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Graphical Overhaul
By Cloudystrife
Complete Graphical overhaul for Final Fantasy VII
How To:
Complete Graphical Overhaul for Final Fantasy VII



NOTE: New update is VERY close to being released right now, should include a few new music/movie overhauls! along with texture updates and a plethora of fixes, I am currently looking for a few testers to help me out before release of the new update, if interested please add me on Steam.


(I do not hold any responsibility for any damages/problems you may occur)

Here are some screen shots:

What's been modded with Battle :

All main storyline Characters have updated Models (Such as Cloud, Tifa, ShinRa soldiers, etc..)
A few NPC's have had their models updated/retextured (Such as Gaurd Scorpion, Sephiroth, ShinRa soldiers, Frog NPCs, etc...)
Certain instruments have been added/upgraded.
All playable characters have had ALL their weapons re-modeled and retextured!

What's been modded with Field
All main Storyline characters have updated field models.
this includes models such as 10 year old Aeries, young cloud, cross dressing cloud, etc. These have ALL been done.

Materia in the field has updated new textures
Cosmo Canyon Planet Apparatus has been remodeled and retextured for HD

Magic Updates! (magic.lgp)
download the following and put it in Final Fantasy/Data/Battle

The only current change to this is ONE summon that has been remodeled and textured, its the Phoenix summon.

https://mega.co.nz/#!XE0VxCYZ!Ach7kzk-PKGnUACyPdahbhoGAb1vxBuOqOOrMWTohOQ (18/07/13)

(delete the space in the link)
Feel free to download it

World Map Updates (world_us.lpg)

(Includes: Bronco, Buggy, Highwind and Submarine vehicle remodeling/texturing )
This also includes World Map Cloud's Model. (It's currently set to AC Cloud as a placeholder)
Diamond Weapon has now been added (remodeled and retextured)


Updates and upcomming
Update 1: (17/07/2013)
Updated Cait Sith Battle Model (NOT field)
Vincent = New Model (Battle/Field)
Cait Sith now has updated Weapons. All of Cait's weapons have had their models updated and are now higher resolutions (Like Cloud's weapons)

Update 2: (21/07/2013)
- Replaces the Eidos fmv. (Watch it! took a LOT of work!!)
Diamond Weapon field has now been remodeled/textured
The 'Choco-bike' problem has now been fixed.
Fixed an issue with Materia not having correct textures.
Replaced a few textures that weren't showing properly.

Update 3: (23/07/2013) (REMOVED FOR NOW) Will return later when the bugs are fixed!
New Barret model, he is no longer AC styled and is more suited to the game.
Diamond Weapon has had it's world map and battle model readjusted and fixed/updated
Ruby Weapon now has new textures and has been remodeled in BATTLE only (field to come!)
The Materia (blue was the trouble maker) has now been CORRECTED, no longer is it missing its textures (showing white) I apologize for this as I know it might have made a few people miss a materia pickup somewere in game!

Guard Scorpion has now had its textures fixed/updated
Added new models for the potion vials seen laying around the field (like the materia) with better textures!

COMING THIS UPDATE! (Date: 23/05/2014)
Vehicle: Bike (model updated in both minigame AND world map), Bronco vehicle texture has been corrected

Models:Vincent's model has been updated, Vincent's Weapon models updated, Motorball battle model updated, Cloud's world model has been updated, Highwind has had a slight update in terms of textures

Minigame re-modeling: Motorball textures updated in minigame

Bonus: Updated textures of a few extra battle scenes!

General Bug Fixes: Limit break broken texture has been corrected, it is no longer white, Sorry!

SPECIAL: I've begun making a progress towards modding Summons! as of yet the MAJORITY of them have new high quality sound effects, all that remains is changing the models/textures for them, however I'm not sure when this will be completed.

Personal Thankyou's: TheycallmeQ - Testing
Perfect Chaos - Testing
Dalek Nal - Testing

Thankyou for helping me test before releasing any buggy patches!

For optimal gameplay experience check out (I HIGHLY recommend this)


For the remastered OST for Final Fantasy VII:
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Scorchy Worchy Sep 16 @ 12:56am 
so which link is latest update?
McLovin' Sep 7 @ 4:05am 
daymn where is the update? anyone knows a release date?
yukisenpi28 Sep 4 @ 10:24am 
Hope there is an update soon. Looking forward to it :)
JokerTheRoyale Aug 21 @ 7:13pm 
Anyone else having troubles with the Wutai Switches, when Yuffie steals your materia? Wont let me press the lever...
JeffHook5889999 Aug 18 @ 2:27am 
all i know is it works for me
Mantis Aug 16 @ 6:19pm 
JeffHook, I don't think your guide has worked for me. Whether I press with my game controller or keyboard, nothing works from the beginning of the bombing mission. I can move the hand around fine on the main menu, but I can't play the game.

I don't know whether this is due to the game itself since I just installed the mod on my netbook as soon as I installed the game.
Mantis Aug 16 @ 2:25pm 
Why does Barret look like he's been tanning in Costa Del Sol for a year?
JeffHook5889999 Aug 15 @ 2:30pm 
get to the first save then do the mods i have not had that hapen to me
Bjorn Swopey Aug 13 @ 10:27pm 
The game and intro start up just fine, but the game hangs up right off the train at the start of the 1st battle. Any suggestions?
JeffHook5889999 Aug 10 @ 3:04pm 
copy the link and paste it dont just click on it or it does not work. this link has the world map and menu mod the rest is what he has up password is Beast. place the mods at computer/local disk/program files/steam/steamapps/common/final fantasy vii/data. and replace the old files with the new ones.achievements work with these mods. hope this will help. https://mega.co.nz/#!0o0xkbJL!krlzazL4Q_34xmn8o6eHuldNXq40J1Y4bFhj5UonOt8