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Stunt Runner
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 5, 2013 @ 12:08pm
Aug 6, 2013 @ 9:09am

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Release date: Q1 2014
The Game

Stunt Runner is a comedic, physics-based 2.5D puzzle game for PC, Mac and Linux that takes the best elements from classic games like The Incredible Machine and Lemmings with tributes to some of film's greatest themes and characters. In each level, you’ll purchase and place props which enable Smash to successfully traverse the obstacles on each set. How you spend your money and solve each puzzle will be up to you. Multiple solutions will be a cornerstone of our design.

The Story

Smash Johnson was a wildly popular stunt actor for movies in his prime, but years of physical abuse and hilariously bad life choices have him on the ropes. Lucky for him there’s a new director in town (you!) looking for an actor to do his own epic stunts, and Smash knows this is his chance at redemption! The game follows him through several phases of filming stunts in the movie, from tryouts at the sound stage warehouse to full-blown movie sets in the Jungle, in Space, and many more. Help Smash make a comeback and become the master stunt runner he once was!

Control the Environment, Not the Character

It's your job to guide Smash (relatively) safely from start to finish on each level through your prop placement, because Smash isn't the brightest guy from all his previous head traumas and tends to just blindly run straight no matter what's in his way. This is our way of saying you don't control Smash, but instead you control the placement of props with which he'll interact in the levels. We want you to set up crazy sequences of props for Smash and use them to propel him through the level, because when you yell Action! at him, he'll start running like a maniac in whatever direction he's facing! Help him reach his mark at the end of each level. Or launch him off a cliff at 100MPH with a jetpack strapped to his back and fail the level. You won't beat the level, but we guarantee it'll be hilarious.

Why We Love It

One of the terms we often throw around with this game is User-Generated Comedy. What we mean by that is funny, unexpected stuff often happens while playing Stunt Runner as a result of how you set things up in each level. Maybe you spent 5 minutes setting up a really elaborate solution that all worked perfectly in your head, but within 5 seconds of Smash running through the level, he smacks his nuts off a cactus and faints. Who knows!

Building a Great Community

Since you're bound to create hilariousness in your solutions, we’ve built a recording feature into the game that tapes every one of your takes, AKA your level attempts. You will have the opportunity to upload videos of your greatest takes to YouTube right from within the game, and through our video-based leaderboards you can view what other players have done and vice versa. We're also giving you our full level editor as an added feature so anyone can build an awesome stunt set! Our hope is that these tools will help foster an awesome community of people posting crazy levels and videos of funny stuff that happens while playing Stunt Runner.

Core Features
  • Physics-Based Props: Jetpacks, umbrellas, rakes, portals, gravity wells... the list goes on! Use over a dozen different items to lead our Smash to glorious, stuntastic victory.
  • Classic Movie Sets: Follow Smash through tryouts at the warehouse, then go on-set with him on iconically-themed movie sets in the jungle, space, and many more.
  • Multiple Solutions: Experiment with different props and find unexpected ways to complete a level.
  • Level Editor: You’ll get access to the tools we used so you can develop your own levels.
  • Community-Created Levels: Levels created in the editor can be uploaded, downloaded, and rated within our level creator community.
  • YouTube Integration: Did something funny happen, and no one was there to see it? Stunt Runner is always recording your takes, so if you want to share something with the world, you can upload a video directly to YouTube, right from within the game.
  • Video Leaderboards: Did you find the shortest way to beat a level? What about the longest way? The game features a robust video leaderboard system where you can watch videos uploaded by the Stunt Runner community.
  • Unlockable Costumes: Want to complete the jungle scenes while in a spacesuit? Why not?

What's Left to Do?

Two More Movie Sets: As of right now, we have two movie sets fully developed: the Soundstage, and the Science Fiction set. We will ship Stunt Runner with a minimum of four sets, so we still have to develop the last two: the Jungle, and a black and white Horror set. Now that we've nailed down and streamlined our art pipeline, these last two themes will come fairly quickly.

More Usable Items: We also have several more usable items to implement, including a jetpack, portals and several others. Want to help shape the game, but don't want to go for a high tier? Suggest items for us in the comments!

Obstacles!: To mix up gameplay a bit and keep it fresh, we'll be adding obstacles and death traps into the game for Smash to avoid as well as some funny reactions to running into the objects. Keep Smash alive!

Polished UI and Menus: The user interface and menu systems will get a graphical and functional overhaul before launch.

Community Level System: Since players can build levels, we need to implement a place for levels to be uploaded, shared, voted on and downloaded!

We Need YOU!

Of course we need your votes to get Stunt Runner on Steam, but there's SO much more you can do to help us! Stunt Runner is still in alpha, which means we have plenty of development to go. Want to shape the development of this game? Give us suggestions for usable items you'd like to see in the game down below in the comments section!. We'd love to hear the community's thoughts and ideas for making Stunt Runner an even greater experience, so this is your chance to shape the way this game is developed.
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Aug 6, 2013 @ 5:21am
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Little big planet and march of the mini marios were smash hits, sometimes literally. So if done well this could be one as well. +1 has potencial.
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the textures look very good
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LOL it's a funny game :)
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this game looks dilicious to lick my feet off. SPEEDRUNS!!!!!!!!
Btw i didnt checked so far but randomized levels should do the trick even moar.
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looks good but needs to be further developed