 17, 2014 @ 4:45pm 
The book that was on the bench in the beginning has dissapeared from the chest next to the bench. Has anyone else had this happen? Can I get another book anywhere?
scouller Oct 21, 2014 @ 5:37pm 
Very Funny Zoomheadshot2025.

However due to an email resolution problem where the special characters that Nexus uses in the confirmation email are not accepted and or changed by certain types of email programs or going through certain types of servers, the upshot? Nexus doesn't work for me because I can't take the final step to register. I did read it. It is just that it does me no good and since others seem to have the same problem with Nexus that also does them no good, but you noticed I did say I emptied the tanks? I was NOT complaining I was just commenting on what worked for me.
zoomheadshot2025 Oct 19, 2014 @ 6:55pm 
if you didnt read the discription you should download it on nexus because there are propblems that are fixed on nexus
scouller Oct 10, 2014 @ 7:07pm 
OK, played around with the income problem. I was getting the Big Zero as well. Found that when I cancelled shipments with my minion they REALLY did not cancel, even when it said so. To get them to cancel I emptied a couple of brewing vats and made something else, Then I changed three of the four shipments to Whiterun and left one to Riften. I am now getting 200 gold projected profit. So I may have gotten lucky or you might have to play with it a bit. Problem appeared to be with the way the minion acts. I found though that I can take the bottles myself and sell them at the many Inn's and still make some profit. So there are some work arounds you can use.